Article: Top 10 Thai Movies and Series Based On Mind-Games

Some popular movies are those that make the viewers feel like they are solving a puzzle game. These are some mind-bending Thai movies and series. These movies include romance, mystery, crime, and psychological thrillers. If you are looking for an intelligent plot, these movies and series are perfect.

1. The Mind Game

The series is about a leader of a Thai group who meets with an accident, and after the surgery, he gains special powers that allow him to read the mind of people. After he gets arrested for murder, he uses his powers to escape.


2. Girl From Nowhere

The series is about a mysterious new girl in school who is determined to expose the wrongdoings of the pupils and faculty. The series is a mix of mystery and drama.


3. Death Of Me

The movie is about a couple waiting for the typhoon to pass and finding the truth behind the video that shows one of them killing the other. The couple uncovers the horrific reality of last night.


4. The Game

The series is about a man participating in a secretive game that turns his upside down. The man suspects the events were pre-planned as he is reckless.


5. Shutter

The Thai movie is about a photographer and his girlfriend who uncover mysterious shadows in the photographs. The couple later realizes they can not run away from their past.


6. Infernal Affairs 2

The movie is about a mole sent by the mafia to infiltrate the police force. The film captures them chasing each other to find the actual mole. The movie is about friendship and betrayal.


7. The Whole Truth

The movie is about two siblings visiting their grandparent’s house only to get twisted into a mystery. When they find a hole in the wall, they start experiencing strange events that unveil their family’s secrets.


8. Project Gutenberg 

The movie is about the police force trying to catch a gang led by mastermind Painter. The police enlist a man back from prison to track down the Painter.


9. Top Of The Lake

The movie is about a strong-headed detective determined to find a missing 12-year-old pregnant woman. While she is investigating the disappearance, she uncovers many hidden secrets in the village.


10. Game Of Death

The Thai psychological thriller movie is about a man struggling to complete 13 tasks in a limited time to get a whopping amount of money. The man has lost his job, and this is his last hope.