Article: Top 10 Korean Actress Fitness Routine

Fitness is the most crucial in one’s life. It is because it keeps our health on track. Health is the most important aspect of our lives. Without health, there is nothing that an individual can do or achieve. Everything you do depends upon your health and fitness. Where there is health there is prosperity and wealth. Today, we will let you know about some top Korean actress and their fitness routine so that you too can follow them and stay fit and healthy.

1. Yang Jung-Won

She is a celebrity Pilates instructor to whom fitness and workout is the most important aspect of her life. She not only follows her routine religiously but also helps others to follow them and give tutorials too.


2. Kang So-Ra

The beautiful and sexy Kang Sora that you see wasn’t like this before. She was way different than what she is now. She was not this slim. Her weight loss program, workout, and food habits have led her way to what she is today by providing her with a fit body.


3. Son Ye Jin

Her day doesn’t start without a workout. The very first thing she does is to work out on her body before her day starts. In an episode of Master in the House (SBS), Ye-jin shares her love for pilates and TRX, and even wows her companions in the show as she reveals that she is a licensed instructor (she got her license about eight years ago), and is allowed to teach such workouts if she wants to. She follows a very intense core workout and has been doing it for a very long time now.


4. Park Min Young

She is an incredibly beautiful actress. Her diet plan journey began when she started feeling that she had very bad stamina while she used to practice judo. Since 2011 she has been following a very strict and healthy diet and with fitness workouts for her body. The extreme diet of eating only apples for three days in a row to lose weight has also been something Min-young has done in the past, whenever she felt like she needed to shed the pounds fast.


5. Baby Suzy

She is also one such actress who underwent a diet plan for a very long duration of time. She wanted to keep her body in a perfect figure and maintain it. She practised a strict diet for nine long years. And even today she thinks twice before eating something that's unhealthy for her body. She follows a strict workout routine every day.


6. Apink Naeun

She is widely known for the great proportions of her body. She maintains a zero-figure body. It was a long journey for her to reach here, and it was not an easy one. The long journey of a strict diet plan and intense fitness routine is what she says has given her this body.


7. EXID Hani

She has been following a strict diet plan for a very long time. It’s been six long years since she started her journey of fitness. She has the most beautiful and elegant body. She says she embraces it every day.


8. SNSD Yuri

One can closely observe her transformation on how well she has toned her body using a diet plan and body workout. Her diet plan is easily accessible for those who need it on the internet. The kind of dedication she had towards her body transformation has given her the fruit for the seed she has sowed.


9. Blackpink Girls

Their secret to their most stunning and awesome body is exercise and following an extreme diet routine. It’s as simple as that. They had once said that they had been exercising every day since before and had been eating healthy food. Never missing out on body workouts provides one to tone their body over time.


10. Hyosung

She is a singer cum actress who was struggling to cut down on her rice intake in the initial days of her diet. But later, she managed to do it to get a beautiful figure. She follows a diet plan and exercises to keep her body fit and healthy and in shape.

We saw all these diet and fitness routines. What we learned is that exercising every day and giving some time for your body is essential. Only that can give you a positive impact on your body, therefore, providing you a beautiful figure. So, keep your body fit and keep working on it till you achieve it.