Article: Top 10 Korean Dramas Related to Detectives

There are many different genres of Korean Dramas. Korean Dramas have explored various, different genres like mystery, crime, dark comedy, thriller, and many more. Fans love watching different mixes of diverse genres. There are always new stories that have different plots and characters. Korean Dramas about Detectives are very exciting and thrilling to watch. These dramas show a very different side of Korean detectives.

Here are the Top 10 Korean Dramas Related To Detectives.

1. Insider

Insider is the story of a judicial trainee named Kim Yo Han. He goes undercover for an investigation. After the investigation completes, he falls into a crises. Kim Yo Han is famous for keeping a poker face even in a dangerous situation. Kim Yo Han is always a step ahead and very careful. The drama shows how he survives any situation with his ability to turn crisis into opportunities.

2. One Ordinary Day

One Ordinary Day is the story of a university student. One day he suddenly becomes a prime suspect in a murder case. Shin Jong Han is the only lawyer who helps him. Shin Jong Han recently graduated from Law School. The drama shows how Shin Jong Han solves a case against his client. One Ordinary Day is a fascinating drama to watch.

3. Vagabond

Vagabond is the story of a mysterious plane crash. The plane crash kills Cha Dal Gun’s nephew. Cha Dal Gun could not accept losing his nephew. He raised his nephew by himself as his older brother died years ago. The investigation behind the case stops, and the plane crash gets considered a typical accident. His anger grows, and he starts investigating the case on his own. Cha Dal Gun begins his journey to find the truth behind the plane crash. He meets Go Hae Ri. She is the only daughter of a marine who died during an investigation. They decide to work together on that investigation.

4. Tell Me What You Saw

Tell Me What You Saw is the story of a former criminal top profiler. Oh Hyun Jae has solved many cases with his abilities but fails to save his fiancé. After this incident, He disappeared and lived in regret. He meets a police officer in the countryside. Cha Soo Young He has a unique ability that allows him to remember exactly everything he sees. Both come together  to find the killer of Oh Hyun Jae’s fiancé.

5. Through The Darkness

Through The Darkness is a thriller story set in 1990. The citizens of Seoul city were gripped by fear after various brutal attacks and murders. Red Hat is a mysterious man who stalks women, and it is impossible for detectives to know the next move of Red Hat. The Criminal Behavior Analysis team recruits Song Ha Young. He is a former detective and was very wise in his team. Through the Darkness is a psychological investment drama with exciting twists and turns.

6. The Veil

The Veil is the story of Han Ji Hyuk. He is a top field agent at NIS. He is always admired by his colleagues for his flawless records and skills. One day he disappears. When he returns after one year, he doesn’t remember anything that happened last year. He gets assigned to a small team. He meets Je Yi, who is warm and gentle but has a painful past. The Veil shows how detectives solve different stories. The Veil is a detective drama released in 2021.

7. Mouse

Mouse depicts the story of Jung Ba Reum, a rookie police officer. He is a brilliant and quick-witted officer who frequently encounters criminals. He is an honest police officer and always tries to attain justice. One day he faces a psychopath murderer. The murderer places the entire nation in his fear. Jung Ba Reum is in charge of investigating the psychopath’s case. Jung Ba Reum’s life completely changes during the investigation of the case. Mouse is a detective Korean Drama that amazes its viewers with exciting thrillers and characters.

8. Café Minamdang

Café Minamdang is the story of a former criminal profiler working as a conman. He earns money as a fortune teller at his café called Minamdang. The client gets attracted to him because of his good looks and smooth talking. He partners with Gong Soo Chal, a private detective agency. Nam Han Joon also has alternate motives behind him working as a conman. He is trying to investigate his friend’s death. Café Minamdang is a mystery Drama with a mix of comedy and romance.

9. Crime Puzzle

Crime Puzzle is a drama about a young criminal profiler Yoo Hee whose father gets murdered in a series of unexpected murders. After her father’s death, Yoo Hee’s ex-boyfriend confesses the crime. Han Seung Min is also a famous forensic psychologist professor. Han Seung Min gets arrested and sent to a high-security prison. When Yoo Hee investigates the case herself, she finds out Han Seung Min is not the actual killer. Crime Puzzle is a mystery drama that drives its viewers crazy with its various plot twists.

10. Beyond Evil

Beyond Evil tells the story of Lee Dong Sik, who is a detective. He used to be a great detective, but now he is demoted. Han Joo Won is an elite detective who gets transferred as Lee Dong Sik’s boss. Dong Sik and Han Joo Woon together try to stop a heinous preparatory. Beyond Evil is an investigation drama that twists its viewer’s minds.