Article: Top 10 J-Pop (Japanese Pop) Groups That You Should Listen To

Are you a fan of Kpop or Pop music in general? If yes, we say then you should listen to J-pop as well. J-pop is a mashup of traditional Japanese music mixed with American pop, rock, and modern pop music. Today we will give the top 10 J-pop groups that you should listen to!

1. One Ok Rock

One Ok Rock is a Japanese rock band formed in 2005. The band has Toru Yamashita, Ryoto Kohama, Takahiro Moriuchi and Tomoya Kanki as its members. They play a variety of genres from alternative rock to emo to pop-rock etc. Their 7th studio album, 35xxxv, became their first studio album to make an appearance on US Billboard.


2. Sekai No Owari

Sekai no Owari translates to ‘End of the World’ in English. It’s members are Nakajin, Saori, Fukase, and DJ Love. The band was formed in 2005. They have collaborated with many popular artists and groups like DNCE, Owl City, Nicky Romero, and Epik High, etc. They have also performed at Nissan Stadium, Japan’s largest concert venue. Furthermore, They are considered to be one of the biggest band acts in Japan.


3. Sakura Gakuin

Sakura Gakuin translates to Cherry Blossom Academy in English. The bandwas formed by the Amaze agency in 2010. It had 10-12 members, They have their sub-units. They had their theme and genre. Although they disbanded on 31 August 2021, this group is a must that you should listen to!


4. BananaLemon

The band originally had 5 members – Nadia (Main Vocalist), Mizuki(dancer), Saarah (vocalist), Lety, and R!no ,but R!no and Lety left. This band is one of the most popular among not only Japanese but also Koreans. If you are a big fan of K-pop and you want to explore J-pop, then you should start with this one!


5. AKB48

AKB48 is a big Japanese pop group famous in Japan, China, India, Indonesia, Thailand, Taiwan, Vietnam, and the Philippines. It is a 48-member group. Their most famous songs include ‘Heavy Rotation’ and ‘Let’s become Cherry Blossom trees.’ Their songs only get better over the years.


6. Arashi

Arashi was formed in 1999 and was active till 2020 but is now on hiatus. It has 5 members- Jun Matsumoto, Kazunari Ninomiya, Masaki Aiba, Sho Sakurai, and Satoshi Ohno. They have covered genres like J-pop, R&B, rock, and hip-hop. They have a total of seventeen albums as of now.


7. Faky

Faky was formed in 2013 and currently has 5 members- Lil’ Fang (Main vocalist), Mikako (vocalist), Hina (Lead Vocalist), Akina (Lead vocalist, main dancer), Taki (Vocalist, Lead Dancer). If you’re a fan of ‘Black Clover’, then you must have heard a track from them since they used it as a theme track. This band had Diane, Anna, Tina as their members as well. They mainly cover J-pop.


8. You’ll  Melt More!

You’ll melt more is a J-pop group formed in 2012. They released their first album on July 9, 2014. The members are Kechon, Chiffon, Nerun, Nani, Meari, Heso, and Matsuri.


9. L’arc-En-Ciel

L’arc-en-ciel is a Japanese rock, Jpop group which originated in Osaka, Japan. Their members are Hyde, Ken, Tetsuya, and Yukihiro. They started in 1991 and are going still.


10. Perfume

The Perfume was formed in 2002. They have covered many genres like J-pop, techno, bitpop, electropop, dance-pop, and synthpop. It’s members are Ayano Ōmoto, Yuka Kashino, Ayaka Nishiwaki. If you want to dig in, this is the band you should listen to first!