Article: Top 10 Chinese Movies That Captured In An Amazing Way

China is known for famous actors like Bruce Lee and Jacky Chan. At Present, China is the home country of one of the world's biggest film industries. Top Chinese movies and TV shows have only enhanced and improved the country’s hold on the growing industry and show no sign of stopping. Many Chinese films are so captivating and exciting, which makes people more curious and enthusiastic to watch them. Let’s see the top ten Chinese movies that are Captured fantastically.

1. In the Mood For Love

In the Mood for Love has excellent cinematography, plot, and background. The film is about two married couples who move into a neighboring apartment on the same day. They have formal encounters until a discovery about their spouses having an imitate bond is made. The movie is a masterful evacuation of romantic longing and fleeting moments and has had a significant stylistic influence over the past two decades.

2. Devils On The Doorstep

Devils on the Doorstep is a Chinese black comedy film directed, co-written, and produced by Jiang Wen. The movie was inspired by the novel Survival by You, which was modified during the adaptation process. The movie was shot in black and white to mimic the old-time war movies. The film was initially not allowed to be shown in China’s theater for a certain period but was eventually available commercially.

3. City Of Life And Death

It is a disturbingly graphic war drama dealing with the Japanese occupation of China and the massacre in the Chinese capital Nanjing. The film shows the haunting tale of inhuman brutality inflicted by humans on each other. The movie got narrated with an ironclad objective and an emotional dryness that is almost frightening, showing one of the most realistic accounts of the war.

4. Happy Together

Happy Together is a romantic film that helped Wong Kar-Wai get the award as the best director at the 1997 Cannes Film Festival. The story is about two men, Lai and Ho, who arrive in Argentina to rebuild their relationship. The director's ambitious experimentation with cinematography helps the audience get a more intense experience of the volatility and abusiveness of the relationship.

5. The Blue Kite

The Blue Kite is considered one of the most defining films of the Fifth Generation of Chinese cinema. It was banned in China due to its political stance against the Communist party. The story is narrated in three episodes and through the perspective of a young boy that blends the perpetual sense of terror propagated by the presence of the party in all aspects of one’s life with the sad state of affairs in the boy’s family.

6. 24 City

24 City during production was also known as The Story of 24 City. The movie follows three generations of characters in Chengdu as a state-owned factory gives way to a modern apartment complex. The film uses a style featuring both documentary and fiction. It’s a documentary that also attempts to show how the closing down of the state-owned factory affected the lives of eight people.

7. Summer Palace

Summer Palace is set in the backdrop of the Tiananmen Square protests. The film shows the school and subsequent university life of Yu Hong, where she meets Zhou Wei, her lover with whom she has a passionate and abusive affair. The film catches up several years later with characters after the end of the Cold War.

8. Mountain Patrol

Mountain Patrol is set in Kekexili, in the Qinghai-Tibet region. It is primarily the narrative of poachers of the nearly-extinct Tibetan Antelope and the rangers who, given the lack of government support, have protected the animals on their own. This movie is sometimes brutal and wild regarding its demeanor and intimates Hollywood in terms of violence and gore but simultaneously succeeds in keeping its Asain flavor.

9. Red Cliff

Red Cliff is another one of John Woo’s masterpieces. The movie is shown in two parts. It has been named a timeless masterpiece with epic action, great battle sequences, and an edge-of-the-seat grip. It is said that the movie is only 50 percent true.

10. Chungking Express

Chungking Express is the story of two cops who have been dealing with their heartbreaks. The first is the story of Cop 223, who broke up with his girlfriend. He meets another woman whom he immediately falls in love with, not knowing what will occur to him later on. The second story is of Cop 663, who broke up with his air hostess girlfriend but then met another girl who serves food at a restaurant. This film is known for its performance and memorable affair.