Article: Top 10 Korean Mini-Web Dramas

Korean mini-web dramas have altered online entertainment by offering bite-sized storylines and significant performances. Mini-web dramas are often required when you want to watch K-drama, but you can not commit to extensive episodes. This type of series usually consists of fewer episodes that have gained tremendous popularity for their beautiful plots, skillful actors, and ability to offer a complete story in a short time. What could be better than being able to watch an entire web series in one go without having to commit to hour-long episodes? This list will examine the top 10 Korean mini-web dramas that have left a significant impact on viewers and exhibit the ability to transform the storyline excellently and creatively. These mini-web dramas have something that caters to the taste of viewers, from pleasant romance to thrilling mysteries.

1. Falling In Love

Falling in Love is a mini-web series with five episodes that explores the story of Kang Pa Rang, a high school student who depends on his friend to give him company as he struggles with acute separation anxiety. Lee Si Won and Lee Si Eon are the two best friends of Kang Pa Rang. However, the three lead to a love triangle. The series portrays a theme that everyone can connect to at some point in their lives. It also depicts the development of each character, which will make you fall in love with them.

2. Mokkoji Kitchen

Mokkoji Kitchen is a 2021 series with nine episodes and 10 minutes duration. It is a series about a sweet-and-sour love recipe between chef Moo Young, who owns a one-person Korean fusion restaurant, and Ro In, a college student acquainted with all the best restaurants. The two end up falling in love with each other, leading to a happy ending thanks to the hand of fate.

3. Best Mistake

Best Mistake is a sequel portraying Ji Hyun Ho and Kim Yeon Doo. The story begins when Yeon Doo accidentally posts a photo of Hyun Jo on her social media to deter a stalker. Their love-and-hate relationship begins when Hyun Jo confronts Yeon Doo for posting his images. Best Mistake is a beautiful series that portrays lovely chemistry between the two leads, and this drama is best for those who love to watch a lousy boy turning into a total wimp for their crushes.

4. Romance Talking

Choi Hyun Woo is a famous YouTuber who advises people on relationships. Park Da Yeon is a young college-going student whose favorite YouTuber is Choi Hyun Woo. Hyun Woo has recently transferred to a new college with the same major as Da Yeon. However, when Da Yeon confesses her feelings for Hyun Woo, he does not give her a direct answer, leaving Da Yeon hanging. Romance Talking is a 2020 series with eight episodes.

5. One Fine Week

One Fine Week is an adorable series of 2019. Jung Da Eun is a beautiful girl like Kim Byul, a K-pop idol. Which is why whenever Kim Byul suffers from social anxiety, Da Eun is told to step in and cover for a week. While doing so, Da Eun meets Jung Woo and falls in love with him. While watching this web series, you will get butterflies in your stomach. Though the storyline is somewhat cliché and foreseen, it still manages to maintain your concentration and will succeed in making you want to scream.

6. XX

Yoon Na Na is an esteemed bartender at XX bar. She is the head bartender and is exceptionally good and is proud of it. Na Na helps to select the interior setup and menu for the bar. It is her dream to own XX one day. However, one day, the new owner of XX Bar appeared, i.e. Lee Roo Mi. 5 years ago, Roo Mi and Na Na used to be best friends, but due to some incident, both were not on good terms with each other. Roo Mi is now trying to make peace with Na Na, but it is not easy.

7. Wish Woosh 2

Wish Woosh 2 is a romance sequel where Min Wong, a young boy falls in love with Min Ji Woo, who is older than him, right away. They both easily fall in love with each other, not realizing that they both work in the same office and Ji Woo is the boss of Min Wong. Ji Woo battles with whether she should date her co-worker, while Min Wong puts an extra effort to keep going and win her heart. It is a sweet romance drama that will make your heart skip for sure.

8. Maybe, Maybe Not?

Maybe, Maybe Not? It is a web drama that tells the tale of Namgoong Ye Ji, a college girl who can read thoughts. She prefers to keep many things to herself as she is an introvert and does not like to hear other people’s thoughts. Ye Ji meets and befriends Cheong Jung Suk, another student at her college. Ye Ji falls in love with Jung Suk. However, Ye Ji cannot read Jung Suk's mind and tries to figure out his feelings for her. It is a delightful and innocent sequel that anyone will love to watch.

9. Have A Nice Dessert

Have a Nice Dessert is just as adorable as its name implies. Jung Chong Nam is a college-going girl who loves to click and upload images of desserts on her social media. Lee Yeon Nam, who is a famous boy and is in the same class as Jung Chong Nam. It turns out that Yeon Nam has a crush on Chong Nam. The two begin to befriend. However, they soon realize that they feel for each other more than just friends. The series will make you fall in love with the cute two main leads and will make you crave some sweets after watching some delicious images of desserts in the series.

10. My Woofy Poofy Love

My Woofy Poofy Love is a 2018 series portraying Kang Ah Jung, an unemployed woman who gets dumped by her boyfriend as she tends to show and give too much love to her boyfriends which, annoys them, and her recent boyfriend broke up with her at a coffee shop. Ah Jung meets Geum Dol, a man who can turn or shape-shift into a golden retriever anytime he wants and provides comfort to those who are suffering from heartbreak. Geum Dol rescues Ah Jung from her bad times. He gives the love and support she always wanted in her life. It is a beautiful story that does not go overboard about the dog thing. However, with two lovely leads, their interaction with each other makes it worth watching.