Article: Top 10 Korean Drama And Movies Of Kim Sae Ron

With her captivating performances, Kim Sae Ron has made a lasting impression as a formidable actor in the vibrant world of Korean entertainment. Kim Sae Ron, an actress renowned for her depth and range, started her profession at a young age. We'll examine the top 10 acts that highlight her skill and demonstrate her abilities in this investigation.

1. The Great Shaman Ga Doo Shim

Ga Doo-Shim (Kim Sae-Ron) is a high school student who is eighteen years old. Her destiny has been to become a shaman since infancy. A shaman to drive out evil spirits. Ga Doo-Shim attempts to live a regular life, refusing to accept her fate. When she moves to a new high school, Na Woo-Soo (Nam Da-Reum) is there. Na Woo-Soo is a well-off high school student who succeeds academically and comes from a wealthy household. His life is quiet and routine, but that all changes when Ga Doo-Shim shows around. He starts seeing demonic spirits. In addition to taking on unusual situations, Ga Doo-Shim and Na Woo-Soo also battle evil spirits.

2. Love Playlist 4

Kim Sae Ron portrays a Seoyeon University economics major in Love Playlist season 4. Being a popular student, she ended up being the cheerleaders' "center of attention." The third season of this web series will be followed, with an emphasis on teens attempting to lead adult lives. This drama is more than just a love tale; it's also about the friendships and struggles students frequently face as they prepare for graduation. They must also make an effort to go past the challenges that other adults have faced, including getting a decent job.

3. Hi! School - Love On

An angel named Lee Seul Bi is assigned to Earth to take care of Shin Woo Hyun, who was abandoned by his parents and now lives with his grandma. Woo Hyun's good looks and singing prowess make him popular in school despite his icy attitude. The best friends become enemies when Hwang Sung Yeol, his best friend, learns of a secret that unites them and starts to feel something for Seul Bi, who is impersonating a fellow student at their school.

4. Mirror Of The Witch

Empress Shim (Jang Hee Jin), who has never given birth, is continuously urged to do so by the queen's mother at the start of the play. Queen Shim will never have children, according to a royal magician who confers with Cho Hyun Seo (Lee Sung Jae). The empress dowager searched for another magician since she was dissatisfied with the royal magician's performance. Ultimately, a black magic magician came to his aid. After sending Hae Ran, a junior shaman, to serve the king, she became pregnant and had her uterus put into Queen Shim's body. Hae Ran was enraged because Queen Shim killed her right away despite her ignorance of this. Hae Ran said that the children they were carrying were cursed and twins just before she passed away.

5. Barbie

Little Soon Young is the matriarch of her family. She shares a home with her mentally challenged father, a cunning uncle, and her perpetually sick younger sister, Soon Ja. Soon Ja, the younger sister, plays with her Barbie doll and hopes to move to the US. Mang Taek meets an American man looking to adopt a healthy Korean girl in the meantime. Soon Ja, her younger sister, grows envious upon learning about the adoption and requests to replace her elder sister. The adoption is being done with a hidden agenda by the American father.

6. Snowy Road

The film portrays the poignant and endearing bond between two friends: Jong Boon, who was fed up with living in abject poverty under the Japanese occupation, and her witty and attractive village companion, Young Ae, whom Jong Boon likes. Before, their lifestyles couldn't be more dissimilar, but one day, Jong Boon is abducted by an unknown someone, and her father is brought to a police substation. The two girls meet up again aboard the train traveling to Manchu after young Ae registers herself as a working girl. Through the two girls and their memories of the traumatic past, the film retraces the memories of individuals who survived that time.

7. Ordinary People

In a sleepy rural community, Gi Cheol starts working as a contract gym instructor at a high school. He finds it strange that no one in the hamlet seems concerned about the disappearance of a female high school student. The friend of the missing girl, Yoo Jin, is the only one who is positive that her friend has been abducted. Gi Cheol discovers that the missing girl's traces are vanishing as he and Yoo Jin collaborate to find her.

8. Heaven’s Garden

Kim Sae Ron is the star of this family drama. Kim Sae Ron Disin You know, still very beautiful and charming! The drama centers on Jung Jae In (Yoo Ho Jung), a woman who went bankrupt and then divorced her spouse. Jung Jae-in must go back to his homeland to continue living. He moves in with their father to live with his two daughters, Eun Soo (Kim Sae Ron) and Hyun Soo (Ahn Seo Hyun). This film shows us how to live and go on living while dealing with hatred, sadness, and optimism inside a family.

9. Can You Hear My Heart

The WK corporation's heir, Cha Dong Ju, is the subject of the story You Hear My Heart. Despite being deaf, he makes an effort to hide his shortcomings. In addition, Bong Woo Ri is a clever woman who plays the fool to keep her crippled father's ego intact. Ma Roo, Bong Woo Ri's half-brother, was sent to America 16 years ago by his mother, Cha Dong Ju. Bong Woo Ri and his father are looking for him. Ma Roo and Cha Dong Ju make a reappearance in Bong Woo Ri's life. When Ma Roo—who had then adopted the name Joon Ha—learns that he is Bong Woo Ri's half-brother, he becomes incredibly protective of Bong Woo Ri. The fact that Bong Woo Ri and Cha Dong Ju are close bothers him.

10. Leverage

Meet Lee Tae Joon, a former scammer and insurance claims investigator. Supported by an alliance of ex-offenders, their goal is to prosecute other global liars, swindlers, and scammers who would not otherwise be held accountable via the regular judicial processes. Those who believe they are above the law and conceal criminal behavior behind their reputations will soon find themselves the focus of mastermind Lee Tae Joon and his unique group of gifted specialists.