Article: Top 10 Thai Movies Based On Novels

Siam was the previous name of the Kingdom of Thailand. The nation is renowned for its stunning landscapes and diverse cultures. Thailand is a popular tourist destination known as the "Land of Smiles." The Thai film business, sometimes known as Tollywood, takes its name from Hollywood and Bollywood. Whether you enjoy horror, romance, or thriller movies, Thailand has a film in every genre. Here are ten Thai movies that are adaptations of novels

1. Ai Fak

Young Thai guy Fak leaves the monastic life to look after his ill father. When he returns home, he discovers that his father has wed someone much younger. Based on Chart Korbjitti's bestselling novel, this drama movie premiered in 2004.

2. Butterfly and Flowers

Butterfly and Flowers is a Thai drama film that premiered in 1985. Directed by EuthanaMukdasanit, the film was one of the internationally well-known films. The movie is an adaptation of the novel written by Napphan in 1978.

3. Citizen Dog

Citizen is a Thai movie based on the protagonist Pod, who loses his finger while working at a packing plant. Pod starts working a new job as a security guard. A maid carrying a mysterious white book is an unexpected advantage of his new day job. Citizen dog is a film based on a novel by Koynuch, Wisit's wife.

4. Dang Bireley's and Young Gangsters

The criminal drama movie Dang Bireley's and Young Gangsters is about young Thai gangsters in 1950s Thailand. John Woo is a featured actor in the Nonzee Nimibutr-directed movie. The film is an adaptation of SuriyanSaktaisong's crime fiction Sen Tang Mafia.

5. Jan Dara

Jan Dara is a period drama film released in 2001 that was directed and co-written by Nonzee Nimibutr. The film is an adaptation of the novel by UtsanaPhloengtham. Jan Dara received attention and appreciation for its well-written plot and story. The film also premiered at the Toronto International Film in 2001.

6. The King of the White Elephant

The King of the White Elephant is a historical/periodic drama. The film is an adaptation of a novel produced by PridiBanomyong. Monarch Chakra, who rules the Ayutthaya Kingdom, must fulfill his regal duty by marrying 366 spouses. However, the King of Honsa forces the king to settle a quarrel. King Chakra, a lover of peace, initially tries to bring about peace through negotiations but is unsuccessful and thus needs to face the battle to stop the Honsa invasion.

7. Macabre Case of Prom Pi Ram

This 2003 movie is a murder investigation film inspired by a real-life crime. Written by ManopUdomdej, the Macabre Case of Prom Pi Ram is in the format of a series of police interviews. The well-written film later inspired a novel.

8. The Siam Renaissance

The Siam Renaissance is known as Thai or Tawipop and is a historical fantasy film of 2004. A mirror connects ancient and present-day Bangkok. The film follows the plot of Maneechan, a diplomat looking into recently discovered documents about ancient Thailand, and travels back in time to experience their history.

9. Son of the Northeast

The historical drama Son of the Northeast transpires in Isan, or northeastern Thailand, in the 1930s. VichitKounavudhi, who also directed the movie, adapted KampoonBoonthavee's award-winning book for the screen. The film follows a documentary style. Son of the Northeast follows a close-knit group of Isan subsistence farmers as they battle drought and other calamities.

10. The Story of Nampoo

Thai drama The Story of Nampoo, which EuthanaMukdasanit directed, was released in 1984. It is an adaptation of SuwanniSukhontha's book. Thailand's entry for the Best Foreign Language Film category of the 57th Academy Awards is The Story of Nampoo.