Article: 10 Chinese Actors With Facial Hair

Presenting, 10 actors who look amazing with facial hair.

1. Wu Xiubo

Wu Xiubo is an actor, producer, and musician most popularly known for his role in the TV series “Before The Dawn”. Wu Xiubo is one of the most prominent and one of the highest-paid Chinese television actors. Between 1988 and 1995, he worked in the China Railway Art Troupe as a dramatic actor but decided to become a full-time musician in 1995. Wu Xiubo was a viral and pretty well-known singer in two famous bars in Beijing, ‘Da Hu Hao’ and ‘Helping House’. He released “War Of Love”, his first and only album, comprising of 10 songs in 2000. Wu Xiubo came back to acting in 2002 and made his television dramatic debut in “Crime Investigation”. He became the first ambassador of Xiaomi’s Redmi series in China, along with Liu Shishi and Liu Haoran.


2. Bai Yu

Bai Yu is an actor. He had studied at the prestigious Central Academy of Drama. He debuted in the year 2014, with the release of the web drama “0.5 Diors”. Bai Yu first began gaining immense recognition after being cast in “Young Marshal''. Another major milestone in his career was his casting as a support role in the hit rom-com drama “Love O2O''. He is a regular on the ‘100 Most Handsome Faces’ by TC Chandler and has also ranked among the top 100 ‘Forbes China 100 Celebrity List’.


3. Zhou Xiaochuan

Zhou Xiaochuan is an actor hailing from Anshan, a city in the province of Liaoning, China. He was born on the 23 of February. Zhou Xiaochuan had completed his education at the Minzu University of China (Department of Dance), and Shanghai Theatre Academy (Department of Drama). Some of his most famous roles are ‘Fu Shengrong’ from “Fall In Love”, ‘Chen Li’ from “Cold Case”, and ‘CEO Wang’ from “Little Husband”.


4. Huang Xiaoming

Huang Xiaoming is an actor and singer. He first appeared on screen at the tender age of 9, even he was chosen to play the child leaf in a movie. Xiaoming went on to study at the Beijing Film Academy in the year 2000 and has since then been an integral part of several blockbuster productions. Some of these productions include "The Return Of The Condor Heros", "Summer's Desire", and all three instalments of "Da Han Tian Zi".


5. Jiang Wen

Jiang Wen is an actor, director, and screenwriter. He has been grouped with the legendary ‘Sixth Generation’ of directors that began growing profoundly in the 1990s. After being featured in the Hollywood film "Star Wars: Rogue One", Jiang Wen had become an international sensation. Jiang Wen made his debut in the film "The Last Empress", in which he played the role of 'Puyi'.


6. Cao Weiyu

Cao Weiyu is an actor from in Xinjiang, China. He was born on 26 January 1972. He is a well-known and famous actor known for his outstanding performance and acting skills. Cao Weiyu is widely known for his roles in “Tribes and Empires: Storm Of Prophecy”, “Winner”, and “Candle In The Tomb: The Wrath Of Time”.


7. Yuan Hong

Yuan Hong is a Chinese actor. He first gained attention when he was cast in “The Legend Of The Condor Heros”. He played the role of a seemingly cold antagonist but was really a romantic and sweet anti-hero. Yuan’s role left a deep impression on many of the show's viewers. Yuan Hong earned wide mainstream recognition with his portrayal of the thirteenth prince in the hit drama, “Scarlet Heart”. He earned further recognition and positive acclaim for his performance in “Ordinary World”. The drama was based on the novel by Lu Yi. Yuan Hong won several ‘Best Actor Awards’ for his performances in several dramas.


8. Ni Hanjin

Ni Hanjin is an actor. He was born on 29 February 1994. He is well-known for his roles in “The Love By Hypnotic”, “Girlfriend”, and “Princess Silver”. He graduated from the Shanghai Film and TC College of Action Film and Television Performance. After his graduation, he was involved in stage performances and was well-known for his strong physical appeal. Hanjin had debuted as an actor in 2019 with a supporting role in the drama “Princess Silver”. Ni Hanjin is managed by Feibao Media.


9. Li Xian

Li Xian is an actor, acknowledged for his portrayal of ‘Han Shangyan’, the cold yet kind boss on the e-sport based drama “Go Go Squid”. In July, he was announced to be the ‘July Boyfriend’. He is currently managed by Easy Entertainment. Li Xian’s name had appeared in the Forbes China 30 Under 30 in the year 2019. He ranked 19th on the Forbes Asia 2020 list.


10. Yang Shuo

Yang Shuo is an actor, best known for his role as ‘Bao Yifan’ in the drama “Ode To Joy”. Yang Shuo first began his acting career in the year 2004 with the release of “The Century Begins With A Love”. He has previously received the ‘Best Actor’ award at the 17th Huanding Awards (2015) and the ‘Outstanding Performance Quality Star’ at the 4th China Quality Television Drama Ceremony (2019).