Article: Top 10 Japanese Queens In An Action Role

Female leads were most likely to appear in comedies (32 %), followed by dramas (29 %), horror films (19%), science fiction films (10%), action films (7%), and other genres of movies (3 %). Females made up 36% of the main characters and 35% of all speaking characters. The number of action films featuring female protagonists is modest, but it is growing. So, let's have a look at some Japanese movies in which women play action roles.

1. Asami Sugiura

Movie name: Gun woman

Asami Sugiura, also known as Asami in her early career, is a Japanese actress, model, former gravure idol, and AV idol. On September 19, 1985, Asami was born in Tokyo, Japan.  Debut at the age of 19 in Kiss Me or Kill Me, directed by Naoyuki Tomomatsu and released by TMC on March 12, 2005.


2. Rina Takeda

Movie name: The Kunoichi: Ninja Girl

Rina Takeda is a Japanese actress, singer, and karate black belt. Takeda was born in Kanagawa Prefecture on June 15, 1991. She claims that she grew interested in karate as a 10-year-old after witnessing her father lose in a karate tournament and deciding that she needed to revenge his failure. Takeda, then 17, exhibited her talents at her dojo for Shaolin Girl producer Fuyuhiko Nishi in June 2008, was impressed enough to encourage her to audition for the film 'High Kick Girl!'. Takeda was cast as Kei Tsuchiya in the movie, released in May 2009. Takeda made her television debut as Doro-chan in the MBS comedic tokusatsu series, The Ancient Dogoo Girl in late 2010.


 3. Kirara Asuka

Movie name: Iron girl- Ultimate weapon

Asuka Kirara is a former member of EbisuMuscats and BRW108, as well as an AV actress and vocalist. In the film a lawless society, Kurisu Saotome (Kirara Asuka) is a stunning woman who happens to be a lethal bounty hunter. She is known as Iron Girl because she wears an armoured costume and possesses enormous power. Kurisu Saotome has no idea who she is. She continues her alone quest to restore her memories.


4. Mitsuki Tanimura

Movie name: Salvage mice

Mitsuki Tanimura is a well-known Japanese actress. Tanimura was born in Osaka's Sakai district. She appeared in the films Canary by Akihiko Shiota and Orochi by Norio Tsuruta. In addition, she has appeared in Takashi Miike's God's Puzzle, Junji Sakamoto's Strangers in the City, and Kazuyoshi Kumakiri's Sketches of Kaitan City.


5. Ryoko Yonekura 

Movie name: The Negotiator

Ryoko Yonekura is a Japanese actress and former fashion model best known for her role as Surgeon Michiko Daimon in the Japanese medical drama Doctor-X. She also provides the voice of Black Widow in the Avengers film series' Japanese-language editions.


6. Meisa Kuroki

Movie Name:  Assault girls

Satsuki Shimabukuro, also known as Meisa Kuroki, is a Japanese actress, model, and singer. She is contracted to Sony Music Japan and is dealt with by the agency Sweet Power. In 2004, she made her acting debut.


7. Rinko Kikuchi 

Movie Name: Assault girls, Pacific Rim

Rinko Kikuchi is a well-known Japanese actress. For her role in Babel, she was the first Japanese actress nominated for an Academy Award in 50 years (2006). Norwegian Wood (2010), which appeared in competition at the 67th Venice Picture Festival, and Guillermo del Toro's science fiction action film Pacific Rim are among Kikuchi's other famous projects (2013).


8. Aya Ueto

Movie Name: Azumi

Aya Ueto is a famous Japanese actress, singer, and television host. Ueto took part in the eighth Japan Bishjo Contest in 1997, when she earned the special jury prize. Soon after, Ueto joined the talent agency Oscar Promotion and began learning to sing, dance, and act.


9. Miki Mizuno 

Movie Name: Hard Revenge Milly: Bloody Battle

Miki Mizuno is a well-known Japanese actress. In the horror film Carved, she portrayed the Kuchisake-Onna, an angry ghost that murdered numerous children. Takanori Tsujimoto's action flicks Hard Revenge Milly and Hard Revenge Milly: Bloody Battle starring Mizuno. She also appeared in the 2011 film Guilty of Romance, directed by Sion Sono.


10. Yumiko Shaku 

Movie Name:  The Princess Blade

Yumiko Shaku is a former gravure idol and Japanese actress, model, and model. Tommy's Artist Company represents her. The plot of this film is - An unnamed, isolated Asian state has been taken over by an authoritarian government that utilises a clan of the deadliest assassins, the Takemikazuchi, to execute the rules of a terrible dictatorship in the near but indeterminate future.