Article: Top 10 Korean Drama And Movies Of Im Yoo Na

With her captivating and adaptable performances, Im Yoo Na has made a name for herself in the dynamic world of Korean entertainment. Im Yoo Na has demonstrated her abilities as an actress by bringing to life a wide range of characters in everything from suspenseful dramas to breezy comedies. We'll examine the top 10 roles demonstrating her talent and charisma in this post, giving you a sense of the breadth and depth of her acting capacity.

1. Big Mouth

Lawyer Park Chang Ho (Lee Jong Suk), who has a terrible victory percentage, is soon tasked with taking on a murder case. He chews off more than he can chew because of his "Big Mouth." He finds himself in jail after being dubbed the brilliant con artist "Big Mouse" overnight. His wife, Go Mi-Ho (YoonA), is a determined nurse who has put in a lot of effort to support her husband's legal career and maybe the troubleshooter. Despite being tired of the decisions he has made and their current circumstances, the fiercely devoted Mi Ho decides to take care of her family on her own.

2. Cinderella Man

Kwon Sang-woo's character, Oh Dae-san, runs a tiny store in Dongdaemun Market. The hustler has no faith in people and aspires to be wealthy. He meets his lookalike Lee Joon-hee (Kwon Sang-woo), the fashion dynasty heir with a heart ailment, on a fateful day. Under pressure to forfeit his wealth, the latter gives the former a one-day contract to pretend to be him while he discreetly completes a crucial procedure. But soon, when secrets about their relationship surface, things start to take a very different turn. And caught up in the sequence of events? Yoona portrays Seo Yoo-jin, an aspiring fashion designer who finds a connection with them both.

3. The King In Love

The Crown Prince, Wang Won (Im Siwan), is a power-hungry and incredibly ambitious man. His bodyguard Wang Rin (Hong Jong Hyuk), is his closest buddy and most dependable ally. Then there is Eun San (YoonA), who at a young age is mistaken for a handmaiden despite being the daughter of the wealthiest man in Goryeo. The three are inseparable, but a complex love triangle arises when Wang Won and Wang Rin acknowledge they have fallen in love with her.

4. Prime Minister & I

The youngest prime minister of South Korea, Kwon Yul (played by Lee Beom-soo), is 42 years old and has a reputation for being open and morally honest. Nevertheless, he finds it difficult to raise his three kids by himself after losing his wife in a vehicle accident seven years ago. In addition, he is thus uncooking a dish of noodles. Yoona's character, Nam Da-Jung, a tabloid journalist, is struggling to help her sick father. But when their paths eventually collide, she finds herself learning more than she had anticipated.

5. The K2

Ji Chang Wook plays Kim Je Ha, a former soldier currently on the run as a fugitive. He finds himself in a confusing and hazardous battle with powerful politicians in an attempt to defend his innocence. An Na (YoonA), the presidential candidate's illegitimate daughter, is at the center of it. An Na has Je Ha assigned to be her bodyguard, but he understands that she needs protection from her own family, particularly from Choi Yoo Jin (Song Yoon Ah), her father's legal wife, who views An Na as a hindrance to their political aspirations. The distant Je Ha sees himself watching over and taking care of An Na in the most loving way imaginable because she has severe post-traumatic disorder and anxiety. A charming tale of love blossoms between the two despite their shared past traumas find comfort in one another.

6. Exit

Although Yong Nam was a skilled rock climber in college, she didn't have much luck after graduating. He is dependent on his parents to get by because he has been unable to find employment for a long time. Because his former crush, Eui Ju, works at Dream Garden he insisted on throwing his mother's 70th birthday celebration there. With the aid of Eui Ju, he must employ all of his rock climbing abilities when a calamity occurs that covers a whole Seoul neighborhood in an enigmatic white gas to get everyone to safety.

7. Miracle: Letters To The President

Based on a true incident, this fictitious movie tells the tale of a family that lived in a roadless area of North Gyeongsang Province in the 1980s. Engineer Tae-yoon wants to build a train station in his community, which currently has tracks but no station. This is his life's ambition. Joon-gyeong, his son, is a math whiz in high school. Along with his older sister Bo-gyeong, his fiancée Ra-hee, and the villagers, he established the first privately owned little train station in the hamlet in 1988.

8. Confidential Assignment 2: International

Im Chul-Ryung (Hyun-Bin), a North Korean detective, is dispatched on a fresh assignment to South Korea. His objective is Jang Myung-Joon (Jin Sun-Kyu), the leader of the North Korean criminal organization. Im Chul-Ryung and Detective Kang Jin-Tae (Yu Hae-Jin) reunite in South Korea. Detective Kang Jin-Tae was assigned to the regional investigation unit, but now he works in a cybercrime investigation team due to an error he made. He wishes to return to the investigative unit in the region. In the meantime, Im Chul-Ryung, Kang Jin-Tae, and F.B.I. Agent Jack (Daniel Henney) is pursuing Jang Myung-Joon together.

9. You Are My Destiny

A girl named Jang Sae Byuk seeks a new purpose in life after receiving an eye cornea transplant from the physician who treated her following her injury. On her way back from Africa, that doctor, Kim Na Young, perished in an automobile accident. After locating the Na Young family, Sae Byuk grows close to them. She is gradually welcomed into the family by them. Since they were small children, Kang Ho Se and Kim Tae Poong, the twin brother of Na Young, have not been fond of one another. The main reasons Tae Poong despises Ho Se are that Ho Se came from a wealthy family, Tae Poong's father drove Ho Se's father, and his mother was a maid.

10. King The Land

Heir Goo Won is allergic to made-up grins. Cheon Sa Rang is ready with a genuine smile when he meets her. The two want to create joyful times where they may beam at one another. Rich hotels are the target audience for King of the Land, a VVIP business lounge that is a dream. The King Group owns it, and among its holdings are lodging facilities, distribution centers, and an airline. Goo Won is currently engaged in a tug-of-war for inheritance. Cheon Sa Rang's grin alone brightens everyone's day. She is overjoyed to be hired by the King Hotel, where she spent some of her best childhood memories.