Article: 10 Popular Korean Actor/Idol Siblings

How lucky is it to have a sibling who has similar taste as you? It’s normal for siblings to fight a lot, but those fights only increase love and care between them. The entertainment industry is no stranger to siblings and their affection. Even in the complexity of the entertainment industry, not only do the siblings end up with the same career. But also care for each other and understand the feelings and difficulties of each other. They build a bond of friendship and maintain the work culture. They shine in different fields in the entertainment industry. It’s like the talent running in their blood. Sometimes we are fortunate to witness that love and affection on-screen.

1. Jessica And Krystal Jung

Jessica and Krystal Jung are some of the most famous siblings, also known as the Jung sisters. Jessica and Krystal started their journey from SM Entertainment; both got scouted while shopping. Jessica, the elder among the two, is a former member of ‘Girl’s Generation’ and the founder of the fashion brand ‘Blanc and Eclare.’ She is a writer with best-selling debut novel ‘Shine.’ While Krystal is a member of ‘f(x),’ she is well known for acting in ‘The Heirs,’ ‘My Lovely Girl’ and ‘Search.’ Her recent role was in the drama ‘Police University.’ We can find their sweet chemistry in ‘Jessica and Krystal.’


2. Kim Tae-Hee And Lee Wan

Kim Tae-Hee is one of the goddesses in terms of beauty in the Korean entertainment industry, and she has shown her acting talent in popular dramas like ‘Stairway to Heaven,’ ‘Iris,’ and ‘Hi Bye, Mama!’. She is also a well-known product endorser. Similarly, her younger brother is also an actor starring in popular dramas like ‘Trees of Heaven’ and ‘Swallow the Sun.’ Both Lee Wan and Kim Tae-Hee had appeared in the popular drama ‘Stairway to Heaven.’


3. Sandara Park And Thunder

Dara is a singer and was in the South Korean girl group ‘2NE1’ in 2009, an actress, television presenter, and a Youtuber. Thunder, like his sister, was a member of the boy group ‘MBLAQ,’ an actor starring in various dramas like ‘Make a Woman Cry’ and ‘We Broke Up.’ He parted ways with the group to study music, and now he is a solo artist. Thunder revealed in the show ‘Video Star’ about the relationship between the siblings. He said they both are very comfortable with each other and act like typical siblings at home.


4. Choi Soo-Jin And Soo Young

Choi Soo-Jin is a voice actress and has participated in many movie dubbings. She also is a very renowned theatre actress. Her younger sister Sooyoung is a member of the popular girl group ‘Girl’s Generation’ and an actress. Sooyoung left SM Entertainment in 2017 after her contract ended to pursue acting; she has starred in dramas like ‘Run On’ and ‘So I Married the Anti-Fan.’ Both Soo-Jin and Sooyoung appeared as guests in ‘Taxi.’ They shared their thoughts on their ideal type and about each other’s boyfriend.


5. Gong Seong-Yeon And Jeongyeon

Seong-Yeon is an actress and starred in dramas like ‘Are You Human?’ and ‘Flower Crew, ‘‘Joseon Marriage Agency,’ she rose to stardom after starring in the reality show ‘We Got Married.’ She was also an idol trainee but left it when she lost interest in singing. Jeongyeon debuted in the girl group ‘Twice.’ She participated in the survival reality show ‘Sixteen’ in 2015 and made it to the final lineup. Seong-Yeon and Jeongyeon have appeared together in many shows and showed their sisterhood like ‘Sixteen’ and ‘We are Siblings.’ They got seen supporting each other many times.


6. Han Sun-Hwa And Seongwoo

Han Sun-Hwa is a former member of the girl group ‘Secret,’ a variety star, and an actress. She has acted in many dramas like ‘Marriage, Not Dating’ and ‘Backstreet Rookie.’ Seongwoo debuted as a member of the boy group ‘Victon.’ He also participated in ‘Produce X 101’, ending up in the third position and getting in the lineup. He is also an actor and debuted with ‘Love #Hashtag.’ They both appeared in a photoshoot for ‘1st Look Magazine’. In the photoshoot, they showed both awkward and playful sides.


7. Gong Myung And Doyoung

Gong Myung is a singer and actor. He is a member of ‘5urprise’. He has acted in many films and dramas like ‘Drinking Solo’ and ‘The Bride of Habaek’ and television shows. His recent movie ‘Extreme Job’ brought him immense success. Doyoung debuted in the boy group ‘NCT.’ He recently made his acting debut with drama ‘Midnight Cafe Season 3: The Curious Stalker’ and theatre debut with ‘Marie Antoinette.’ Both the brothers have supported each other in every step of their life. They appeared in the pictorial for ‘W Korea.’ They talked about their childhood.


8. Wuno And Zico

Wuno was a member of ‘Speed’ and the pop group ‘Coed School.’ He eventually left the group to become a solo artist; he has participated in reality shows like ‘Show me the Money 4’ and ‘Mix Nine.’ Zico is a member of the boy group ‘Block B’. He is well known as a producer, and his single ‘Any Song’ topped Korean real-time digital charts.


9. Seongyeol And Daeyeol

Seongyeol and Daeyeol both belong to the same agency but different groups. Seongyeol is in ‘Infinite,’ whereas Daeyeol is in ‘Golden Child.’ Seongyeol has also acted in many dramas like ‘While you were Sleeping’ and ‘Hi! School-Love On’. Daniel was a backup dancer for Infinite in his pre-debut era. Being in the same agency, they both support each other. But like any typical sibling, they also bicker endlessly. Daeyeol impersonated his older brother and danced to Infinite songs in a Halloween-themed live broadcast.


10. Chanhyuk And Suhyun

Chanhyuk and Suhyun are famous as the sibling duo ‘AKMU,’ making them unique. They both participated in the survival reality show ‘K-Pop Star Season 2’ and finished in the first place. Chanhyuk is a talented songwriter and producer. Suhyun has appeared in many various programs, has her youtube channel, and is also a DJ. They both have collaborated with numerous artists. Like any elder brother and younger sister, Suhyun once stated that Chanhyuk is very strict.