Article: Top 10 Most Popular Japanese Anime Movies That Showcase Insight Of Tokyo

Certain movies are based on people's daily lives, and depending upon the area they originated from, the lives showcased are sometimes the same. If a film is produced in the USA, it would be able to speak better of its people cause most of the cast would be from the same country. Similarly, when we talk about Japanese anime, it talks best about their homeland, and the way of portrayal is beautiful and realistic. Since Tokyo is the heart of the country, it shouldn't be a surprise that they can showcase pragmatic insights into it. Here, we will consider the top 10 most popular Japanese Anime Movies that showcase insights of Tokyo.

1. Your Name

Your Name is a legendary movie about consciousness swapping in different timelines. Here, the male protagonist lives in Tokyo; thus, the movie is filled with the scenes of Tokyo and its life. At the same time, the girl lives on another Island far from the central city. The movie is fun to watch and is plotted very intelligently to give a pleasing experience to the viewers.

2. Suzume

Suzume is another worth-watching piece with a pinch of worm's earthquake essence. The story's male lead resides in Japan; thus, when Suzume brings him back home, we can see his lifestyle. Even the last and the most gigantic worm appears in Japan only from under the train station. Suzume comprises a distinct concept about Japan, which has been saved from all the earthquakes by the guarding of keystones. One of the keystones is set free by Suzume, who takes the form of a cat, Daijin, and wanders around Japan, creating a mess.

3. Tokyo Godfathers

The plot of the movie is about Tokyo at Christmas. The anime's story is heartwarming, featuring three homeless characters determined to find the baby's parents. Their journey differed as a wave of personal growth struck them. They struggle to find the parents and find various characters along the way. The anime is based on the family theme, and its combination with Christmas time was a pleasing blend to watch.

4. Whisper Of The Heart

Whisper of the Heart is another Ghibli creation worth watching with a glimpse of Tokyo insights. The story follows a character who is a high school student in Tokyo. One day, she notices that the books she borrow are also read by the same guy named Seiji. She is on a journey of exploration to get to the boy, and personal growth is also involved in her creative journey.

5. The Garden Of Words

The movie's plot is set in one of Tokyo's national gardens and enhances the themes of loneliness, connections, and personal growth. One of the most notable features of the film is its visually appealing animation. The story talks about a strange relationship between a 15-year-old boy and a mysterious woman in her 20s. They are bonded by the appreciation of rainy days in the garden as the woman skips her work for that. The changing season influences the plot, so they connect in the park.

6. 5 Centimetres Per Second

The film's title is more about the nature of life moments like cherry blossom petals. The anime binds three different stories of life that explore different themes. The third segment of the story gives a glimpse of Tokyo as the character becomes an adult and works in that. The report also focuses on the regrets one has regarding the decision in the past. The anime's visual beauty is stunning and worth a watch for the audience of all ages.

7. From Up On Poppy Hill

From Up on Poppy Hill is another movie based on Japan after the war and its struggles to regain its pace. The historical setting is a major attraction of the film as it gives us the insight of the people of that time. The characters struggle to preserve the essence of the three-culture balancing it with progress. The story revolves around Umi, who lives at a boarding school.

8. Bubble

The bubble is a bit distinct because it is based in a world torn by a usual bubble shower and a deadly game played in Tokyo. The main thing we can still glimpse is Tokyo but in a very different manner as the place is completely abandoned at the first place to experience the unusual bubble shower. The movie is a must-watch for its stunning visuals and the distinct plot that adds a wow factor.

9. Weathering With You

Weathering with you is set in a Japan that is not so happy about the continuous rainfall. As a result, who is ready to pay for having a sunny day? This opportunity is grabbed by a pair of a teen boy who has fled his home and a girl who could alter it by praying. They help people by clearing the weather and charging a nominal fee in exchange. Things were going right until the boy discovered that the girl's body was slowly transforming into the water, and she needed to sacrifice her everyday life to set the place rain-free.

10. The Devil Is A Part-Timer! Movie

The Devil is a part timer is a stunning movie that gives us a glimpse of Tokyo life as it is based in modern-day Tokyo. The movie continues the series and focuses on its original characters, including the demon king in Tokyo. The hero of the opposition is persuaded to help the demon king with his missing artifact, which could have odd consequences for the human body and the devil world.