Article: Top 10 Most Popular K-Dramas Featuring Aliens

Alines are those mystic creatures that some of us believe exist and are familiar with human existence. We are very far from the truth, but building our theory revolving around them is something humans are very fond of. For a long time, movies have talked about a concept whose authenticity is yet to be rectified, and the rumors talk about its existence. The same thing is with this alien thing; none of us answers the portion of thought behind the concept, but yes, making theories around it makes us all curious. The entertainment industry has always talked about it, and there have been hundreds of movies revolving around the very same topic. Some movies speak about the future we will share with them, and some talk about the past linked to them. Korean dramas are plentiful in fantasy and have certain great movies in the niche. Here, we will discuss the top 10 most popular K-dramas featuring Aliens.

1. My Love From The Star

My Love from the Star is a fantastic k drama with immense success. It perfectly blends the essence of supernatural elements and romance. The story revolves around an alien guy who has been on Earth for the last 400 years. He maintains considerable distance from humans to hide his truth but falls for a newly shifted neighbor.

2. Alien Teacher

As the title suggests, it is about an alien teacher who disguises himself as a human to guard the odd destruction. The alien, throughout the mission given to it, has to stick to the human form and face the consequences. As he relates with his students, things become emotionally connected for him and form a precious bond.

3. Circle: Two Worlds Connected

The concept of the Korean drama is a bit different. That works in two parts. One is set in 2017, and the other is in 2037. Part one is about some university student encountering an alien artifact with strange powers. The next part speaks of a dual society where the society is divided into two classes: aliens and humans. The drama was a decent hit and explores the field of discrimination in society.

4. Manhole

Manhole is fascinating to watch as it concentrates on a device called a manhole capable of sending its user to alternate realities. During one such travel, the protagonist encounters an extra-terrestrial being. The protagonist is a man who discovers the device in his neighbourhood and is taken to several crucial points in his past. He is even taken to a new reality where the person is taken to a world under the control of aliens.

5. Welcome To Waikiki 2

Welcome to Waikiki 2, as the title suggests, is the second part of the preceding plot. The plot is not directly engaged with aliens but comprises a subplot that includes several alien characters. The story is about the male protagonist's life and how he works towards his dreams while handling the guesthouse.

6. Tale Of The Nine-Tailed

The tale of the nine-tailed does feature Gumiho, which is another world thing. The series is a perfect blend of mythology and supernatural beings with a pinch of romance in it. The Gumiho prevails in mythology, and String has lived on Earth for years to protect humans against the odds. She can get into a human form, which helps her hide herself well, and things turn upside down when she meets a young, talented producer.

7. Alice

Alice is a successful drama that revolves around the exciting concept of parallel universes. Though it does not directly concentrate on aliens, it features them as a subplot. The protagonist is obsessed with solving the murder case of her mom, which brought him personal tragedy. In the search for truth, he comes across an odd organization that could take back people in time. It leads to the discovery of the mystery of alternate realities interlinked with powerful stuff that comprises the potential to change the world's history.

8. I'm Not A Robot

I'm Not a Robot does not comprise a direct linkage to aliens, except that the characters involved can be seen as reminiscent of alien technology. It is about a boy who has always been lonely due to his allergy to human touch and seeks a companion in an AI robot. He is unaware that the same AI robot is an actual human, creator of AI android who was persuaded to get into AI form to protect her life and technology. As time progresses, the boy develops a soft corner for the robot.

9. Duty After School

Duty after School is a tremendous Korean drama about a bunch of high school youngsters working for an organization against the invasion of aliens in their world. How they cope with all the difficulties at such a tender is worth watching. The story itself is set in a pseudo-world that has been stuck amidst a battle between humans and aliens, and these champs have something worthy to work for: the freedom of their planet against aliens.

10. The Silent Sea

The Silent Sea is a powerful series that is worth a watch. The themes involved are mystery and supernatural elements that make it desirable for the people. The story talks about the future Earth, which lacks water to survive; thus, a team of scientists and astronauts are on a mission to find it on the moon. The task is about the revival of an element that could quickly solve the crisis on Earth. The visuals are stunning, and the story mainly revolves around survival as they get close to the lunar base.