Article: Top 10 Best Music Videos By K-Pop Artists In 2022

The music videos are the epitomes of the reality of life and pull fans in with the addictive attraction of their idols. The idols wear fancy and glamorous costumes in dynamic music videos. The music videos accompany the magical songs with powerful moves. The fans get fantasized by the magnetic aura of the idols and the charm of K-Pop music videos never disappoint! The songs are empowerment anthems that rise to international fame. The cinematic grandeur seems to be trying to reveal what a person wants as indulgences and cravings with danceable beats. Some top charts instantly and become record-breaking songs.

1. Stay Alive

The OST is released with a promotional video for 7 Fates: CHAKHO which is a magnetic fan fiction for the global ARMY. There are associations between the members of BTS and webtoon characters revealing their inner trouble and despair. They are still surviving in this dead cold world in urban fantasy. Suga produced this song and Jungkook filled the song with magical vocals.


2. Adrenaline

CRAVITY released the music video in March 2022 and this video has a performance version. The video has 4.5 million views and in it the members are winning the heart of the school with their energetic dance moves. The electronic song is about the rush one feels in love with a school boy concept.


3. JikJin

YG Entertainment's band TREASURE has released this song about the band's growth. The comeback is about going straight towards their goals and tackling the obstacles that come in between that journey. This is a powerful hip-hop song with strong and dynamic choreography. This song is about not hesitating while moving ahead in life.



YENA is an ex-member of IZ*ONE who has made a hot collaboration with BIBI with her solo debut track. The video has stunning visuals, pop-rock music,and hot outfits. The energetic music is a plus to YENA's vocals that adds sweetness to the hooks. YENA has a superpower of making everyone smile in a cute and playful concept.


5. Blessed Cursed

ENHYPEN is the hottest group that oozes fierceness in the video. This powerful single has explosive and strong dance moves signaling rebellion. This keeps us entranced with their chic outfits as we see them in a quality and sparkling city. This song explores the complexity of deciding which desire is the best to pursue.



(G)I-DLE has a perfect comeback with this track because of the exceptional vocals and magical instrumental. The boldness and directness are evident in the anthem of recklessness. They not like lifeless dolls but they seem to be independent girls in the energetic music video. They are full of attitude and badass transition.



Taeyeon has been ruling over the Korean pop charts as she is looking for her voice as a woman. She is contemplating the complicatedness of love with her purpose. She might envy people who find love easily as she only meets with failure in love. She is mature and looks like a graceful goddess on her pedestal.


8. Make Me Happy

MAMAMOO Wheein displayed her unreal vocals and she looks like the princess next door in the music video. She goes through confusion with her feelings of love while she tries to understand the person she loves. The song is addicting and the bass is strong as one can experience her mysterious voice and personal sense.


9. Step Back

Girls on Top released their debut track which is the new group of SM Entertainment. This track is about telling another woman to let go of her man. This seems like the woman is being told what to do and as if 'told by a man'. It is full of high energy, strong dance,, and performances. The pop lyrics are combined with EDM beats and a perfect rap.


10. Wa Da Da

This is a song by Kep1er which has a full-of-life video backed up with powerful and energetic choreography. Their debut song is their first music video to hit 100 million views on YouTube and has a great performance in the video. The track is about the ultimate girl crush with high-pitched vocals.