Article: Top 10 Thai Short Films To Watch

Short films are known for being deep with a moving message that leaves you shattered and wishing for. The story might be happy or sad, but they are made to leave the most significant impact in the shortest amount of time. Short films have also always been a good way for rookie directors and artists to kickstart their careers. They also help all those who are involved to gather experience and build their portfolios. It is safe to say any short film is meant to touch the heart. Today, we will be looking at 10 Thai short stories. Each has a moving story and a packed punch you will not regret experiencing.

1. Mangosteen

Mangosteen is a 2022 Thai short film centred around the idea of storytelling. A young man returns to his sister's factory to work there as one of her fruit processor employees. However, when disagreements grow between the siblings, Earth, the young man, decides to leave the family business. He does this to prevent further disputes with his elders, but he also does it through hurt. He projects this hurt and anger into his writing as he starts writing an abstract novel with peculiarly goy scenes.

2. Blue

Blue is another Thai short film dealing with issues of mental health. It is a story of an insomniac who experiences many things while in bed.  The story involves various dramatic actions that co-occur, including the bed catching fire. The story is strange and fragmented. It is an exciting watch overall.

3. Cowboy Kill Club

Cowboy Kill Club is a complex story showcasing features of detective fiction. The story centres around Bangkok's Red Light District, notorious for underground activities. Three dancers from the Red Light District decided to form an alliance and look into a new chain of sex trade that was going on in their area. The story is intense and well-structured.

4. The First Conversation Between Frank And I

This 2018 film is only 13 minutes long and deals with the most complicated idea of a relationship between a straight individual and a gay individual. Rather than a film, this piece of media is an artwork. It shows the complicated artifices of intimacy between a straight soldier and a gay filmmaker. The soldier chases his dream of being an actor and reaches out to a filmmaker who could help his dreams come true. After months of communication online, they finally meet when the soldier leaves to meet the filmmaker in New York.

5. The Fame

The Fame is a 2019 short film centred around a tragic event that takes place in a school. A jealous student posts something scandalous about the school representative. This ruins the latter's reputation, bringing her a lot of negative attention. The bullying gets so bad that she ends up having to commit suicide. The story is short and intense, with a message to deliver. It shows the dark sides of the human mind and how small things are capable of ruining cherished lives.

6. Love From Outta Space

Love From Outta Space is a short film starring the famous pair Atthaphan Phunsawat and Jumpol Adulkittiporn. They have previously starred in beloved BL dramas like Theory of Love and Not Me. The story is about the relationship between an Alien and a human being—the alien stumbles into a man's backyard. The man, Aof, decides to take him in, care for him, teach him human ways, and help him understand connections and relationships. Their chemistry has always been striking, making them a pair chosen for multiple media. No doubt they did well in this one, too!

7. Silence Of Love

Silence of Love may be an advertisement film, but it is one that is touching indeed. It shows the struggle in the relationship of a daughter and her father. The father is a deaf and mute individual who can't offer hisr daughter many words of comfort when she gets bullied at school, but the story focuses on how his love is 'silent but true'. The duration is just 3 minutes, and it is fascinating that such a story can be told so beautifully in such a short time.

8. The Wait

Written and directed by Nolt Vutthisak, The Wait is a story centred around the pandemic. It was a time that pulled many people away from their livelihoods and passions. The main character in the story is a drummer who finds it frustrating to no longer play with his band. However, the doors must remain shut, and the stage must remain empty, and at a time when nothing exists, the lonely, sad drummer stands to create his way to sustain through his imagination.

9. Songkran

Songkran is a short film directed by Bank Tangjaitrong, which was released in Thailand in 2020. It is a romantic film starring Kanticha Chumma and Danny Lee. In the story, a travelling salesman goes to Bangkok and falls in love with the owner of a boutique. The story was moving and was greatly enjoyed by viewers.

10. Garena Free Fire Undefeated

Undefeated is a 15-minute Thai short film starring Yaya Urassaya Sperbund, Luke Ishikawa Plowden and Mew Suppasit Jongcheveevat. All these actors are well-known in the industry. Mew earned fame from acting in BL dramas like Why R U? and TharnType. Undefeated is adapted from a video game as a mini live-action movie. The name of the game is Garena Free Fire.