Article: Ten Korean Child Actors Who Are Now Lead Actors

Since most Korean shows focus on the childhood and teenage of the leads, Child actors have a lot of responsibility. They need to match the performance of the lead actors for viewers to feel connected. In this list let us see few child actors who have now grown up and are acting as leads.

1. Nam Ji Hyun

Ji Hyun’s most popular role as a child actress was in ‘Queen Seondeok,’ where she played the Queen’s younger version. As a lead she has starred in ‘Suspicious Partner,’ ‘100 Days My Prince,’ and in the recent drama ‘Little Women.’ Nam Ji Hyun is also a psychology major.


2. Yeo Jin Goo

Yeo Jin Goo is fondly known as the ‘Nation’s Little Brother.’ His debut was in a movie and his most popular drama roles are in ‘Giant,’ and ‘Moon Embracing the Sun.’ His major lead roles are in ‘Hotel del Luna,’ and thriller drama ‘Beyond evil.’


3. Kim So Hyun 

Kim So Hyun also starred in ‘Moon Embracing the Sun,’ and this gave her a lot of fame. She is known as the little sister of the nation and was praised for her acting in historical dramas. Though she has taken up a lot of high school student roles, she recently played a warrior in ‘River Where the Moon Rises.’


4. Yoo Seung Ho 

Yoo Seung Ho first strred in an advertisement and went on to become a child actor. He has mostly acted in movies and known for his popular role in ‘Queen Seondeok.’ His recent lead roles are in ‘Moonshine,’ ‘Memorist,’ and ‘My Strange Hero.’


5. Lee Se Young

Yoo Seung Ho’s ‘Memorist’ co-star Lee Se Young also started her career as a child actor. She mostly starred in movies and in many long run Korean shows. Lee Se Young has proved her versatile acting skills in her recent dramas like ‘Red Sleeve,’ ‘Kairos,’ and ‘The Law Café.’


6. Kang Chan Hee 

Kang Chan Hee also known as Chani debuted in the drama ‘Listen to my Heart.’ He later took on many roles before starting his career as an idol. Chani is now a member of ‘SF9’ and has acted in dramas like ‘Sky Castle,’ ‘Imitation,’ and ‘Under the Queen’s Umbrella.’


7. Kim Yoo Jung

Another actor who starred in ‘Moon Embracing the Sun,’ Kim Yoo jung started acting at the age of four. She later acted in a variety of dramas and hosted few shows. Kim Yoo Jung’s recent dramas are ‘Backstreet Rookie,’ ‘Love in the Moonlight,’ and ‘Lovers of the Red Sky.’


8. Nam Da Reum

Nam Da Reum who is currently serving in the military has played the younger versions of leads in the dramas ‘Pinocchio,’ ‘Start up,’ and ‘While You Were Sleeping.’ He also had a part in ‘Boys Over Flowers.’ Nam Da Reum recently starred in ‘Doom At Your Service.


9. Park Shin Hye 

Park Shin Hye got very popular after ‘Heirs’ and many do not know that she started her career as a child actress. She first starred in ‘Stairway to Heaven.’ ‘Sisyphus: The Myth,’ ‘Memories of Alhambra,’ and ‘The Doctors,’ are some of her dramas as a lead.


10. Park Eun Bin

Park Eun Binstarted acting at the age of five and starred in many dramas. After playing young roles, she took on many supporting roles. Park Eun Bin is known for her choice of scripts and has starred in ‘Hot Stove League,’ ‘King’s Affection,’ and ‘Extraordinary Attorney Woo.’