Article: Top 10 Thai Must-Watch Horror Movies

The horror movie is one genre that the audience either loves or doesn't dare to watch. It is a very entertaining genre if done right. The Thai film industry is known for its horror movies as they have gripping plots and plot twists and are very scary to watch. Horror is one genre in Thai films that can't go wrong. So here are the top 10 must-watch Thai horror movies to watch on your next sleepover :

1. Shutter (2004)

Shutter is a 2004 Thai horror film directed by Banjong and Parkpoom. The movie is considered a cult classic and was an instant hit. It got international recognition. Shutter focuses on a couple responsible for a hit-run accident. After this incident, they began to see a shadow in their photographs. The movie is creative with its jump scare and engaging plot.

2. 4bia (2008)

4bia is a 2008 four-part story directed by a different director. Banjong, Paween, Parkpoom, and Yongyoot are the four directors of the film. This movie tells the story of a bullied student, a deceased princess, and ghost stories. This movie covers four different topics in each segment. This movie is four hours long but very interesting to watch.

3. Meat Grinder (2009)

Meat grinder is a 2009 movie directed by Tiwa Moeithaisong. This movie is considered a very gory and violent film, and weak hearts are advised not to watch this because of the violence and the gore. It was banned in Korea twice. The movie follows the story of a poor woman who needs money and opens a noodle shop where she serves noodles with the meat of human flesh. The plot sounds disgusting. If you like this kind of stuff, then this one is a must-watch.

4. Art Of The Devil (2004)

Art of the devil is a 2004 movie directed by Tanit Jitnukul. This movie is about black magic and witchcraft. It revolves around a young girl, Boom, who falls in love with a married man. Things go downhill when she tells him about her pregnancy, and he mistreats her physically and sexually. She decides to take revenge by doing black magic on him and his family.

5. Bangkok Haunted (2001)

Bangkok haunted is a 2001 movie directed by Pisut praesangeam. The story follows three women meeting at a cafe to tell each other horror stories. The three tales include the story of an ancient drum with a secret, a magic love potion, and a murder case.

6. Art Of The Devil 2 (2005)

Art of the devil is a 2005 movie directed by multiple directors. This movie is also about black magic like the previous one. Six high school friends get together after a long time as one of the friend’s fathers committed suicide. Things started to go downhill when six of them stayed in one house. This movie is a revenge story with many gory scenes, so watch it at your own risk.

7. The Unseeable (2006)

The Unseeable is a 2006 movie directed by Wisit Sasanatieng. The story is set in 1934 when a pregnant woman is searching for her husband. She stumbles upon a mansion, where she takes shelter. The bungalow belongs to a wealthy widow who lives there with her lover, but the house holds many secrets.

8. Coming Soon (2008)

Coming soon is the movie released in 2008, directed by Sopon Sukdapisit. The movie follows the story of two projectionists who came across a disturbing movie showing the lynching of a woman. After watching this strange film, paranormal things started happening to them.

9. The Maid (2020)

The maid is a recent horror flick released in 2020, directed by Lee Thongkham. The maid is a story of a girl, Joy, who recently got hired as a maid in a royal house. She was curious about the maid who worked before, who turned out to be her sister. Joy wanted to find out what happened in this house. Many dark secrets unravel as the story moves forward.

10. The Promise (2017)

The promise is a Thai horror movie that came out in 2017, directed by Sophon Sakdaphisit. The film is about a broken promise. The story follows two girls who were friends. Ib and Boum decided to commit suicide because of their family's bankruptcy, but Boum gets scared and fails to keep the promise. Twenty years later, Ib’s ghost came back to take revenge.