Article: Top Ten Emotional K-Dramas 

In this list, we are discussing some of the most emotional K-dramas that we have ever seen. These dramas are sure to make your heart melt and make you feel a whole range of emotions.

1. Hi Bye Mama

In this series, we follow Cha Yu-Ri, a woman’s spirit. She had died five years ago and had left her young daughter and her husband behind. Cha Yu loves her daughter dearly and tries to become human again by undergoing a reincarnation project for forty-nine days. Her husband, Jo Kang-Hwa, is a chest surgeon. This is a very emotional series. The love which Cha Yu has for her family, especially her daughter brings tears to our eyes. If you need an ugly cry at the end of your day, then this series is perfect for you.

2. Thirty-Nine

In this series, we follow the lives of three friends in their thirties who have supported each other through life. Cha Mi-Jo is a dermatologist who runs her clinic in Seoul. She has been raised by rich parents. Jeong Chan-Young is one of her close friends. Jeong is an acting coach. Her other close friend is Jang Joo-Hee, she is a department store manager. Their lives change completely when one of them gets diagnosed with terminal cancer. We see their struggle and their love for each other. It's difficult not to get emotional while watching this series.

3. Move To Heaven

In this series, we follow Geu-Ra, a man with Asperger's. He works for his father. Geu is responsible for arranging and moving the items of deceased people. However, one day Ra’s father passes away. His only guardian is his uncle, Sang-Gu. Sang is a cold man who used to be a martial artist. Together they continue to run the business. This series is extremely heartfelt and moving. It shows us the turbulence of life and shows us how grief can envelop life.

4. Youth Of May

In this series, we follow the lives of Hwang Hee-Tae and Kim Myung-Hee during the Gwangju Uprising in South Korea, in 1980. Hwang is a medical student. He is a strong and positive person. He is determined in his pursuit of a better life and has a beautiful spirit. He soon falls in love with Kim Myung-Hee, a nurse. She is a just and kind person.

5. Mister Sunshine

In this series, we follow Eugene Choi, a young boy who had boarded an American warship during the 1870s. After years he returns to Korea. He returns to Korea as an American soldier who is stationed there. He comes across Go Ae-Shin, a daughter of a Korean aristocratic family. Together they are forced to face several obstacles.

6. My Mister

We follow Ji-An, a young woman who has a difficult life. She supports her grandmother and is responsible for paying off their debts. She works at a construction company with a man named Dong-Hun. Ji witnesses that the Vice President of the company is having an affair with Dong’s wife. She decides to make an offer to the Vice President and promises to make Dong leave the company if she gets paid well.

7. Doom At Your Service

In this series, we follow Tak Dong-Kyung, an editor of a web novel company. She also gets diagnosed with terminal cancer. On her birthday Tak decides to wish for doom to come and for everything to be destroyed. Mul-Mang, the death reaper appears in her life after her wish. They decide to contact each other. This series has very emotional moments along with some comical and light-hearted moments.

8. Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryo

In this series, we follow Hae-Soo, a woman who travels back in time to the Goryeo period. This only happens when the sun is eclipsed by the moon. It is here that she falls in love with a mysterious and dangerous man named Wang So. Wang is a feared man who is known for his cold nature and heart.

9. Goblin 

In this series, we follow Ji Eun-Tak, a high school student. She has a lot of struggles in her life, she is unloved by her adoptive family. She is bullied in school and worst of all she can communicate with spirits. She eventually hears about the “Dokkaebi’s bride”. On her birthday she decides to sit by the sea with her birthday cake. When she blows out the candle, a man suddenly appears behind her. This man is called Kim Shin and is an immortal Goblin. Ji Eun-Tak happened to be the Goblin’s wife. Their love story is bitter-sweet.

10. Kill Me, Heal Me

In this series we follow the lives of Cha Do-Hyun, a son from a wealthy family, and Oh Ri-Jin, a female resident who becomes a doctor for him. We see how they fall in love with each other. Cha Do Hyun has seven different personalities, he suffers from disassociated personality disorder. The writing and the storyline are very well done and are sure to stir various emotions in you.