Article: 10 Best Korean Drama Female Performances Of 2022

The half of 2022 has brought us many Korean dramas to binge over and have great storylines that make it worth mentioning. An Actor is a person who tries to give the character created by the writer to life, and the director is someone who shows them in the best light. This year many good Korean dramas have been released, and several actors have garnered attention for their unbelievable performances and onscreen presence. Here is a list of talented queens who gave it all in their respective roles.

10. Im Yoona In Big Mouth

Yoona plays the role of Go Mi Ho in the crime-thriller series Big Mouth with co-star Lee Jong Suk as Park Chang Ho. The story is about how an infamous lawyer gets accused as a notorious and mysterious swindler. In the series, we can see Yoona’s acting growth and her on-spot portrayal as the fearless wife of a third-rate lawyer who gets accused of being a swindler. The viewers love the chemistry between the two actors and are excited to see how the series goes around.

9. Lee El In My Liberation Notes

Lee El plays the role of Yeom Gi Jeong in My Liberation Notes and is the eldest of three siblings whose family lives in a quiet countryside. The series is about three siblings exhausted by the monotony of adulthood and seeking to find fulfilment and freedom from their unremarkable lives. Her character is someone the viewers may not have paid attention to-she is a woman in her thirties who is deprived of successful love life and comes off as an annoying brat. Lee El plays the sentimental role with a bit of amusement through her realistic acting. She takes the viewers on a ride of emotions where sometimes you laugh and also moves you to cry as she shows her heart’s frustrations.

8. Kim Hye Soo In Juvenile Justice

Kim Hye Soo In Juvenile Justice plays the role of Judge Sim Eun Seok, a resolute judicial force who will stop at nothing to get the truth and serve out her stern form of justice to all. The series is a teenage-crime series that follows a female judge who sets high standards on the law of justice and shows the offender how harsh the law can be and must pay the consequences of their sinful crimes. Her performance in the series is worth watching, and her fierce stance and voice hold so much power. Kim Hye Soo is known for her headstrong independence and playing of a sophisticated woman in most of her dramas.

7. Kim Min Ha In Pachinko

Pachinko is an American series, yet we cannot skip the Korean actresses Kim Min Ha's excellent performance in the series. Kim Min Ha plays the role of Kim Sunja, a young Korean woman living in a Japan-ruled Korea who became pregnant by a married man and moves to Japan to start a new life. Kim Min Ha, as the character Kim Sunja has portrayed flawless emotions of love, pain, rejection, horror of survival, and resilience to living in a foreign country. The series shows what Korean women immigrants experienced and endured from the 1920s to 1940s. This series is a breakthrough for her acting career, and she has understood the assignment.

6. Kim Hye Ja In Our Blues

Not all actors can pull off silent acting that speaks volumes with imaginative insight. Kim Hye Ja plays the role of Kang Ok Dong's mother of Dong Seok, who is diagnosed with a terminal illness. She appears to be not speaking most of the time, but you would feel her life buried in pain, and her eyes look empty and lonely. Our Blues is a series set on Jeju Island that tells sweet, sour, and bitter life stories. Her role in the series will pain your heart and teach us valuable lessons on motherhood. Kim Hye Ja is a veteran actress whose acting in the silence and emotions she shows through her eyes have impressed all the viewers.

5. Kim Go Eun In Yumi’s Cells

Kim Go Eun In Yumi’s Cells has played the role of  Yumi, a relatable character who goes through all kinds of emotions from her old relationship with Goo Woong and experiencing a new relationship with Yoo Babi. The series tells the story of an ordinary office worker from the perspective of the brain cells in her head that control her every thought, feeling, and action. She has played one of the most heartfelt performances of the year, and her portrayal of all the emotions is commendable. The series shows a woman who discovers self-love, takes risks, and blooms into an empowered woman.

4. Bae Suzy In Anna

Bae Suzy In Anna plays the role of Yoo Mi, a woman who tells a small lie and ends up living someone else’s life. The series is a story of deception and revenge. Yoo Mi pretends to be someone else to escape the harsh reality of her tragic life and marries a wealthy businessman. Bae Suzy has captured the psychologically thrilling character-Lee Yumi becoming Lee Anna and has done a great job at it. The storyline is predictable and bland, and Bae Suzy’s excellent acting holds the whole series together. She has shown maturity as an actress in this role, drifting away from the typical roles she plays.

3. Kim Tae Ri In Twenty-five Twenty-one

Kim Tae Ri plays the character of a  bubbly and highly optimistic Na Hee Do in Twenty-Five Twenty-One. The story is about a teen fencer pursuing her ambitions and a hardworking young man who seeks to rebuild his life. Kim Tae Ri being in her 30s has managed to pull off the character of-a young adorable student who is funny, strong-willed, and confident. Her portrayal of the character has made us fall in love with her as she brings the character to life. Na Hee Do is a young girl striving to achieve her goals despite all the loss and rejection she faces on the journey of fulfilling her dreams.

2. Seo Yea Ji In Eve

Seo Yea Ji In Eve plays the role of Lee La El, a girl who used to idolize her loving parents. Unfortunately, she had witnessed her father being killed before her eyes by the evil LY Group, who forced a merger between the two companies. She vows to get revenge and make them pay for what they did to her family by exposing all their wrongdoings. Seo Yea JI is one of the few actresses who can pull off a dark role with power in facial expression, vocals, and gestures. The series has an interesting storyline, plot twists, and strong characters. Seo Yea Ji has shown an outstanding performance portraying the character’s pain, anger, and thirst for revenge.

1. Park Eun Bin In Extraordinary Attorney Woo

Park Eun Bin In Extraordinary Attorney Woo plays the role of the iconic character Woo Young Woo who is diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder. The series tells the story of a lawyer with an autism spectrum who deals with obstacles and struggles with social interactions while working at a big firm. Woo Young Woo is said to be one of the most challenging Korean drama roles of the year, and Park Eun Bin slayed her best performance. She rose to fame with drama popularity, and her performance has been praised by many. Some people with autism spectrum disorder who have seen the dramas have said that some behaviors are the same as they have, and this shows how Park Eun Bin has done a great job portraying the character. She has displayed extraordinary acting through her speech, gait, mannerism, and expressions, which have made Attorney Woo one of the most memorable and inspiring series of the year.