Article: Top 10 Most Popular Horrifying Anime Featuring Gut-Wrenching Slaughter

Not everyone is fond of all the bloody senses, and people feel uneasy seeing them. While for some of the audience, it's a wow factor that would make a horror movie much more worth watching. There is variation in the demand as every person has a different meaning of enjoyment. People do not use these scenes for enjoyment, but it enhances the horror factor. One won't see a horror piece for enjoyment, but to feel the essence of horror and slaughtering scenes is the one that gives this wish a decisive blow. We have noticed that movies mainly about zombies comprise many slaughtering locations, but some films, such as Final Destination, also showcase a higher level of gut-wrenching scenes. Here, we will focus on the anime world and some of the most horrifying anime featuring gut-wrenching slaughter.

1. Elfen Lied

Elfen Lied has always been in controversy for its extremely violent scenes. The plot itself talks about a world with the existence of humanoid beings. Humans constantly discriminate against these beings and are subject to extreme experimentation. The series has spoken well about abuse, cruelty, violence, and discrimination. The protagonist, Lucy, escapes the security and is taken by an individual unaware of her dual nature.

2. Hellsing Ultimate

Hellsing Ultimate is something great to watch, comprising a mix of dark world and highly violent action scenes. The characters involved in the series are several supernatural beings, such as vampires and Ghouls. These beings form an organization whose job is to protect against supernatural threats. The most dangerous weapon of the organization is a mighty vampire who serves the Hellsing.

3. Another

Another comprises a very distinct theme. It is a horror anime about a cursed school where students and their relatives die a gruesome death every year, and as a counterc curse, the people need to erase these people from their memories. The story follows Koichi as the protagonist, a transfer student who soon begins to feel the odd nature of the school, including the girl who seems to be at the centre of the curse. The scenes include dreadful attempts by the people to uncover the truth.

4. Corpse Party: Tortured Souls

As the title suggests, the series does not hesitate to showcase the violent deaths of its characters. The anime starts with a group of batchmates who decide to perform an old ritual just for fun as a farewell. Still, as a result, they are sent into a haunted school in alternate dimensions, where they are also poorly tormented following the characters' deaths.

5. Tokyo Ghoul

Tokyo Ghoul is about the monstrous Ghoul, who resides in Tokyo and feeds on human flesh. It is obvious to have several disturbing graphs of dismemberment. The story revolves around a school-going guy who transforms into a half Ghoul after his organs are replaced by another Ghoul who was initially preying on him. The Ghouls need to feed on humans; how he struggles with that is worth watching.

6. Parasyte -The Maxim

The anime is based on the manga and is scary to watch because of its balancing blend of horror, extreme sections, science fiction, and psychological elements. The scenario is created by an alien invasion of parasites who can get into one's brain and take over the control. However, they fail to do such in the case of a teenage boy and instead stay at his hand, which he names differently.

7. Mirai Nikki

Mirai Nikki is also infamous for its English name, called Future Diary. The anime is a balancing blend of thriller, supernatural elements, violent actions, and survival games. The boy comprises a diary and is fond of writing a journal, which is different because it can predict the future. Things become strange when he learns the existence of 11 others with the same diary and needs to compete with one another to become the next god.

8. Deadman Wonderland

As the name suggests, it relates to extreme violence mixed with the pinch of supernatural elements. Things become complicated when Japan is struck down by a deadly earthquake responsible for its partial submerging. The displaced are provided a place by a privately held prion that uses these people for the public's entertainment by persuading them into a deadly game.

9. Attack On Titan

Attack on Titan has been out in a set of series, each featuring monstrous Titans who would eat someone without any mercy. There are scenes where people are seen getting eaten by these hideous monsters while still alive and crying out for help. The same thing also happened with the survey corps members when they were out of their types of equipment to fight. The plot is about the wall society who kept themselves safe from the Titans outside until the Titans breached it with extraordinary power over normal ones. Initially, it is seen as Eren being a revenge taker and taking training for that. Still, as the story proceeds, it is seen that Titans are victims in the hands of people living outside the Island they reside on.

10. Blood-C

Blood Seen is a part of a more outstanding franchise; however, this part was a distinct turn. The protagonist is a girl living a life of duality as an ordinary student and a monster hunter. The battle scenes are bloody and violent and are accompanied by bloodshed. The protagonist is Saya, and the journey she chose also takes her to a new way of developing moral complexities. Another great feature of the anime is its surprising twists and turns that keep the audience engaged. Several scenes are disturbing because the series features horror genre and supernatural elements.