Article: Top 10 Father And Daughter Duo Of Korean Dramas

Father is the first person who comes to our mind when we fail in life. We know how much sacrifice he has given to the betterment of our life. And when we fail at it, we feel miserable. Father or Appa in Korean is the first who will help you to walk in Life. Father and Daughter’s relationship is one of a kind. A girl’s first hero and love is her father. She looks up to her father for everything. Here are the top 10 father-daughter duos of Korean Dramas that brought tears to our faces.

1. Lee Do Hyun

Lee Do Hyun plays the role of Hong Dae Young in 18 Again. He is one of the most loved fathers of K- dramas. The scene where Dae Young holds the umbrella for his children and gets drenched without worry is iconic. There were scenes where he was seen running with his daughter in his arms. She had some stomach ache but he was crying miserably.

2. Sung Dong-II

Sung Dong-II is one of the most known faces of Korean Dramas. He played the role of a father in the reply series 1988. He had three children and was the only sole bread earner of the family. He gave his best to his kids. The scene where his eldest daughter gifts him the shoes unfit for him. However, he still wears to her wedding, making the entire K-drama community sob.

3. Jeon Bae

Soo One of the two father figures in Fight For My Way that we've grown to love is Choi Ae Ra';s father, Jeon Gap. Like other fathers, he seems to intuitively understand Ae Ra's needs and feelings without her having to express them, and he will go to great lengths to meet those demands.

4. Jeon Bae-Sun

Jeon Bae-Sun played Kim Go Eun’s father in The King: Eternal Monarch. He used to take care of her daughter after her mother passed away. He acted as Park Eun Bin’s father in the Extraordinary Attorney Woo and set an exemplary role. Viewers loved how he cared for her autistic daughter in Extraordinary Attorney Woo. The two shared a loving bond.

5. Kim Sang Kyung

Kim Sang Kyung played the role of a loving father. Though financially incompetent, he tries his best to take care of his daughter and son. Even when he finds out about his daughter’s boyfriends, he tries to understand him but cries at the same. He is the kind of dad who will support you in all of your decisions.

6. Park Ho-San

Park Ho-San played the role of Ju-Kyung’s father. He was a loving and caring father. The two shared an unbreakable bond. Whenever Ju Kyung’s father runs away from home, he always informs his daughter Ju Kyung. The two have known each other’s deepest secrets and he even made ramen for his daughter when she was angry.

7. Heo Jun-Ho

Heo Jun-Ho and his daughter Young-Ro shared a peculiar yet unbreakable bond. When Young-Ro was kept hosted by North Korean agents, he did every possible thing to save his daughter. He was crying and sobbing uncontrollably and even Young-RO was worried for her father. The drama showed the father and daughter’s emotions to the fullest.

8. Shin Jung Keun

Shin Jung Keun played the role of Choi Dal Pyeong in the drama Pinnochio. Choi Dal Pyeong was the kind of dad who would bicker with you. But will always have your back. Pyeong may scold you from time to time. But he’s the one who will be the one to fight for you. He is the kind of dad we see in our father.

9. Kim Won Hae

Kim Won Hae played the Gomin-si’s father in Youth of May. He played the role of Kim Hyun Cheol. He seemed a pathetic and incompetent father but had gone through something horrible. He did everything to protect his daughter Myung-Hee from the wrecked world. He is one of the most underrated fathers in the K-drama world.

10. Joo Jae Myung

Joo Jae Myung played the father of Park Bo Young in the 2017 hit drama Strong Woman Do Bong Soon. He was understanding and always supported what Bong Soon wanted. Bo Young loved both his son and daughter equally. He brought comical elements to the drama, and whenever anything happened, Bong Soon always consulted her father in the drama.