Article: 10 Japanese Dramas You Shouldn’t Watch With Your Parents

Sometimes, some shows are too much to watch with your parents, be it the sexual content or the mature topics, but that does not mean you cannot enjoy them. We have taken the time to compile some of these shows that you can enjoy comfortably on the premises of your own space. Given below are 10 Japanese dramas you should not watch with your parents.

1. Narratage

Izumi, a university student, is contacted by her drama club advisor from high school, Hayama. He wants her to participate in the graduation program for a younger club member. Hayama was someone she shared fond memories with and had been there for her when she felt out of place, so she accepted it. And with them reuniting, their feelings began to intensify, and they got closer than ever.

2. A Man Who Defies The World Of BL

One day, our main character, Mob, realises he is suddenly in a BL world. But he only likes girls, so he must turn down any hot guy approaching him. However, with how the world is, it is physically impossible to escape all the BL couples. Things change for him, and we must watch what happens.

3. May-december Couple

Having never been in any relationship before, Murakami Maiko was a sheltered 24-year-old girl. She agreed to go to a matchmaking session that her father set up. She meets a man named Hanasato Harumi, who is 20 years older than her and a divorcee. She is not happy about it, but they somehow end up hitting off, and she makes a move on him. On the other hand, Harumi was going to turn her down after this meeting, but when they met, he found out that Maiko was much different than any girl he had ever met. They accept to get married and begin their life as newlyweds despite their age gap.

4. Piece Of Cake

After taking the step and leaving her abusive relationship, our main lead, Shino, decides to quit her job and have a fresh start in her life. She gets a part-time job at a local shop in the area she is now in and finds out that her manager is her neighbour, too. She finds Kyoshiro, her manager, attractive despite knowing he lives with his girlfriend, who already becomes suspicious of Shino’s intentions. Shino is hesitant to make any more mistakes after her past relationship but is also fighting her desire to find happiness in her life.

5. My Lover’s Secret

Okumori Rei has a secret he had kept since he was a third-year junior high school student when he killed his father Kosuke and pretended that he had just gone missing to protect his mother from the domestic violence she faced. Rei is on the verge of getting married to Tachbana Saya at the law school when he gets messages from someone who apparently knows his secret.

6. I Mean, I Want To Say I Like You But

A story about a girl who was bullied all her life and ends up becoming a talent manager for a guy who was a bully as a child. The drama shows the two different sides and how they work around it.

7. Anitomo

Based on the manga with the same name, Anitomo, more commonly known as Brother’s friend, is a story about Sota Nishino, our main lead, an attractive high school student. One day, when he goes to Yukihiro Nanse, his friend’s house, he meets Mai, his friend’s sister. Mai overhears him saying how he found her cute, and things take a turn.

8. Pieta In The Toilet

Hiroshi, our main lead, was once known as a promising young painter, but with how life took its course, he is now working as a part-time window cleaner. One day, he discovers he has cancer and only has three more months to live. During his last months, Hiroshi finds Mai, a sassy high school student. The age gap relationship and nudity shown in the show may be some reasons why you wouldn’t want to watch this with your parents.

9. River’s Edge

It is a story that follows Haruna Wakagusa, a high school student living with her mother. Ichiro Yamada, our male lead, is gay and bullied at school. When nobody stands by his side, Haruna sticks up for him. They become close, and Ichiro tells her about his dark secret of finding a dead body along the riverside. And soon, a new body has found its way.

10. I Will Do It In The Next Life

This show follows the sexual lives of five different people who work at the same company. Our protagonist, Omori Momoe, is a 27-year-old single woman who is in an intimate relationship with five of her male friends. She also thinks of physical intimacy as a fun passing time and hobby rather than something more. It is definitely a show that you shouldn’t watch with your parents.