Article: Top 10 Korean Celebrities Who Hate Military Service

After the recent news about BTS choosing to enlist in South Korea's compulsory military service, discussions about Korean Celebrities and the compulsory military services in South Korea have started again. While most stars take part in military service pretty enthusiastically, some stars didn’t like compulsory military service as it affects their career, which is mainly why they hate compulsory military conscription. Some of them even tried to avoid compulsory military service, so let’s have a look at   the list of the Top 10 Korean Celebrities Who Hate Military Service:

1. Steve Yoo

One of the most well-known cases of avoiding conscription in the K-pop industry has to be that of Steve Yoo, a commercially successful K-pop artist who gave up his Korean citizenship and kept American citizenship to avoid military service.

The former 90’s superstar expressed his willingness to complete compulsory military service but later gave up his Korean citizenship. His career collapsed as it was evident that he was trying to avoid military service and fans interpreted it as a broken promise. As a result of this, the Military Manpower Administration banned him from entering South Korea.

2. Mc Mong

Mc Mong’s commercial success makes him one of the most famous artists in South Korea. In the year 2010, he was accused of deliberately trying to avoid compulsory military service for which he was investigated by the South Korean Military Manpower Administration.

Mc Mong was accused of purposely pulling his teeth out to dodge military enlistment. According to law, military services can be avoided on the grounds of Dental issues, including braces, implants, or cavities.

3. Song Seung-Heon

Song Seung-Heon is a model, singer, and actor. Song first started as a model in 1995 and began acting in sitcoms and TV dramas a year later. He is famous for dramas like East of Eden, Autumn in My Heart, and Summer Scent. The actor sent waves throughout Korea when he drank drugs and submitted tainted urine samples to show that he was unfit for military service since he had diabetes.

But as the backlash from the public grew bigger, he instantly joined the military to avoid further condemnation. He made his comeback with the drama East of Eden after maintaining a low profile for two years.

4. Kim Mu-Yeol

Kim Mu Yeol is a South Korean actor. After a great career in musicals, Kim first appeared in small roles in films and television. But after getting appreciation for his supporting roles in The Scam and War of the Arrows, he got his first breakthrough in Jung Ji Woo's critically acclaimed film A Muse and a major role in the independent film All Bark No Bite.

When his last enlistment call came in 2009, the actor faced the wrath of the public as he requested that it be postponed due to a knee injury. The public grew agitated as Kim had been avoiding his conscription ever since 2007 for different reasons, such as taking civil service exams or being admitted to a work training facility, but both of these claims were not true.

5. Ravi

Kim Won-sik, better known by his stage name Ravi, is a South Korean rapper, singer-songwriter, and producer under GROOVL1N. He is a former member of the boy band VIXX and their sub-division VIXX LR.

Ravi was under investigation for contacting a broker to fake medical results during a military examination so that he could get away by doing social service in place of compulsory military service.

6. Psy

Psy is a South Korean singer, rapper, songwriter, and producer under P NATION, his agency. Psy debuted on 18 January 2001 with his first album PSY From the Psycho World. Before his debut, he appeared on Cho PD's second album In Stardom Version 2.0 in 1999.

The "Gangnam Style" singer never experienced any problems related to military service but according to some reports, he completed his military service in 2003, but he had to repeat in 2007 as he held more than 52 concerts and appeared on television during his first enlistment.

7. Jang Hyuk

Jang Hyuk (Jeong Yong-jun) is a South Korean actor. He is best known for his impressive roles in the films Volcano High, Windstruck, The Swordsman, and The Killer: A Girl Who Deserves to Die.

In 2004, just like his fellow actor Song Seung Hun, Jang Hyuk also fabricated the results of medical examinations by intentionally taking drugs. After the scandal grew bigger, he enlisted in military service to cool down the heat and avoid further criticism.

8. Nafla

Choi Seok-bae popularly known by the stage name Nafla, is a Korean-American rapper. He emerged victorious on the Show Me the Money 777.

Nafla was arrested and charged with forging documents to evade his compulsory military enlistment as a social worker by being declared unfit for service. It was discovered that Nafla didn’t go to work at the Seocho-gu for more than half a year and his absence was recorded as early and sick leaves for depression by other accomplices.

9. Song Duk-ho

Song Duk-ho is a South Korean actor under Bistus Entertainment. He is acclaimed for his roles in dramas such as Tracer, Moonshine, Hotel del Luna, Juvenile Justice, and Taxi Driver. He also appeared in films like Secret Zoo, Sunset in My Hometown, Burning, and What Happened to Mr. Cha?

Song Duk Ho was sentenced to a year in jail and suspension for two years on probation. He was under accusations of conspiring with a broker to receive a false diagnosis for fake epileptic symptoms to avoid conscription (compulsory military service).

10. Kai

Kai is a South Korean singer, rapper, actor, and dancer under SM Entertainment. Kai is a member of the South Korean boy band group Exo, Exo-K, and SM Town.

Kai got enlisted for military services on 11 May 2023, soon after Kai's agency made the announcement, the Exo artist went live and talked about his sudden military enlistment. The singer even cried during his livestream as he didn’t like this because he had planned a lot of things for his fans.