Article: Top 10 Successful K-pop Idols Who Faced Rejections In Their Struggling Days

When we see these popular K-pop idols topping the charts, performing on stage with millions of fans from around the world cheering for them, and seeing their talent, it is hard to imagine that before their debut, they faced rejections. Well, there is a saying which perfectly fits here “Success is how high you bounce when you hit bottom.” Becoming a K-pop idol is very hard and tiring, and even after all this hard work, when they face failure, it's very hard for them mentally and physically. These K-pop idols worked hard to reach where they are right now. Here is the list of top 10 K-pop idols who proved themselves to those who rejected them:

10. T. O. P

T.O.P aka Choi Seung Hyun is a very talented rapper, singer, songwriter, and member of a popular and successful boy band BIG BANG. When he auditioned for  YG Entertainment, initially, he failed the audition because he was "too chubby" to be an idol. They told him to lose 20 kgs in 40 days, so he went home and returned after six months with the desired body and got selected.

9. Chungha

Chungha is a very talented soloist under the label MNH, and before this, she was also part of the group I.O.I  from 2016 to 2017. Before debuting as a soloist under MNH, she also auditioned for YG Entertainment, where she got rejected, and she was also a trainee under Jyp, which still didn't work out for her.

8. Sungjae Of Btob

Sungjae is a member of the very successful group BTOB, and he is also an actor. Before getting selected by his current company, CUBE Entertainment, he auditioned for Jyp Entertainment and joined the long list of idols rejected by Jyp. When Sungjae and Jyp met on a variety show, they even got into a friendly banter. Jyp suggested that Sungjae's rejection might be due to his hair, to which Sungjae replied that his hair is even worse.

7. Xiumin Of Exo

Xiumin is the eldest member of one of the biggest and most popular K-pop group EXO. Xiumin debuted with EXO in April 2012, but before his debut, he got rejected by Jyp Entertainment in 2008 for unknown reasons. Luckily, he also auditioned in SM Entertainment where he got selected as a trainee, and finally debuted in 2012 with the boy band EXO.

6. Jyp

Jyp, aka Park Jin Young, is a well-known name in the K-pop world. Before becoming a successful idol and CEO of his own company, Jyp entertainment, he auditioned for SM Entertainment and got rejected. We know it doesn't sound right. During a variety show, he revealed that he auditioned for SM Entertainment, but he was not selected, but Lee soo man did like him as a composer. Although after this statement by Jyp Lee Soo Man, who, according to Jyp, took his audition and rejected him and said that SM Entertainment did not abandon him, it just didn't work out between them.

5. Rain

Jung Ji Hoon, aka Rain, is a K-pop idol and actor; he has had a very long and successful career. He is a famous personality in Korea. But Rain had his fair share of hardships in his life. He was a part of a failed boy band, and before joining Jyp, he failed 19 auditions. After that now, he has a successful career as a soloist along with a career in acting. With his hard work and dedication, he achieved global recognition along with many Forbes features.

4. Yeonjun Of Txt

Yeonjun is a part of a popular idol group on an international level, TXT, which comes under Bighit entertainment. Yeonjun is handsome and a talented rapper. But before his debut and trainee period in Bighit, he faced rejections in many auditions. He got rejected because of his glasses, so he stopped wearing his glasses and started wearing contact lenses for the auditions and got selected in the Bighit entertainment. Now he has done very well for himself and has a bright future.

3. Jhope Of Bts

Jung Hoseok, aka Jhope, is a part of the international sensation BTS. They are well known worldwide; their songs always top the billboard charts, and they have a solid fan base worldwide called Army. Before joining BTS, Jhope was part of an underground dance team and even auditioned for Jyp, but he got rejected, and then he joined the new and upcoming company, Bighit entertainment. Today, after facing a lot of failures and hardships, Jhope is one of the biggest celebrities in the world.

2. Iu

Lee Ji Eun, aka Iu, is one of the most famous soloists in K-pop. She has a very successful career in both singing and acting. But at the start, Iu had faced a lot of failures. She auditioned for Jyp almost 20 times, but she got rejected. She even got scammed at one audition. Even today, Jyp regrets not selecting her. But after that, she got into LOEN entertainment as a soloist, and the rest is history.

1. Hwasa Of Mamamoo

We all know how Hwasa has been breaking the typical “ Korean beauty Standards” created by society. Even though she is beautiful, sexy, and has a beautiful voice, she has faced rejection because she doesn't fit the beauty standards. In an event, she said, “ One day I went to an audition, and the teacher said this to me, ‘ you are unique and sing very well, but you are fat and not pretty' That day I promised myself that if I don't fit in today's beauty standards, I will become a new and different standard."