Article: Top 10 90s Fashion Trends in Thai

In our era of so-called “modernity”, we can already see how the iconic styles and themes of the 90s are making a comeback. Be it songs, films, or fashion precisely .They were too iconic to let go of in the first place. Here is a list of the top ten fashion trends in Thailand in the 90s that can be seen broadly used in public today.

1. Crop-Tops

Nowadays, not only girls but even boys can be wearing crop-tops and rocking that style. It is a short mid-length top that comes to your waist and does wonders when paired with any bottoms, whether high-waist jeans or shorts.

2. Dungarees

A lot of 90s Thai movies had shown the girls wearing these chic, adorable outfits, and our generation has revived that style as many can be seen wearing dungarees around. Be it denim dungarees to go to a gathering or to paint, these go with any t-shirt and are one of the go-to clothing styles


3. Floppy Brimmed Caps

These caps were trending back in the 90s, and every teenager made sure to have at least one of them. The style did not go extinct, though, as people still use it primarily to make themselves look better if they had a bad hair day or, instead, a lazy hair day.

4. Bandana

This item specifically was a huge hot topic back in the 90s. Every movie had at least half of the cast wearing one of these to look fantastic and stylish. It was the talk of the town and came in handy if one wanted to cover their bangs as well.

5. Leather Shoes With Six-Inch Rubber Soles

This style never faded, and we are thankful for the 90s to bring it up. Everyone loves these platform shoes with heel rubber soles for fashion and to look tall. It can especially be seen worn by Korean idols, and it seems incredibly glamourous.

6. Jelly Plastic Shoes

This was another kind of shoe that was trending back in the 90s. Every person, no matter what age group they belonged to, made sure to have at least one of these for style and to look classy.

7. Plaid Shirt Around Your Waist

This particular fashion was not just to look good but also used by people if they started feeling too warm in their skin. Even today, it is widely used by girls and boys who flaunt their various colors around their waist.

8. Pleated Tartan Skirts

Maybe it arose in Japan, but it was such a hot topic in Thailand that every girl loved to wear these to look extra cute or beautiful. These are stylish, chic, wonderful, and an asset to the wearer of these.

9. Baggy Blue Jeans

This particular kind of jeans was worn by everyone in the 90s for causal use or to go out and hang out to have fun with your friends. They had a lot of perks, from making one look thinner and taller to looking cooler according to their personality or plainly for being comfortable. These have always been popular among the mass.

10. Chokers

This particular accessory blew the market in the 90s and can still be seen today, worn by various celebrities and even ordinary people. These did not just act as a sleek accessory but also added a more stylish touch, dazzling any outfit worn. People just threw one of these on to look dressed up, and it did do the magic of appearing like that.