Article: Top 10 Anime That Deserve A Live-Action Adaptation

Anime is one of the most famous mediums of entertainment. It is easy to find people who watch anime as more than just a simple pastime. Anime fans are usually part of a fandom dedicated to the anime, its manga, and all the lore surrounding it. When readers like a well-written manga, they wish for an anime adaption, and in the same way, when there are exceptional anime series, audiences wish to see a live-action adaption. Adapting an anime series into a live-action is not easy because it has to execute the storylines and visuals of the anime to perfection without being silly or awkward. With live-action adaptations of Kakegurui, Bleach, Fullmetal Alchemist, and the most recent hit, One Piece, fans deserve to see the live-action adaptations of some anime gems. Live-action adaptations could be just as famous as the anime if they get executed well.

1. Berserk

Fans want and deserve a live-action of the famous manga and anime Berserk by Kentaro Miura. The series takes place in Medieval Europe at a place called the Kingdom of Midland. Guts is a loud mercenary warrior who wields a sword known as the Dragon Slayer and travels with Griffith, who has an insatiable thirst for power. Berserk is dark, violent, gory, and has the same vibe as the Game Of Thrones. An epic live-action of Berserk will be a treat to action lovers.

2. Black Lagoon

Lagoon Company is a crew of mercenaries who smuggle goods in the seas of Southeast Asia. One day, they kidnap a salaryman named Rock, who joins the crew instead of escaping. The crew's base is at Roanapur, where every mistake could cost him his life. Blue Lagoon is an action, crime-based anime that would be a massive hit if executed well as a live-action movie or show.

3. Yuri!!! On Ice

Yuri!!! On Ice is a famous sports anime that went viral because of its story and breathtaking visuals. After getting eliminated at a world ice skating event, Yuri Katsuki returns home dejected. While showing his friend a skating routine, his friend's daughter records him, and he goes viral online. His childhood hero, Viktor, sees the video and visits Yuri with a plan in mind. Yuri On Ice is a rare anime that explores various themes and deserves a live-action with real ice-skaters who would enhance the visuals in the anime.

4. Fruits Basket

After a family tragedy changes her life, Tooru Honda moves in with the Souma family. One day Tooru finds out their strange secret. Tooru finds the Chinese zodiac story fascinating and soon realizes that the boys transform into the animals of the Chinese Zodiac. Fruits Basket is full of laughter and romance but with supernatural elements. A live-action adaptation of this anime can bring a fresh and fun twist to the romance genre.

5. Spy X Family

If there is a recipe for a successful live-action show or movie, it would be the story of a family of an assassin, a telepath, and a spy hiding their secrets. Agent Twilight, an undercover spy, marries a city hall employee, Yor, and they adopt a young girl to maintain his cover. The three have their own secret identities as they start bonding with each other. The story has the vibe of the movie Mr. and Mrs. Smith, but is different in its essence. This anime is filled with comedy and action and will be a delightful watch as a live-action if the story gets directed well.

6. Haikyu!!

Shoyo Hinata is a volleyball player despite his small stature, inspired by a pro player. In middle school, Hinata decides to defeat Tobio Kageyama after losing his first match in middle school against him. He joins Karasuno High School and becomes teammates with Kageyama. Will the two learn to solve their issues and win in the nationals? Haikyu is a sports anime that can be an epic live-action enjoyed by all audiences.

7. My Hero Academia

One might say that we have not had many unique and fun shows and films in recent times. My Hero Academia is an anime that is unique and intriguing. In an alternative universe where many people have quirks ranging from shapeshifting to invisibility and elemental control, Izuku Midoriya is a quirkless kid who loves hero All Might. One day, he meets All Might, who trains him, and Midoriya goes on a journey to learn and become a hero at UA High. This anime elevates the basic high school concept, and the live-action can be a hit with top-notch visuals of the quirks and action sequences. The live-action of this series is supposedly in progress, and fans are thrilled about watching their favorite characters come to life.

8. Monster

Nine years after Dr. Tenma saves Johan Liebert, a man who killed many in the hospital the same night, he faces the monster he accidentally saved. This anime is dark, thrilling, and intense. Famous directors like Guillermo Del Toro and Park Chan-wook were interested in working with Monster, but fans never got the much-wanted live-action. The live-action can easily be one of the best crime-thrillers we can ever get if made like it deserves to be.

9. Violet Evergarden

After a war in Telesis, Violet, a girl trained to be a weapon, is left recovering from wounds. She works as an Auto Memory Doll, and while she transcribes people's thoughts and discovers new emotions, Violet tries to understand the words told to her by someone close during the war. This anime is the story of war, tragedy, trauma, and self-discovery and would be interesting to watch as a live-action. The live-action would be a unique watch since it will showcase Violet's perception of the world and how she deals with the war.

10. One Punch Man

There isn't an anime and manga fan who does not know who Saitama is. Saitama gains the title of One-Punch Man, who defeats enemies with a single punch. Everything about the anime is iconic and enjoyable, and fans have been waiting for the live-action to see the mix of action and comedy. If they capture the essence of Saitama, the action scenes, and the jokes well, the live-action will be one of the most famous adaptations.