Article: 10 K-Pop Idols Who Turned Heads At Fashion Shows

Fashion shows are some of the most anticipated times for some people, not just for the fashion, but for the celebrities attending the shows. K-pop idols are usually the front-row attendees of major fashion shows. K-pop idols are always seen at fashion shows looking their best, in their most fashionable outfits, representing luxury brands. From Korea, New York, and London to Paris and Milan, K-pop idols are some of the most sought-after guests on fashion shows, especially during fashion week. Fans always look forward to seeing their favorite idols during fashion week and seeing their interactions with other celebrities. Since K-pop idols have large fanbases, fans often go to see and support their idols, bringing more attention to them. There are moments when idols turn heads at fashion shows for their outfits and stunning visuals. Here are some of those K-pop idols who turned heads at fashion shows.

1. Kai

When it comes to fashion, it goes without saying EXO member Kai is present. The idol, often called Human Gucci, is the Global Ambassador for Gucci and is seen at all shows. He turned heads during the Milan Fashion Week in 2023, wearing a red and black suit to the Gucci show. Many celebrities took pictures with him as he sat in the front row, and people were stunned at his handsome visuals.

2. Lisa

When the BVLGARI event in Seoul got announced, fans anticipated Lisa at the event as their ambassador. The idol built the excitement in fans as they waited to see her at the show and she did not disappoint them. Fans were left in awe of Lisa as she walked in a white satin backless gown and BVLGARI jewelry. She turned heads with her glamorous fashion, especially with her slicked-back hair instead of her signature bangs.

3. Jaehyun

NCT member Jaehyun was the first Korean celebrity to participate in the global campaign for the Prada Spring/Summer 2023. In September, he attended the Prada Mode Seoul show and turned heads as he donned a brown jacket and black pants. Fans were mind blown at his charisma, and their jaws dropped at his icy visuals. Jaehyun turned heads even with minimalistic style and proved why he is a fashion favorite.

4. J-Hope

BTS members J-Hope and Jimin stunned the fans at the Dior Fashion Show 2023. The duo dressed in different shades of grey and posed for pictures outside the venue, and fans, photographers, and even other celebrities watched the two in awe at their charisma and fatal looks. Fans went absolutely crazy at their visuals. The two idols mesmerized everyone present as they posed for pictures with celebrities. The duo looked like the main event, and fans couldn't stop fawning over their looks. Fans and media exclaimed about how they turned heads by looking so powerful and charming.

5. Jeno

Jeno from NCT made history by being the first K-pop star to open a New York Fashion Show event. Jeno opened and walked for the designer Peter Do and turned heads by looking magnificent. He walked in a deconstructed backless black suit and heeled boots and stood out amongst models. He turned heads at the show as he confidently strutted on the runway. All the attendees looked at him in awe and were surprised at his shy and calm personality while doing interviews and posing for pictures. Jeno certainly turned many heads as he made history.

6. Jennie

Blackpink member is known as a fashion icon and is a Chanel ambassador. Fans always look forward to her appearances in fashion shows, especially at Chanel shows. At the Chanel FW23, Jennie once again stole the show with her mesmerizing appearance. She wore a monochromatic outfit in a white jumpsuit and black pumps. People's heads turned at her fierce look with her hairstyle and the band-aid under her eye. Though she used it for the purpose, many fans exclaimed at how pretty she looked even with a band-aid, and it soon became a trend online. Nonetheless, Jennie turned heads with her iconic all-Chanel tweed outfit.

7. Hyunjin

Stray Kids‘ Hyunjin turned heads at the Versace La Vacanza 2023 Fashion show. Dressed in all Versace, the idol mesmerized everyone present with his stunning visuals. In a beige outfit with his iconic long black hair, Hyunjin looked like the epitome of perfection. He stole the hearts of fans and fellow attendees as he communicated with fellow celebrities and posed for pictures and videos with them.

8. Cha Eunwoo

Idol and Actor Cha Eunwoo is one of the most famous K-pop idols and always gets invited to major fashion shows. He stuns fans and other attendees with his perfect visuals and impeccable fashion. Eunwoo turned heads at the S/S Seoul Fashion Week 2019 as he came in a white turtleneck and a blue suit with Converse shoes. People marveled at him for being able to pull-off any outfit and look stunning.

9. V

Global icon V proved why he is known as a fashion icon when he attended the Celine Fashion Show 2022 in Paris. The BTS member attended the show along with Lisa and actor Park Bogum. He turned heads with his bright red jacket and a statement necklace over a black blouse and pants. Fans marveled over his beauty as he pulled off such a bright color with another statement piece. V trended on twitter for several hours as he dropped jaws with his perfect visuals.

10. Jisoo

Blackpink member Jisoo is known for her stunning visuals as she attends many fashion shows during the fashion week. She turned heads at the Dior show during the Paris Fashion Week 2023. Jisoo looked mesmerizing in a deep purple gown and impeccable makeup. Fans exclaimed at how beautiful she looked at the show, and people could not stop praising her for her graceful visuals.