Article: Top 10 Must-Watch Thriller Korean Dramas 

Korean dramas are taking over the world by storm. As refreshing genres are coming into the entertainment market, more people are exploring them. Most people have seen only romance Korean dramas, which are sweet and pleasing to watch. But there is not only the romance genre that is dominating the world of entertainment, but the genres like horror, thriller, comedy, and psychological are ruling the hearts of audiences worldwide. The fresh plot, interesting character arcs, and supernatural elements are making people fall in love with such genres. If you are on the lookout for thriller, action-packed dramas then you have come to the right place. We have mentioned the top 10 must-watch thriller Korean dramas for you to watch when you are craving some action and suspense. The dramas mentioned in the article will suit your fancy.

1. Dark Hole 

Dark Hole is one of the most thrilling Korean dramas. This thrilling and dark story will have you engaged from the very beginning to the end. The story is about a detective working in Seoul. One day, suspiciously, she receives a call from her husband's killer, and from then on her life takes an eerie turn. She visits a mysterious town called Mujishi. But the town is haunted by its residents turned into monsters after coming in contact with dark smoke. In the town, she teams up with a former cop to find her husband's killer.

2. Possessed 

Possessed is another heart-racing thriller drama that should be on every Korean drama buff's watch list. This drama is a perfect blend of supernatural, mystery, and horror. This drama revolves around two protagonists, who solve cases together involving ghosts and murderers. One protagonist is Kang Pil-Sung, who is a detective, and the other protagonist is Hong Seo-Jung, a mysterious woman who has psychic abilities that she keeps secret from others. This thrilling drama will keep the viewers on the edge of their seats.

3. Save Me 

Save Me is another bone-chilling Korean drama. The storyline is engrossing and has an element of horror, mystery, and thriller. The story revolves around a family who migrates to town after some difficulties in their business. The town they move to has been a hub of religious cults, which they enter believing it to be a church. As the story progresses, the parents of the protagonist are hypnotized, and the son of the family dies of suicide. After these incidents, things start to go downhill, the cult grows stronger and takes advantage of the family's weakened state. A daughter of the family who is trapped deep within the cult frees herself out and meets the group of four classmates, and the series of adventures begins. This thriller drama is worth watching.

4. Hell Is Other People 

Hell is Other people also go by the name 'Strangers from Hell.' This intense thriller Korean drama is one of the best in the thriller and psychological genre. The story is about a young man who settles down in Seoul. Due to financial difficulties, he moved into an inexpensive and shady Eden Studio which is a dormitory. He finds the residents and the environment of the dormitory quite strange and suspicious. Questionable phenomena start taking place in the dormitory, which makes the people living there lose their minds. This is an award-winning drama, which is gripping and worth watching.

5. Sweet Home 

Sweet Home is a spine-chilling Korean drama. This riveting tale of horror revolves around the residents of an apartment, who are trapped inside while the outside world goes on a rampage with monsters on the loose. They are stuck in the building, while the unnatural creatures start swarming up the building. Now, they have to find ways to survive together. This thrilling drama will keep the viewers on their toes.

6. Hellbound 

Hellbound is one of the best Korean drama thrillers. The story revolves around extraterrestrial creatures who land on earth just to make a judgment on who will be going to hell. And once the decision is made, other monstrous creatures emerge on earth to kill those individuals who are going to hell. Every episode brings a new electrifying experience.

7. The Glory 

The Glory is among the best releases of 2022 in the Korean Drama world. This revenge drama is gripping and suspenseful. This nail-biting story revolves around Moon Dong-eun, the main protagonist of the story, who was bullied in her school. The protagonist of the drama later appears after a decade in the lives of her perpetrators just to seek revenge. She carries out her plan cleverly which is interesting to watch. The show is full of unexpected twists and turns that will leave the viewers scratching their heads. The show is recommended and worth watching.

8. Bulgasal: Immortal Souls 

Bulgasal: Immortal Souls is a must-add to the top 10 thriller Korean Dramas list. The story is about a woman who has gone through so many deaths and rebirths over the past six centuries. The story is about a man who is cursed with an unnaturally long life and is living on human blood. He has lived through the same fate for over 600 years. One interesting aspect of his character is that he can’t take a life. The story focuses on the inevitability of their life when their fate brings them together, and how they traverse through their never-ending existence. The story has indeed an intriguing plot.

9. All Of Us Are Dead 

All of us are dead is another exciting Korean drama. The story is about a bunch of high school students who are trapped inside a school amidst the zombie apocalypse. The zombies infiltrate the school campus, and the only way they can survive is by sticking together. While the situation worsens around the school, these students find ways to get out of the campus. While there is danger all around, they must come to terms with their fears, strength, and intellect, and find ways to survive. The drama has a riveting plot and will keep the viewers entertained from the beginning to the end.

10. Kingdom 

Kingdom is another zombie-apocalyptic Korean drama, with an interesting and engaging plot. This period drama is set in the Joseon period. The story revolves around the crown prince who takes on the duty to unfold the reality behind the unnatural events taking place in the kingdom. A strange but deadly disease spreads across the kingdom, and to find the cure for it, the crown prince with his guard ventures out to a place called Dongnae to meet the physician. However, there is something sinister that is lurking in the shadows, which they have to find out. This drama is worth watching.