Article: Top Ten Recent Controversies Of Korean Entertainment Industry

Whatever K-celebrities do, it travels all around the world. Be it their mushy love affairs or the controversies; they always come under the spotlight. South Korea expects all its idols to have a spotless career. It takes the K-netizens a few minutes to cancel the controversial celebrities. Today, we present a list of the Top Ten Recent Controversies of the Korean Entertainment Industry. So without further ado, let's get into it.

1. Ji Soo

Ji Soo made it to the headlines when he was accused of school bullying and sexual harassment. Though he made a detailed apology through his SNS, the charges against him were so severe that he was dropped from the ongoing drama, River When the Moon Rises, even though he was the lead actor. In an article by Soompi, it said that the drama production company charged Ji Soo and his agency 3 billion won (US$2.7 million) worth for all the damage these accusations cost.


2. Seo Ye-Ji

It's Okay Not to Be Okay star's fame was tarnished after she was accused of school bullying and staff abuse. Though her film Recalled did well in the box office, according to Korea Joong Ang Daily, Seo has withdrawn from the upcoming drama Island. She has lost many endorsement deals over these controversies. Brands like Inner Flora, Aer, Luna, and Label Rieti have canceled their contracts with her.


3. AOA's Seolhyun

Ex-AOA band member Mina accused her bandmate Jimin as a bully, but Seolhyun was accused of being an inactive bystander and enabling the whole thing. Though Seolhyun managed to keep her role in the drama Day and Night, despite all the petitions to cut her off the series, her reputation remains stained. The netizens criticized her recent interview with Vogue, and later the interview video was taken down from its YouTube channel.


4. Bigbang's Seungri 

Seungri was the only active member of Bigbang. In 2018 he focused on solo promotions like appearing on various variety shows and traveling for international tours. He made a solo endorsement for Tinder in Korea that year. But he was caught up in the Burning Sun Scandal in 2019, one of the biggest controversies in the Korean Entertainment industry. He retired officially from the entertainment industry.


5. Ahn Jae-Hyun

Ahn Jae-Hyun divorced actress Koo Hye-sun, famous for her role as Geum Jan-di in the evergreen drama Boys Over Flower. They acted together in Blood. The proceedings of the divorce were messy and public. Ahn Jae-Hyun lost many endorsement deals over his divorce controversy with the brands like Merbliss and Giordano. He was dropped off from the variety show New Journey To The West.


6. Song Joong Ki

Song Joon Ki came to the headlines after his divorce from his wife, Song Hye Kyo. Song-Song couple's divorce is one of the most heartbreaking divorces in the Korean Entertainment industry. Song Joong Ki was heavily criticized for his role in the divorce. K-media reported that many brands stopped signing deals with veteran actor due to this issue.


7. April's Naeun

Naeun was accused of school bullying and also bullying a bandmate. She was kicked out of SBS Taxi Driver. Her replacement had to shoot all of her scenes.


8. Jungkook And 97 Liners Controversy

The golden Maknae of BTS Jungkook and his several other '97 liner friends, including Astro's Cha Eun woo, NCT's Jaehyun, SEVENTEEN's Mingyu, were spotted hanging out in Itaewon after the outbreak of COVID last year. Dispatch reported this news, and they instantly made it to headlines. Fans disapproved of this behavior and criticized it. Later, HYBE informed that the '97 liners' location had no focus cases at that time. However, individual management companies of other '97 liners made an official apology on behalf of their idols. They later voluntarily took the COVID test and thanked fans for their concern.


9. BTS' V Recent Dating Rumour

World's Most Handsome Face made it to the front page when a new dating rumor surfaced. The rumor started when he was spotted with Paradise group's Chairman Phillip Chun's daughter at the Korean International Art Fair. V, however, popped the bubble with a post he made on the fan community app Weverse. He stated, "I will shoot poisoned needles at the back of their necks in my dream tonight. Watch the back of your necks". Further, he added, "I want to sing UGH! now."


10. Kim Seon-Ho

Hometown Cha Cha Cha famous actor Kim Soen Ho made to all the K-media headlines when a rumor about his ex-girlfriend's abortion surfaced. Choi Young-ah, a newsreader, allegedly accused the actor of forcibly making her abort the baby. Kim Seon-ho apologized to all the fans, but new pieces of information regarding the "Actor-K" abortion scandal have been reported. The actor's agency has stated that he is falsely accused. Many brands which canceled their deals with the actor have reinstated their contracts. Hence, may we say that Kim Seon Ho is the only actor who canceled the cancel culture of the Korean Entertainment industry.