Article: Top 10 Korean Dramas/ Movies With International Remakes

Since the 2000s, the Korean entertainment industry has expanded significantly, also known as one of the fastest growing industries internationally. Many Korean Dramas and Films are recreated overseas, in various countries, to provide good content to larger audiences.

10. My Sassy Girl

This Romantic Comedy was released in 2001, starring Jun Ji Hyun, Tae-Hyun Cha, and In-mun Kim. Gyun-Woo is a college student who likes flirting with girls and drinking with his friends. Meets a girl at the subway station; the girl is unconscious and causes a lot of trouble for Gyun-woo, but this incident unexpectedly unable him from forgetting about that girl.


My Sassy Girl is a Hollywood adaptation of the film released in 2008.

9. A Tale Of Two Sisters

A Tale of Two sisters is a horror-mystery movie released in 2003, starring Lim Soo-Jung, Jung ah-Yum, and Kim Kap-Su. Soo-Mi and Su-Yeon return to their home, where things are entirely changed. Their stepmother Eun-Joo bullies them. Unexplainable paranormal things started occurring in the house, which only the two sisters could feel.


The Uninvited is a Hollywood version of the film released in 2009.

8. My Wife Is A Gangster 3

It is an action comedy released in 2006, starring Beom-Su Lee, Shu Qi, and Hyeon-Yeong. Aryong, the daughter of a Hong-Kong-based triad Boss, is accused of the murder of the competing triad’s Boss; and is sent to Korea for hiding. Gi-Chul, along with his motley crew, is assigned to guide and protect her in Korea.


Singh is Bling, an Indian adaptation of the film released in 2015.

7. The Chaser

It is a thriller movie released in 2008, starring Kim Yoon-Seok, Ha Jung-woo, and Yeong-hie Seo. Ex-detective who runs a brothel business, the film took a twist when his girls started disappearing.


Murder 2 is an Indian movie adaptation of the film released in 2011.

6. Discovery Of Love

Discovery Of Lover is a romantic comedy show released in 2014, starring Sung Joon, Jung Yu Mi, and Eric Mun. The story is about a love triangle between three young people. A woman named Han Yeoreum conflicts with her new love and old love. She starts dating a guy called Nam Hajin, who is nearly perfect; since she is happy in her life, her past love, her ex-boyfriend Kang Taeha appears back in her life while regretting his past decisions.


Discovery of Romance is the Chinese adaptation of the show to be aired on Aug 28, 2022

The Day we Fell in Love is the Vietnamese adaptation released in 2018.

5. Signal

The Signal is a Fantasy Thriller show released in 2016, starring Lee Je-Hoon, Kim Hye-soo, and Cho Jin-Woong. Park Hae Young as an elementary school kid, witnessed a kidnapping scene of a young girl on the way back from school; after a few days, the girl was found dead, and the culprit was not yet identified by the police, leading to causing distrust in Hae Young’s mind. After fifteen years, Hae young becomes a police officer and a criminal profiler. The story takes a drastic turn when Hae Young finds a walkie-talkie that connects him with Detective Lee Jae Han, who is in the past. Police officer Hae Young, Cha So Hyun, and Detective Lee Jae Han decide to go on a journey of solving cold cases.


Signal, Choki Mikaiketsu Jiken Sosahan, is a Japanese adaptation of the show released in 2018.

4. Oh, My Ghost

This fantasy, supernatural, and the romantic comedy-based show was released in 2015, starring Park Bo Young, Jo Jung Suk, and Im Joo Hwan. Shy, timid women named Na Bong Sun, who works as an assistant chef at a famous restaurant, have a secretive crush on the star chef of the restaurant Kang Sun Woo, but she does not dare to express it. However, Bong Sun can see spirits. Bong sun soon gets possessed by the ghost of a young lady named Shin Soon Ae, who died at a very young age without experiencing love and passion. All she wants is to seduce the star chef and lose her virginity to go into her afterlife happily.


Oh My Ghost has a Thai remake that aired in 2018.

3. Tunnel

A 2017 Thriller, a Crime show based on the serial murders of Hwaseong. It is a drama starring Choi Jin Hyuk, Yoon Hyun-min, and Lee Yoo-young. Detective Park Gwang-Ho, a Korean detective in 1986, chases a serial killer. While chasing the killer, Detective Park goes through a tunnel and reaches the year 2017. The killings start appearing again, due to which Detective Park Gwang-Ho, along with Detective Kim Sun-Jae and Professor of Criminal Psychology Shin Jae-Yi, tries to catch the killer.


The Tunnel’s Indonesian adaptation was released in 2022 and its Thai remake in 2019.

2. Flower Of Evil

Flower of Evil is a 2020-based drama starring Lee Joon Gi and Moon Chae Won. It is a story of an ideal husband and hardworking man; who owns a metal-working studio. He is a perfect husband and a perfect father of a daughter. But inside this perfect man hides a very dark secret, which he has been keeping from his detective wife.


Duranga is an Indian adaptation of the show released on Aug 19, 2022.

1. She Was Pretty

She Was Pretty is a 2015-based Korean drama; starring Park Seo-Joon and Hwang Jung-Eum as the lead actors. Hye Jin, a young, cute-looking girl bought up in a wealthy household, goes through drastic changes in her life, which changes her looks as well as her fortune, and ends up as a part-timer at a convenience store, living rent-free at her friend’s place. Eventually spots her childhood friend Sung Joon who is fit and handsome. Sung Joon contacts Hye Jin and invites her for a meeting, but Hye Jin fears the disappointment Sung Joon might have after meeting her; therefore, she sends her friend to the meeting. Finally, after getting a full-time job at a company, Hye Jin knows she has to work under Sung Joon. After observing Sung Joon’s rude behavior towards her, she chose to keep her identity a secret. This romantic comedy is pretty popular, with nearly six remakes worldwide.


Pretty Li Hui Zhen, a Chinese remake, aired on Jan 2, 2017.

Kanojo wa Kirei Datta is a Japanese remake of the show, that started airing on Jul 6, 2021.

Me Always You, a 2021 Thai show remake, started airing on Aug 27, 2021.

Seviyor Sevmiyor, a Turkish show adaptation, started airing on June 15, 2016.

Mối Tình Đầu Của Tôi; a Vietnamese remake started airing on Jan 16, 2019.

She Was Pretty, a Malaysian show adaptation started streaming on June 23, 2022.