Article: Top 10 K-Pop Idols With Amazing Acting Careers

Being a K-pop idol is not easy. You have to be perfect in singing, dancing, and singing while dancing perfectly. While that is a requirement they have to fulfill, being good-looking and entertaining is a bonus. Many k pop idols start training to become these future stars by an early age, starting as young as 11. While the training is tough and long, there is no guarantee how long it will last and when they will get the opportunity to debut. While they go through such hardships to debut and become perfect K-Pop Idols, some idols go a cut above and carve a niche in the entertainment industry as wonderful actors.

And today, we are here to tell you about the top 10 Idols with amazing acting careers -

1. IU

Lee Ji Eun, popularly known as IU, is a singer-songwriter and actress. She debuted at the age of 15 with her album Lost and Found in 2008. Since her debut, she has had a successful run as a singer, with her songs charting number 1 position on the Gaon Music Chart and Billboard declaring her as the all-time leader of its Korea K-POP 100 chart. With this success, IU has cemented her place in her nation's heart as the "Nation's little sister."

While she is an acclaimed singer, she has also become a force to be reckoned with in the acting department. She debuted as an actor with a minor role in Dream High and followed up with shows like You're the best, Lee Son Shin, and The Producers. She then continued by joining the cast of My Mister, Hotel Del Luna, and Moon Lovers Scarlet Heart Ryeo, and they proved to be top-rated shows. All of these dramas performed well domestically and internationally, earning IU accolades for her acting.


2. Uee

Uee is a former member of the South Korean K Pop group, After School. She debuted with the group in 2009 and left it in the year 2017. While she was still active as a member of After School, she made her acting debut in the historical drama Queen Seondeok. The show was well received and earned various awards and nominations. She later starred in Ojakgyo Family and received the Best new actress award at the prestigious Baeksang arts award and KBS Drama Awards.

She starred in popular and acclaimed shows like Manhole, My contracted husband, Mr. Oh, and My only one. She is reported to be working in a drama alongside Rain and Kim Bum that will be released next year.


3. Cha Eun Woo

Cha Eun-woo is a member of the popular K Pop Group Astro. He made his acting debut in 2014 with the film My Brilliant Life, two years before his debut with Astro. He returned in front of the camera in 2017 with Hit the top and web drama Sweet revenge. He then starred in Top Management but shot to popularity with the rom-com My Id is Gangnam Beauty. In 2019 he starred in Rookie Historian Goo Hae Ryung and won Excellence award for an actor at MBC Drama Awards.

He again played the lead role in the very popular webtoon adaptation, True Beauty, which claimed critical success domestically and internationally. He will be seen next in the movie Decibel.


4. Rowoon

Rowoon is a member of the popular K Pop group SF9. He debuted with the group in 2016. He is a relatively new face in the acting department with only four appearances. He started as a minor character in the School series 2017 version and then went on to play the role of the lead character's younger brother in the show About Time. He then continued his journey with Where stars Land.

Rowoon finally cemented his place as a bankable lead actor after starring in the viral adaptation of a webtoon named Extraordinary You. This show skyrocketed his popularity with its success both domestically and internationally. He got nominated for MBC Drama Awards for the Best New Actor category. He was last seen in the show She would Never Know and then worked with his group for their comeback.


5. Rain

Rain is a legend in the K Pop world, hailing from the first generation of K Popstars. With his good looks, amazing voice, and cool Hip Hop moves, he became a household name in South Korea. With a successful music career, he also established himself as a leading actor not just in the South Korean industry but also in Hollywood.

He made his debut in 2003 with the show Saang Doo! Let's go to School. He then starred along Song Hye Kyo in the pan Asia hit show Full House in 2004 and became a Hallyu star. While constantly working in Korea, he also made space for himself in Hollywood when he debuted in the film Speed Racer and then in the neo-noir martial arts film Ninja Assassin in 2009. He became the first Korean to win an MTV award with this film. With this success, he went on to work in films like The Fugitive: Plan B, R2B: Return to Base, The Prince.

He returned to the Korean small screen back in Korea with My lovely girl and continued with Comeback mister, Sketch and Welcome to Life.


6. DO

Do Kyung-soo or popularly known as DO, is a member of the widely famous K Pop group, Exo. He debuted with the group in 2012. He started his acting career with a role in the film Cart, which premiered in the 2014 Toronto International Film Festival. He then debuted on the small screen with Its Okay, That's Love and was praised for his performance and earned a nomination in the Baeksang Awards. He then moved on to work in Hello Monster and a top-rated web drama, Be Positive.

Easily one of the best Idol actors in the industry, he cemented himself as a dependable actor with his role in the show 100 Days My Prince. He also starred in movies such as Swing kids and Along with the gods: 49 days. He recently got discharged from his military enlistment and is looking into future projects.


7. Ok Taec-Yeon

Taec-yeon, known as Taecyeon, is part of the famous group 2 PM. He debuted with the group around 2008.

He started his career in 2010 in the drama Cinderella's sister and went to work in Dream High, which gained popularity domestically and internationally. He then made his film debut with Marriage Blue and starred in shows like Wonderful days, Assembly, Hey Ghost, Let's Fight, Seven First Kisses, and Save Me. His recent venture as a villain in the new drama Vincenzoskyrocketed his popularity to new heights.


8. Bae Suzy

Bae Suzy is a former member of the disbanded group Miss A. The group debuted in 2010 and disbanded seven years later in 2017. While part of the group, she made her acting debut with the show Dream High alongside fellow labelmate Taecyeon. She then made her film debut with Architecture 101, which became one of the ten most-watched films of 2012, and she won the Baeksang Award for her performance. This role also consolidated her place as "The Nation's First love."

She went on to work in some top-rated shows like Big, Uncontrollably fond, while you were sleeping, Vagabond, and Startup earning accolades for her performances along the way.


9. Lee Hye-Ri

Hyeri debuted in Girls Day two months after their official debut in 2010 due to two members leaving the group. This did not affect the group, and their popularity grew steadily. Hyeri made her official debut as an actor in the weekend drama Tasty Life. She continued to work in shows such as Schoolgirl Detective and Hyde, Jekyll, and Me.

Hyeri shot to fame when she played the lead character in the show Reply 1988. The show became the most-watched TV drama of that year and found popularity worldwide. She also got a nomination for the Best new actress at the Baeksang Awards for her work in the show.

She then continued to work in shows like Entertainer, Two cops, and Miss Lee. She was last seen in My Roommate is a Gumiho alongside Jang Ki Young this year.


10. Park Jin-Young

Last but not least, Park Jin-young, formerly known as Junior of Got7. Jin-young debuted as an actor before debuting with his group. He started his journey with the show Dream High 2 with his label mate and future group member JB. He then started working in When a man fell in love and continued supporting roles in shows such as This is my Love and Legend of the Blue Sea.

He finally transitioned into leading roles with his role in the show He is Psychometric and When My love Blooms. He made his film debut and was last seen in the TV drama Devil judge this year.