Article: Famous Oppas Who Are Enlisted For Their Military Service

Korean culture is all about handsome Korean Oppas being in our favorite k-pop group or the male leads of our dramas. Sadly, that doesn't save our famous Oppas from having to serve in the military. Conscription states that every male Korean citizen has to enlist for "first citizen service" as soon as they turn 18, serving in the military/marine for a specific period.

Let us look at our Oppas, who have already enlisted in the military.

1. Song Jong Ki

Song Joong ki, very popularly known to have starred in Vincenzo and descendants of the sun. 35-year-old Joong-ki got enlisted in the year 2013-2015. Military life gave him a new perspective to view life; throughout the service, our Oppa was afraid of how comrades would treat him and that his celebrity status might affect his service, which he stated himself in many interviews.

2. Lee Min Ho

Our next Oppa is Lee Min-Ho. Min-ho got enlisted in the military in the year 2017-2019. This actor has given us some mind-boggling dramas like The Legend of the Blue Sea, Eternal Monarch, Boys over Flowers, and The Heirs.

Since he couldn't perform well in his fitness examinations because of his car accidents . he was sent for public duties rather than the battlefield.


3. Baekhyun

The most beloved member of the k-pop boy band EXO, Baekhyun, enlisted to serve his country. He was enlisted this year on 5th May. Our Oppa has to serve the military for 1 year and 9 months. To strengthen the bond with the team members, he decided to find numerous ways to spend time with them so they don't miss him while serving his country.


4. Gong Yoo

Gong Yoo, aka Gong Ji-Cheol, who is very popular to have starred in the movie "Train to Busan" got enlisted in the military from 2008 till 2009. He is one of the celebrities who did active frontline duty and public relations.

5. Lee Jong Suk

 He started his career as a runway model, which soon escalated to giving us some great dramas like While You Were Sleeping and Pinnochio. He began his military service in 2019-2021 as a public service worker.


6. Park Bo Gum

The actor pre-recorded the complete drama "Record of Youth" and left for his military service on 31st August 2020. Reports say that the actor recorded two films before leaving for his military service, which will be released consecutively in 2021 and 2022.


7. Kim Soo Hyun

One of the highest-paid actors in 2021 who gave us dramas like "It is Okay Not To Be Okay" and "Moon Embracing The Sun" got enlisted for his service in 2017. the actor said that it helped him broaden his perspective about teamwork and trust, which insisted him in gaining some more emotional maturity.


8. Park Seo Joo

One of those actors who gave us "Itaewon Class," "What's Wrong With Secretary Kim," served the military when he turned 19 and finished high school. He got enlisted in the year 2008 and served till 2010.

9. Suho

Another member of our famous boy group band EXO. Got enlisted this May on 14th. According to interviews, the whole group is now focusing on necessary services to their country. The fans are waiting for the Exo to give them a bashing performance on their 10th anniversary.


10. Hyun Bin

With enlistment in the military in the year 2011, Hyun Bin not only proved to be a responsible citizen of Korea but also didn't fail to entertain his fans with his acting skills like that of in Crash Landing On You. He was called an "exemplary soldier" during his service due to his performance in heavy-duty military service. Hence, he was sent to marine.

 Every one of these celebrities didn't only make fans believe in them through their entertainment skills but also proved to be a responsible citizen of South Korea. Did you find your Oppa on the list?