Article: Top 10 Japanese Actresses Under 30 Years Old

The Japanese film industry has thrived as one of the most successful film industries. The industry has given us some of the most legendary Japanese artists, talking about the legendary, the youth in the Japanese film industry is also not behind.  Below are some of the young Japanese actors who have already achieved success and fame at a young age.

1. Marie Litoyo

Marie Litoyo is a 24-year-old Japanese actress and model born in Chiba Prefecture, Japan.  Marie marked the start of her career in 2008 as a model and received fame after she appeared in the 2012 drama Hana No Kanmuri. Since then, she has starred in several movies and dramas, including Boys Over Flowers Season 2, Under the Miracle Cherry Tree, Who Needs True Love, Papa Katsu, Octo: Mind Investigator Akari Shinto, etc.


2. Yuna Taira

Yuna Taira is a 23-year-old Japanese actress, born in Kobe, Japan, and raised in Akashi, Hyogo, Japan. She started her acting career at 13 with her debut film, I Wish, after which she made a regular appearance on NHK Educational TV's R no Hosoku. Since then, she has appeared in several movies and TV dramas, including Ichiro, Town of Evening Calm, Country of Cherry Blossoms, Pale Moon, Teen Bride, Honey, One in a Hundred Thousand, That Disappearance, and Love is Light. Some of her notable works are Hanii, Mumon: The Land of Stealth, and Sakurada Reset Part II.


3. Minami Hamabe

Minami is a 22-year-old Japanese actress, born on August 29, 2000, in Ishikawa Prefecture, Japan. She is best known for her performance in the live-action drama movie Let Me Eat Your Pancreas. She has appeared in several popular and highest-grossing Japanese films, including The Great War of Archimedes, Cursed in Love, Murders at the House of Death, The Promised Neverland, and One Day You Will Reach the Sea.


4. Suzu Hirose

She is a 24-year-old actress popularly known as the look-alike actress of South Korean actress Bae Suzy. The young actress is one of the prominent Japanese actresses and models. Her notable movies and dramas include Our Little Sister, Rage, the Third Murder, Chirhayafuru, The Wandering Moon, Last Letter, and Nemesis.

5. Ayami Nakajo

Ayami is a 25-year-old British-Japanese actress and model born in Osaka, Japan. In 2011, she auditioned for the female fashion magazine—Seventeen, and then she won the Grand Prix contest 2011. In 2012, Nakajo participated as a model in the Tokyo Girls Collection. We then worked as a model for CanCam, a Japanese monthly fashion magazine. Some of her notable movies and dramas are Nurse in Action!, Fatal Frame: The Movie, Seto & Utsumi, Let's Go, Jets!, Anonymous Noise, Real Girl, Nisekoi: False Love, and Snow Flower.


6. Kanna Hashimoto

She is a Japanese actress born on February 3, 1999, in Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan. She was a member of the Japanese pop group Rev. from DVL and was known as one of the cutest Japanese idols. Hashimoto first appeared in the 2011 film—I Wish Since 2013, Hashimoto has appeared in several dramas, including Sailor Suit, Machine Gun: Graduation, and movies like Haruta & Chika, Gintama, The Disastrous Life of Saiki K., Kaguya-same: Love is War, Kingdom, Kiss Me at the Stroke of Midnight, and Violence Action.


7. Tina Tamashiro

Tina is a 25-year-old Japanese actress and model born and raised in Okinawa, Japan. She marked the start of her career as a model in 2012 and worked in various fashion magazines and then as an exclusive model for Vivi. She won the Miss ID 2013 Grand Pix in 2013 and marked her debut as an actress in 2014 with the drama Dark System Koi no Ozaketteisen. Since then, she has appeared in several movies and theaters, including Sadako vs. Kayako, Girls in the Dark, We Love, Missions of Love, Hell Girl, Diner, AI Amok, Belle, Xxx Holic, Dolmen X, and The Flowers of Evil.


8. Nana Komatsu

Nana is a 26-year-old Japanese actress and model, born on February 16, 1996, in Tokyo, Japan.  She made her acting debut with a short film-Tadaima and received more fame in 2015 with the movie The World of Kanako. She also received the 38th Japan Academy Prize: Newcomer Of The Year award. She has been a House Ambassador for Chanel since 2015.Some of her notable works are Silence, Destruction Babies, Drowning Love, My Tomorrow, Your Yesterday, Samurai Marathon, and Threads: Our Trapstery of Love.


9. Mei Nagano

Mei Nagano is a 23-year-old actress and model. She was born on September 24, 1999, in Tokyo, Japan. Mei marked her acting debut in 2009 with the action-adventure film Hard Revenge Milly: Bloody Battle. She then regularly worked as a model for Japanese magazines Nico Petite and Nicola and worked as an exclusive model for the magazine Seventeen in August 2016.She is well-known for her roles as Rinko in the film My Love Story!, Suzume Yosano in the film Daytime Shooting Star, and Suzume Nireno in the 98th NHK Asadora Hanbun, Aoi.


10. Mio Imada

Mio Imada is a 25-year-old well-known Japanese actress. She began acting and modeling in 2015 and received her breakthrough in 2018 with Boys Over Flowers Season 2. She has worked in several movies and dramas, including The Public Enemy, Boys Over Flowers Season 2, Suits, Doctor X, Naoki Hanzawa, Love Deeply, and Bad Girl: Glass Ceiling Crushers, and she is prominently known for Tokyo Revengers, Love Deeply, and Wotakoi: Love Is Hard for Otaku.