Article: Top 10 K-Pop Songs In 2021

Every week many K-pop songs are released worldwide, but only a few get their position in the people's hearts. Every year there are outstanding songs released and here is the list of top 10 songs in K-pop 2021:-

1. Butter(BTS)

After dominating 2020 with their hit single, dynamite, BTS made their comeback with their second English single BUTTER with a summer concept: a disco-pop,dance-pop, and EDM track where BTS member RM participated in writing the song. This song butter reached the top 10 in 23 countries upon its release. Butter is a concept of refreshing summer where members show the refreshing dance moves to groove with the music. Butter has 108.2 million views on YouTube and is the fastest music video to achieve that in 24 hours.


2. After School (Weeekly)

The girl group has released their new music video, a pop song, and trap beats with catchy lyrics and music. After school is a song that tells you about the friends spend their time after school. They show how they wait for the school to get over and meet as soon as possible. This song became a trend on tik tok and many other platforms.


3. 0x1=Lovesong (I Know I Love you)(TXT)

TXT being a fourth-generation k-pop boy band has released their second full-length album, THE CHAOS CHAPTER: FREEZE, with a lead single 0x1= I know I love you with singer Seori. RM of BTS has also participated in songwriting. The lyrics portray how a boy falls in love with a girl and has nothing else to offer. Rock-themed music and fans have shown lots of love to this title.


4. Lilac (IU)

Lilac means memories of youth in the language of flowers. This song portrays how goodbye can be beautiful, like falling petals from lilacs. Being sung by one of the best vocal artists in the k-pop industry and having catchy lyrics, this song has gained lots of netizens' attention. The concept of this song is to bid farewell to her twenties and be hopeful for her thirties. IU wrote lilac.


5. Celebrity (IU)

Celebrity is a dance-pop and electro-pop track. This song has perfect all kills (PAK), with 11 wins being her most awarded song on music shows. Being a soloist, IU was inspired by her friend when she spoke about her uniqueness, talent, eye-catching outfits, and personality. She even stated that when working on the song, she felt that this is also her story, and anyone can be the main character of the song.

She said I'm sure everyone has felt left out at least once for not being able to meet their standards. She emphasized that no one is unusual but unique there and are the star in their life.


6. Dun Dun Dance (Oh My Girl)

Dun Dun Dance is a charming and refreshing, and fun song. In the music video, you see that girls are aliens brought to earth to have some fun. Apart from having a mission to do, they seem to enjoy their time dancing happily and having fun. In the video, you can see them sending off the ufo.


7. On The Ground (Rose-Blackpink)

Rose released her solo project R having ON THE GROUND. This song talks about how one finds happiness and meaning in their life. Rose spoke about her song, saying that the song's concept was based on her life, how she was, and how she. As the lyrics say, EVERYTHING I NEED IS ON THE GROUND; she said no matter where we are, we must be connected to our core. The music video is lovely and has lots of meaningful messages.


8. Love So Sweet (Cherry Bullet)

Love so sweet is a song describing the feeling of being in love. They describe the love whispers between 20 decibels of a heartbeat. Song expresses how love is sweeter than candy or chocolate. This is full of flavourful love.


9. Illa Illa (B.I)

 This is titled Haebyeon or "beach" in Korean. This is B.I's first album as a solo artist after leaving iKon in 2019. He has sung this song by comparing his tears to the sea. The song is a mix of rapping and singing as well as a beautiful story is shown in the song.


10. Beautiful Beautiful (ONF)

This is ONF's first studio album. The song is showcased with musical genius on the album with its eclectic mix of tunes. This song has exceeded 10 million views on Youtube, and also it is now called the fastest-growing video song.