Article: Top 10 K-Dramas About Bullying

Bullying is one of the biggest problems in Korea, especially in school. Therefore, many dramas are being made that focus on the bullying concept. Some are based on real stories, and some are thoughts. The K-Dramas based on bullying are intense to watch as some of them show intriguing scenes, so people are requested to check the trigger warning and watch. Let's take a deep dive into K-Dramas that are based on bullying and how the story unfolds.

1. The Glory

The Glory is the recent hit K-Drama about bullying. It is based on real-life school violence and bullying by teens and adults to another teen. The girl wants to become an architect, but bullying by other students lets her leave the school.  After years, she comes to take revenge on her bullies with the help of a doctor.

2. Revenge Of Others

Revenge Of Others shows the story of a girl who could not believe that her twin brother killed himself. So she transfers to his school and meets a boy. At first, she suspects the boy, but she gets to know the whole school is filled with mystery, and severe bullying happens in every corner of the school. It is intriguing and intense to watch the story and the mystery behind her brother's death come up.

3. The Kings Of Pigs

The Kings Of Pigs tells the story of two friends who were severely bullied in school. They meet each other and remember their school time and how they were severely bullied. The story moves when they receive a message from a friend almost after twenty years. And a mysterious killer starts to appear. It is a very intense K-drama about bullying.

4. Weak Hero Class 1

Weak Hero Class 1 shows the story of a boy who is a genius student and always comes first. He is physically weak but mentally very intelligent. The other boys always bully him, but he never backs down even though he can’t fight them. It leads to him being severely physically bullied. He gets the help from one of the strongest fighters in the class. It is a good bullying drama with intense scenes.

5. My ID Is Gangnam Beauty

My ID Is Gangnam Beauty shows the story of a girl who likes to eat, and because of that, she gains weight. The other kids always bully her and make fun of her weight. When she grows up, the traumatic experience makes her think she is not beautiful and cannot show the world her face. She gets plastic surgery, but does something change?

6. True Beauty

True Beauty is another show about a girl who has a skin problem. That is why she gets acne all over her face, and people make fun of her, especially her classmates. She can't face anyone and always hides. The boy helps her with it, and she learns to do makeup, which makes her beautiful. But does the bullying stop?

7. The Uncanny Counter 2 

This drama shows the story of a physically weak boy. Since he is physically weak, he easily becomes a big target for the other students to bully him. He gets physically and mentally abused by the bullies but cannot do anything about it. He gains some physical strength and fights against the bullies.

8. Boys Over Flowers 

Boys Over Flowers drama is a bullying story about a girl from a low-class background. She had the chance to study in a high-end convent school where only rich people go. She faces the difference between her and other students. The group of four best friends bullies the student in the school, and she is the next target by them. She is not someone who will back down easily.  But it is not known by anyone or even the four boys.

9. Who Are You School 2015

Who Are You School 2015 shows the story of a girl from a poor background. Because of her poor background, she is bullied by other students. She committed suicide. The girl has a twin sister, is adopted by rich parents, and lives a luxurious life. The twin decides to join the school disguised as her sister. But the difference is that the twin is not someone anyone can mess with and takes revenge on all her sisters' bullies.

10. Extracurricular

Extracurricular is a very intense K-drama about bullying, where people should look up trigger warnings and only watch it. The drama is filled with physical abuse, sex trafficking, drugs, and many other things that force young people to commit suicide, and even society plays a role in the same.