Article: Top 10 Korean Entertainment Companies That Impacted The K- Pop Industry

K - pop is now starting to spread its reach globally, and the popularity that it gains is appreciable. It is not only famous in India but also all over the globe. Their catchy choreography and trendy styles amuse the audience. Korean entertainment companies are always searching for new skilled people. Several of the K - pop companies are thinking of ways to get a reach outside Korea and also mark their entry into other Asian markets. You can get immersed in hip - hop, rock, and also rap in K - pop. Now, let’s explore renowned entertainment companies in Korea that have made a great effect on the K - pop industry.

1. Big Hit Entertainment

Big Hit Entertainment is now called Big Hit Music; and it was formed in 2005. In 2010, Bank Si - Yuk, the founder of the company, introduced RM as the first member of BTS. For most  K - pop fans, it would be known that BTS, the much-loved band of Korean K - pop, made their debut under the banner of Big Hit. Though Big Hit was going through a rough patch at the beginning, it has now become stable. The entertainment company has been associated with BTS for 10 years, and their collaboration is still going strong. Big Hit also takes care of two popular K - pop groups G - Friend and Tomorrow X Together (TXT).


2. SM Entertainment

This multinational entertainment company is by far one of South Korea’s biggest entertainment companies. It was launched in 1995 by Lee Soo – Man; and it has the pride of nurturing the careers of several K - pop idols including Girl’s Generation, Super Junior, Exo, Red Velvet, etc. The concert halls are always packed throughout the performance of the artists: thanks to this label’s fostering. The key to SM Entertainment’s success is that it promotes “bands as brands.”


3. YG Entertainment

This entertainment company was founded in 1996 by Yang Hyun - Suk. This hard-working president of the famous label has formed a powerful world of music that is going strong with its consistent performances. YG Entertainment functions as a record label, music production company, talent agency, and concert production company. The present artists include Big Bang, Sechs Kies, BLACKPINK, Winner, iKon etc. They support both girl groups and boy groups with equal fervor. Former artists include Psy, Gummy, 2NE1, etc. It is to be noted that Psy was the band that made a mark with “Gangnam Style.”


4. JYP Entertainment

Founded in 1997, JYP Entertainment Corporation can pride itself on housing top artists including 2 PM, Twice, Day6, Rain, etc. The chairman Park Jin - Young was a popular artist. Now their talented girl band ‘Twice’ is making waves with their performances. The company also takes care of several subsidiary ventures and divisions globally.


5. FNC Entertainment 

With its functioning from 2006 by South Korean record producer and singer Han Sung - Ho, FNC Entertainment is renowned for great bands including CNBLUE, AOA, SF9, F.T. ISLAND, N Flying, Cherry Bullet, etc. It is to be noted that this company also houses several entertainers and actors.


6. Pledis Entertainment

Formed by Han Sung - Soo in 2007, Pledis Entertainment introduced Son Dam - Bi who was acclaimed as the “female Rain.” In 2009, this label launched its first girl group. Now Big Hit Entertainment has taken the role of the major shareholder of Pledis Entertainment.


7. Starship Entertainment

After its establishing in 2008 by the couple Kim Shi - Dae and Seo Hyun - Joo, Starship Entertainment got much fame through Cosmic Girls and IU. Starship is also concentrating on nurturing the solo careers of the artists. The K - pop idols of Starship Entertainment have made a substantial impact in the music industry.  Cravity, Monsta - X, Mad Clown, etc. are some of the successful artists that this company has launched. Cravity has impressed music lovers all over the world through its captivating lyrics and energetic spirit. The group with 9 talented artists also has the confidence now to write more songs. Creative, performance - driven music is the forte of Cravity.


8. Cube Entertainment

Cube Entertainment works as a record label, music production company, talent agency, and music publishing house which was formed in 2006. It had earlier housed various artists comprising Beast, 4Minute, Rain, Hyuna, etc. Being established by Hong Seung Sung, who was the former CEO of JYP Entertainment, it has carved a niche for itself in less than a decade. This label wants its K - pop idols to shine as artist - type idols through writing and composing songs.


9. Woollim Entertainment

Woollim Entertainment was established in 2003 by Lee Jung - Yeop. This company houses artists including Golden Child, Infinite, Drippin, Rocket Punch, etc. It eventually merged with SM Entertainment in 2013. After three years, these two companies parted. Though the iconic hip - hop group Epik High left the company and the entertainment company’s popularity saw a downfall, the entry of INFINITE in 2010 changed things significantly. The success of INFINITE made Woollim slowly gain popularity.


10. Stone Music Entertainment

Stone Music Entertainment, popularly called earlier as CJ E&M Music, was established in 1993. It is one of the largest co - publisher companies in South Korea. Though it has discontinued its activities now, it continues to function as a music distribution band.