Article: Top 10 Japanese Dramas And Movies That Need To Be Promoted More

With the growing popularity of Asian dramas, more and more Japanese dramas have been picked up by Netflix, and many dramas are made cross-culturally. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that many of the shows are preparing for comebacks and are adapted from manga or anime, therefore here are some dramas and movies, which are worth mentioning and watching, and shows like Alice in Borderland who have become so successful that they have put the Japanese Dramas on the radar and Netflix is preparing on working for more seasons.

1. Alice In Borderland

The release of this drama brought back the fame of Japanese shows. The show ranked first in Hong Kong, and due to its immense popularity, it had recently been given the green signal for a second season. The show’s setting is a dystopian Tokyo, where the main character Ryohei Arisu and his friends play a survival game.

2. Erased

Erased is a fantasy thriller adaptation of a manga series. The manga has been turned into an action movie. The drama has elements of time travel and talks about severe societal issues like kidnapping and child abuse. It is a coming of age story making it more interesting.


3. Switched

Remember freaky Friday? But remove the comedy part; that’s Switched for you. Switched is also a manga adaptation and deals with heavy themes of suicide, social anxiety, and depression. The drama can be really fascinating and dark at the same time. Another anime it reminds us of is Your Name, minus the romance and cuteness.


4. Giri/Haji

The show is not Japanese but a British-produced show, with a heavy influence of Japanese star cast and, was set in Tokyo. The show is of the crime/ thriller genre and is set in London and Tokyo, and the cross-cultural drama has been critically acclaimed. The English translation is Duty/Shame.


5. Midnight Diner: Tokyo Stories

Another adaptation of a manga series is a little eccentric in its theme, but one thing we know is that the food served at the diner is soul comforting and might bring the viewers to tears. The show also portrays us some of the classical Japanese dishes like the hot pot.


6. Battle Royale

Dystopian and cult themed dramas are the trend now. This drama follows the youth in Japan too, where the children are put in a battle against each other, to death, to cut the population of juvenile delinquents in the country. It is a kind of Hunger Games for Japan.


7. JU-ON: Origins

The horror movie saga, which is quite famous for its genre in Japan, follows the storyline of an abandoned house with the history of a gruesome murder and the curse that follows which ends up killing everyone. obviously not for the faint-hearted, but definitely worth watching given the storyline.


8. Re: Mind

The genre of this high schooler’s movie is a psychological thriller, mystery, and suspense. The story follows eleven high school classmates, who need to escape the European build room to save themselves. Sounds very easy, but it’s definitely beyond that.


9. Good Morning Call

In between all the heavy dramas, here is a light comedy, and romance drama, about a girl who moves in with a boy from her school due to unavoidable circumstances and how they start to develop feelings for each other while living together. The drama has two seasons and is a humorous light-hearted drama.


10. The Many Faces Of Ito

The drama is of the romantic genre, after the story of a screenwriter and her adventures in the search for inspiration. She befriends four different women and gives them pieces of advice with varying types of characters to inspire her creativity and work efficiently.