Article: Ten Korean Celebrities Who Have Also Authored Books

Korean celebrities are quite multi-talented people. They show their talent in various fields. One of their rare talents is writing. Many Korean celebrities have penned books about themselves, fashion, lifestyle, food, travel, music, etc. We have picked Korean celebrities who have authored beautiful books for their fans. Take a look at these best-selling masterpieces written by your favorite Korean celebrities. You might add these books to your reading list. These celebrities have proved that they can not only top music charts or win acting awards but also write great masterpieces.

1. Tablo

Tablo, the leader of the South Korean Hip-Hop group Epik High, haspennedseveral books. Pieces of You is a collection of short stories that Tablowroteduring his college days in 1998-2001. Tablo made his writing debutwith thisbook, it was initially written in English, and the book was translated intoKoreanafter receiving positive reviews.


2. Kim Hye Ja

South Korean actress and humanitarian Kim Hye Ja is famous for her role in BongJoon Ho’s film ‘Mother.’ Kim Hye Ja has worked with the Korean non profit organization World Vision Korea since 1991 as their Good Will Ambassador. Don’t Even Hit Them With Flowers is a book written by her based on her experience in refugee camps in more than 20 nations around the world.


3. Jonghyun

Shinee’s Jonghyun wrote ‘Skeleton Flower: Things That Have Been Released and Set Free’ in 2015. The book consists of the singer’s thoughts and insights on the twelve songs he wrote, including songs like The End of a Day, Juliette, and Honesty. The book is also filled with beautiful pictures taken by him.


4. Exo’s Lay

Pop group Exo’s member Lay released his autobiography in 2015. The book isacollection of memories from his trainee days and debuting in South Korea.Thesinger included the 24 most important moments of his life with thereaders. The book also contains several pictures shared by the singer.


5. Hyoyeon

Girl’s Generation’s member Hyoyeon released ‘Hyo Style’ in 2015. The book is a collection of SNSD Hyoyeon’s unique style with fashion and beauty. The book also includes the ‘It’ items from the singer’s closet. The singer talked about her style from the past to the present in the book.


6. Lee Hyori

Lee Hyori is a renowned K-pop star, and she released a book about animal protection in 2012. In her photo essay book, Lee Hyori talked about various topics like animal protection, adopting a vegetarian lifestyle, and the singer’s stories about how her life changed after pet adoption. The profits from this are donated  .


7. Bigbang

Historic K-pop group Bigbang released their autobiography in 2009. The book contains their journey from debut to becoming successful. The book contain personal stories from the group members through their journey, the struggle they faced, and their breakthrough in Japan. The book was the no.1best seller in South Korea.


8. Onew, Taemin, Key

The Sun’s Children is a travel book by Shinee’s trio Onew, Taemin, and Key. The book takes the readers on an adventure in the city of Barcelona, Spain. The book includes all the travel tips you will ever need for your trip, from the information must-see sights in the town to transportation fees, activities, etc.


9. Koo Hye-Sun

Boy’s Over Flower fame actress Goo Hye Sun penned her semiauto biographical novel Tango. The book is about a woman in her 20s and their experience with love and relationships. The actress wrote this book while filming the drama. The book sold more than thirty thousand copies and was the best seller.


10. Park Han Byul

In 2011 actress Park Han Byul released a lifestyle book ‘Tip story.’ The book covers the actress’s thoughts on fashion, photography, travel, life, and herboyfriendse7en. The book also includes intimate details from the actress’s life. The actress picked the life section as her favorite among all chapt