Article: Top 10 K-Dramas Remade From American Shows

If you admire American and Korean dramas and want to delve into the entertainment world where East meets West and witness the magic of cross-cultural adaptations. Be our guest on this list of gripping tales of medical dramas, intense investigations of crime thrillers, and even hilarious office shenanigans. These plots influenced by Hollywood will keep you enthralled with their blend of familiar themes and cultural references.

1. Suits

If you loved the chemistry of Harvey and Mike in Suits, this Korean adaptation of the series with the same name is ideal for fans of K-drama focused on law and order. Choi Kang Seok of the Kang and Ham law firm hires a high school dropout with a photographic memory who seems present at the right place and time. Yeon Woo does not possess a law degree or have any prior experience in the legal system. Its one season will have you hooked on the chemistry and intense courtroom scenes.

2. 18 Again

18 Again is based on the movie 17 Again, which is about troubles in marriage. Following the life of the Hong family, where the husband, Hong Dae-young, travels back in time with his shamanic magic and ends up in his 18-year-old self with a mentality of a 37-year-old, he pretends to be a high school student to be with his family and bond with his twins, getting to know them in a better way. The story is about mending his splintering bonds with his wife and children.

3. Money Heist: Korea - Joint Economic Area

Money Heist: Korea follows the story of a group of thieves who seize control of the mint of a newly united Korea while holding hostages. The cops search for the mastermind, the professor, Yoo Ji Tae, who plans the most significant theft of all time while preventing any uncanny situation from arising. The show is a spinoff based on the original Spanish show Money Heist, which is among the most-watched series and keeps you on edge throughout with its twists and suspenseful turns of events.

4. Woori The Virgin

The romantic comedy is based on the show Jane the Virgin, where Woori-Oh is in a happy place in her life with Detective Lee Gang-Jae and has promised to stay a virgin until her marriage, but her happiness does not last long. Her life turns upside down by a visit to her doctor for her routine check-up, and she winds up getting pregnant by the CEO, with whom she shares an exciting past. What started as a mess transformed into a love triangle with a travesty.

5. Entourage

The Korean Entourage, a comedy-drama that shares the same name as the American TV show, depicts the story of a group of four close friends in the entertainment business. One is a rising celebrity, and the others are helping him in the tricky industry. The theme is based on solid companionship and friendship, which is touching and comedic.

6. Life On Mars

Life on Mars explores the theme of serial killings filled with mystery and thriller, just like its native show with the same name. The main character, Han Tae Joo, is the head of the team of criminal investigators. Han Tae Joo unknowingly goes back in time to the year 1988 without his knowledge and must take the post of detective in a shady rural city and take on a similar case in the hope that he may find a loophole and return to his regular life.

7. Designated Survivor: 60 Days

Based on the American thriller series of the same name, it has a cliffhanger plot that will leave a deep impression on its viewers. The Minister of Environment must find a way to lead Korea in the correct direction after the explosion, which occurred after peace was declared with North Korea. Park Mu-jin took the oath as president for 60 days to uncover the secrets behind the incident and calm the city, which was going through a lot.

8. Romance Is A Bonus Book

A jovial K-drama that explores the fate of relationships and shows their evolution from adolescence to adulthood. Based on the series Younger follows the life of Kang Dan-i, a single parent struggling with a fresh start. In contrast, destiny had its plan, as her paths crossed with her childhood friend Eun Ho, a chief-book editor at a publishing house. The story takes a romantic turn as he helps her through her struggles by always staying by her side.

9. Criminal Minds

Like the original series, the Korean drama centers on a team of investigators who study and analyze the psychological tendencies of the criminals and predict their next move. The drama deals with the serial killings case with vivid and power-packed scenes. It is a treat for its viewers who loved the American crime show Criminal Minds.

10. The Good Wife

The drama deals with the scandalous life of prosecutor Yoo Ji-Tae, who gets arrested for corruption. In search of her identity, Yoo Ji's wife takes on her role as an excellent wife to support her family and resumes her law practice work after a 15-year break and pays legal expenses. Her former classmate Yoon Kye-sang helps her acquire a job at his company and lends a helping hand. The series has the same setup as the original US television show, The Good Wife, and has 16 episodes and is a light-hearted series.