Article: Top 10 Korean Drama And Movies Of Lee Soo Hyuk

With his mysterious aura and subtle performances, Lee Soo Hyuk has become a magnetic force in the rainbow of Korean entertainment. Over the course of a career spanning more than ten years, this gifted actor has adeptly adapted to a wide range of roles, making a lasting impression on the Korean drama and cinema industries. We will examine the top 10 acts that highlight Lee Soo Hyuk's skill in this investigation, illuminating the breadth and depth of his contributions to the Korean entertainment industry.

1. Tomorrow

Choi Jun-Woong is looking for work, but being hired is tough for him. He accidentally runs upon Im Ryoog-Gu and Koo Ryeon (Kim Hee-Seon), two celestial messengers of death. The two celestial messengers of death have a place with an emergency management team. Lim Ryung-Gu is one of the pioneers, along with Koo Ryeon. Their mission is to save self-destructive people who are going to commit themselves. Lee Soo-hyuk played the role of Park Joong-gil. He is the leader of the Jumadeung-based Grim Reaper supervisory organization.

2. Doom At Your Service

The plot of the fantasy romantic drama Doom At Your Service centers on Tak Dong-kyung, an editor of web novels who learns she only has 100 days to live. Dong-kyung, who has received a lot of unexpected news and terrible luck in one day, desires drunkenly that the world will end. This invites "ruin" or "destruction," in literal English, Myul Mang, a supernatural creature, right to her doorway. Despite their frequent disagreements, the two decide on a 100-day contract, that will let the dying Dong-kyung live her life as she pleases. In this scene, Lee Soo Hyuk plays Dong-Kyung's coworker, Cha Joo-ik, a man caught in a romantic triangle of his own.

3. Born Again

The story of three ghosts drawn together by fate is told in the novel Brought Back to Life. Gong Ji-chul (Jang Ki-yong) is a self-reliant individual in the 1980s who defies his nasty father. In addition, he is a gifted medical student. Jung Ha-eun, also known as Jin Se-yeon, ran the used book store "Old Future" in the 1980s. She has sadly suffered from intrinsic cardiomyopathy and may pass away. She reestablishes the narratives of the unnamed and reveals the skeletal remains of them in the present day as a paleontologist. In the 1980s, Lee Soo-hyuk's character, Cha Hyung-receptacle an investigator who cherished a single person; currently, she is an examiner who believes in a "criminal quality."

4. Sweet Stranger And Me

This romantic comedy, on a webtoon, follows Hong Na-ri, a flight attendant, as she decides to return home after finding out about her fiance's infidelity and her mother's passing. When she gets there, she discovers that Go Nan-gil, who is quite attractive, is living in her mother's home and is claiming to be her father. The second lead, played by Soo Hyuk, is a wealthy chairman named Kwon Deuk-bong. He has feelings for Na-ri, but his father has given him the responsibility of reclaiming and developing her mother's land.

5. The Boy From Ipanema

On the beach, a lad who surfs every day meets a heartbroken girl. While the boy struggles because he is losing his previous recollection of his former love, the girl strives to forget her past. As time passes, the two grow to love one another, yet they are both insecure because of their past. The melodramatic movie depicts both the couple's unadulterated love and the heartache of a breakup. Memories of the past are evoked by the animation and the breathtaking surroundings of Sapporo and Busan.

6. Pipeline

Over 1,200 kilometers of pipeline serve as the heart of Korea. Several people use this network to siphon oil, making headlines. Geon Woo, the head of an oil refining company, offers Drill-bit, a drilling prodigy, a sizable sum of money if he can complete the impossible robbery of drilling into the pipeline between Honam and the Seoul-Busan expressway in less than a month. He assembles an oddball crew of experts—civil engineer "Mr. Na," excavation specialist "Big Shovel," and welding specialist "Folder"—to finish the work on schedule.

7. Lucky Romance

The romantic comedy demonstrates that opposites do attract. The story follows superstitious Shim Bo-Nui, who takes the word of a fortune teller that her sister's coma may be avoided with a one-night encounter with a man born in the Year of the Tiger. She becomes involved with Je Su-ho, a strong proponent of science and math who serves as the CEO of a gaming company. As Gary Choi, Bo-nui's first love, Choi Geon-wook, Lee Soo Hyuk stands in their way.

8. Righteous Love

Kim Il-ri (Lee Si-youthful) and Jang Hee-Tae (Uhm Tae-Woong) first crossed paths thirteen years ago, back when Hee-tae was an understudy at an all-girls secondary school and Hee-tae was a substitute science teacher. She saw him, and ostentatiously, he started to feel the same way about her. They believed that this was correct in any case. Hee-tae leaves the school when she witnesses a car crash in which Il-ri is hurt, and she tries to help him. Seven years later, they coincidentally cross paths again, fall in love, get married, and have a mediocre but happy married life. Hee-tae, a marine analyst on fisheries now, discovers one day that his significant other is considering an unapproved romance (affair). Hee-tae becomes irrationally angry, whereas Il-ri is adored and pulled by Kim Joon (Lee Soo-hyuk), a craftsman with whom she works. He surveils his spouse.

9. High School King Of Savvy

Seo In-guk, also known as Lee Min-suk, plays varsity ice hockey and is an understudy at a secondary school. Despite being nine years older than his sibling Hyung-suk, who is more successful, they have a striking resemblance. He receives a perplexing phone from Hyung-suk telling him to mimic his sibling in the new location of the last option. Min-suk must assert that she is a high-positioning leader at an  IT combine. Maintaining a dual lifestyle despite being ignorant of the norms within the Korean workplace, Min-suk learns how to explore his path in the adult world with the help of Jung Soo-youthful (Lee Ha-na), a strange temp whom he ultimately develops strong feelings for. The illegitimate son of cairman is Lee Soo-hyuk.

10. The Scholar Who Walks The Night

Respectable researcher Sung Yeol is close to Crown Prince Jung Hyeon. Unfortunately, the terrible Gwi—a vampire who uses the blood of noble women to quench his thirst for desire—has exposed their relationship. Sung Yeol happened upon a trickster who posed as a man and turned her into his bookseller hundreds of years after the original incident. Against Gwi's wrath, he is out this time to find his nearest partner's unfinished task. Ho Jin, Soo Hyang, and Yang Sun accompany him in combat. They experience betrayals, heartaches, and several bloodsheds.