Article: Top 10 Most Popular Korean Movies And Series Based On Deadly Games

Games act as a wow factor if mixed with a proper storyline with the content. There have been several massive successes due to the perfect commingling of these factors. The movies where the games are a significant part of the plot and are somehow used to satire about human nature and the way it has been fading out of humanity is something worth watching. We might have heard of Hunger Games, Squid Games, or Harry Potter: Goblet of Fire. Some of the massive successes in this niche have paved the way for other movies in the same context. Here, we will talk about the top 10 most popular Korean movies and series based on deadly games.

1. Squid Game

Squid Game gained a heavy amount of international recognition and appreciation. The makers gave a gamely version to showcase some extreme human behavior. The series showcased everything very interestingly, utilizing several conventional games. The themes highlighted were depth culture, hunger for money and power, humanity, and greed. The story revolves around a protagonist who accepts the offer to participate in a squid game to get free from his depth.

2. The Divine Move

The Divine Move is something worth watching that lies under the thriller domain. Different elemental themes revolve around the game of baduk. The circles around a player who is framed for his brother's murder and ultimately ends up in jail, where he meets a man who introduces him to a brand-new world of gambling and baduk. The movie's title talks about a special move that he made that is strong enough to change the game's tide.

3. Liar Game

As the title suggests, the Korean series is based on a high-stakes game adapted from a Japanese novel. The center character is an honest college girl lured into the liar game via a large sum to participate. She allies with some great players to uncover the secretive organization behind this game. The Liar games are filled with different games, each with regulations and twists.

4. Death Bell

Death Bell is something interesting to watch. It revolves around several high school students trapped in a series of deadly games played by a mysterious voice. The suspenseful storytelling is the center of attraction, including the dreadful challenges one needs to complete. The series lies in the horror thriller genre and is quite liked by the viewers. The death bell also speaks of the pressure of the Korean education system and the competition in it.

5. Hide And Seek

Hide and seek is something everyone used to play around as a kid, but giving the game a dreadful twist is something worth watching. The Korean movie was aired in 2013 as a movie lying in the horror genre. A family's experiences after getting a new home are the center of the plot. After the disturbing occurrences, the father plays hide and seek with unnatural forces.

6. The Quiz Show Scandal

As the name suggests, the movie talks of a scandalous quiz show. The show comprised a shady format to boost its popularity, and after it did achieve it, the contestants began to experience the consequences. The design encouraged the participants to unveil their deep secrets comically without thinking of the products.

7. The Death Bell 2

The Death Bell 2 is the second half of its prequel and is equally tense. The story circles a mysterious boarding school wherein the staff and students are trapped within a series of deadly survival games led by a mysterious voice. The games include puzzles and strategies that become more dreadful as the series advances. The second half is also recognized for its compelling storytelling, survival efforts, and the hideous job people will do to stay alive, even if it means hurting another living soul.

8. Alice In Borderland

Alice in Borderland is another worth-watching series of Korean-Japanese origin that follows a deadly game to survive. The plot revolves around a bored trio teleported to a deserted Tokyo, where they must follow the lead of deadly survival games based on cards. The concept of parallel Tokyo is fascinating, and its existence is revealed as the story advances. The highlighted areas are decision-making and consequences, mortality, survival, character development, and compelling storytelling. The reviews were positive, and the fans were happy with such a piece to watch.

9. The Divine Fury

The divine fury is not attached to a traditional survival game but a deadly battle against dark forces. The series centers on a former MMA player with a traumatic childhood memory. As an atheist, he discovers a unique power to combat the dark forces within himself. He allies with a priest and equips himself for a battle against the darkest demon residing in his city. The series is an A-grade piece that includes the theme of action, horror, and supernatural elements.

10. The Tenor Lirico Spinto

The Tenor Lirico Spinto revolves around an opera singer who wakes up to find himself trapped in an abounded hospital where he meets other inmates with the same story. All of the people are subject to a deadly survival game that forces them to unveil their dark secrets and make unsettling decisions with brutal consequences. The movie highlights the human thought process during extreme situations shown via the deadly survival games.