Article: Top 10 Japanese Movies/Series You Need To Watch For An Inspiring/Motivational Boost!

me movies inspire us. They make us ponder and be empathetic. They motivate us to serve others and to do good in the world. On the other hand, Romantic films serve as a reminder of why love is so vital and worth fighting for. So, here are some motivational/inspiring Japanese movies.

1. Perfect World

Perfect World" is a 2019 Japanese drama based on Rie Aruga's manga series. It tells the narrative of Itsuki Ayukawa, a university student who aspires to be an accomplished architect. During his third year, an accident paralyzed him from waist to feet. He had to confront the reality of being in a wheelchair and the social stigma. He can't walk, run, or play basketball the way he used to. Because of his physical limitations, he can only work harder and show that he is capable.


2. The 8-Year Engagement

"The 8-Year Engagement," a 2017 film based on an accurate tale, is an emotionally beautiful relationship between two persons who are engaged to be married. After meeting for the first time at a restaurant gathering, Hisashi and Mai began dating. They started dating, and not long after, Hisashi proposed to Mai and told her he wanted to marry her. Everything seemed to be going until Mai became unwell one day. She has a significant seizure and is hysterical. The physicians were taken aback when they saw her condition. She stays unconscious after being saved from a heart attack, and she is diagnosed with anti-NMDA receptor encephalitis, a rare brain disease. This film exemplifies the "Don't Give Up" mindset.


3. Boku No Ita Jikan

Time may seem insignificant to others, but to a young guy with a certain amount of time left to live, every clock tick sounds terrifying. It's also known as "The Hours of My Existence," and it's about Takuto Sawada, who used to live a regular life. He is a typical university student with a specific family and house, and he, like his peers, struggles to obtain a respectable job to support himself. Thankfully, he has a job offer from a furniture manufacturer. Takuto must work extra hard as a newcomer to please the boss. He needed to find time to get away from the tension and anxiety since it was taxing.


4. Good Doctor

Kento Yamazaki portrays Minato Shindo, a guy with autistic savant syndrome, in this 2018 series. He possesses a phenomenal memory and exceptional intelligence, and he wishes to be a doctor like his mentor and rescuer, Akira Shiga. When asked why he wanted to be a doctor, he answered he wanted to treat and rescue others so they wouldn't die like his brother. Doctor Akira is moved by his kind heart and innocent. He believes he might be an excellent doctor if it weren't because he can't interact effectively with others.


5. I Give My First Love To You

Boku no Hatsukoi o Kimi ni Sasagu," a 2009 J-film about young love, was released in Japan. With total revenue of 2.15 billion yen, it was the 17th highest-grossing Japanese film of 2009. The heartbreaking story of two childhood friends, Mayu and Takuma, captivated the audience. They've had an unbreakable link and friendship since they were eight years old, and it's become more robust as they've gotten older. If Takuma didn't have a heart condition, they might have been a fantastic pair in the future. Because the doctor has stated that he would not live past 20, the two lovers have agreed to marry when they reach that age.


6. Koizora

Koizora began as a romantic story authored by Mika. "Sky of Love," a 2007 film, brought its enormous appeal to reality. Mika and Hiro were played by Yui Aragaki and Haruma Miura. Mika's smartphone was stolen at school, and Hiro spoke with him via phone calls. Mika admires Hiro's voice and has chosen to meet him in person. He's a delinquent boy with white hair, much to her astonishment. Mika gradually understands that Hiro is a good guy, and she desires to be with him. Mika admits that she is pregnant after they had a romance in the school library.


7. A Litre Of Tears

There is an award-winning drama that has captured the hearts of many viewers when it comes to inspirational stories. "One Liter of Tears" is an 11-episode drama in 2005 and follows Aya Ikeuchi, a joyful and lively 15-year-old girl. Aya is well-liked by her classmates and friends for her friendliness and bravery. Her family, too, holds her in such high regard. She is from an average family that owns a tofu store. As Aya's day-to-day activities progressed, she became increasingly clumsy and prone to mishaps, causing her mother concern. She investigates the symptoms on her own, curious as to why she falls and stumbles so readily.


8. Crying Out Love In The Centre Of The World

It is based on the bestselling novel "Sekai no Chushin de, Ai Wo Sakebu," which has sold over 3 million copies. There is a film adaptation, but the TV series was produced in 2004 and comprised 11 episodes. It begins in a tiny Japanese hamlet where Saku and Aki begin to like one other, showcasing bittersweet love from the past and present. They were high school students at the time. They talk about their goals, and Aki has always wanted to visit Australia to see Ayer's Rock.


9. Oz Land

Kurumi Namihira (Haru) is eager to begin her new life adventure after graduating, falling in love, and receiving a job offer from a prominent hotel firm. With her partner working for the same firm, the future appeared to be set: the two would enjoy a Tokyo business life, swiftly learn the ropes, and finally secure top positions.


10. Happy Flight 

Happy Flight is a Japanese comedy film about pilots and flight attendants directed by Shinobu Yaguchi. All Nippon Airways supported the film. Happy Flight DVDs and other goods were given free by the airline to ANA's mileage club members.