Article: Top Ten Most Innocent Korean Face

South Korea has a set of certain beauty standards, so naturally the South Korean entertainment industry. too appreciates these beauty standards among their artists. Although the preconceived beauty standard has been gradually changing with each passing day, still the beauty standard is quite prevalent. Being innocent-looking too falls under such beauty standards. South Korean people widely appreciate Celebrities who have an innocent image and look. These are the top South Korean celebrities who are considered innocent for their looks and image by the public. These South Korean celebrities rarely had any public disputes and are known for their clean image with an innocent visual.

1. Yoona

Im Yoon-ah who is popularly known as Yoona is one of the legendary Korean artists known for her beauty and the innocent look she exudes. Im Yoon-ah is a member of the legendary girl group, Girls Generation. She is also a very popular actor in South Korea. Her innocent image and perfect visual are some of the factors which made people love her.


2. Cha Eun-Woo

Cha Eun-woo is praised for his perfect visual and innocent image. Cha Eun-woo completely fits in with the beauty standard of South Korea. The innocent image of Cha Eun-woo further increased his popularity. Cha Eun-woo is an actor and a member of the k-pop group ASTRO.


3. Bae Suzy

Bae Suzy is another Korean celebrity who is known for her perfect visual. She is popular in South Korea for having an innocent image.


4. Jisoo

The Blackpink member is considered one of the most beautiful k-pop idols of this generation, though she exudes elegant vibes, she is also known for her innocent image. Jisoo recently branches out to acting and starred in the k-drama, Snowdrop as its main female lead.


5. Jin

Kim Seok-jin who is famously known as Jin is a member of the k-pop group, BTS. He is famous for his innocent look and pure vibes which he exudes. Fans love the innocent image of Jin. Jin is a very talented South Korean artist as he is also a competent songwriter and has contributed many chart-topping hits.


6. Tzuyu

Tzuyu is the youngest member of the k-pop group, Twice. She is also the visual of the group, for obvious reasons as her visual features match the beauty standard of South Korea. Tzuyu being the youngest of the girl group also did influence her innocent image. She is known to have a natural cuteness.


7. IU

IU is a very well-known South Korean artist. She is a singer and actress. IU has been in the industry for a very long time. The audience loves and adores her because of her innocent image, and the singer-actress perfectly ticks off the beauty standard of South Korea.


8. Sana

Another Twice member on this list! Sana is a Japanese member of the k-pop group Twice. Sana's full name is Sana Minatozaki. She is known to radiate an innocent and charismatic vibe. She has a natural cuteness that makes people love her.


9. Naeun

Son Na-Eun who is popularly known as Naeun is a member of the k-pop group, Apink. She is the visual of her group as her visual features perfectly match the South Korean beauty standard. Her pure and innocent image is very well known in the south Korean entertainment industry.


10. Suho

Suho whose birth name is Kim Jun-myeon is a member of the popular k-pop group, EXO. He is the leader of the group. He is often associated with an innocent and pure image because of his personality. His innocence especially comes through when he is teased by his fellow EXO members.