Article: Top 10 Chinese Songs On Heartbreak

Be it romantic, pop, or sad genres, we love them all as each has a different vibe. We know all stories don't always have the perfect endings we all dream about. There are many ups and downs that sometimes come in a relationship that are hard to handle. Be it a big fight with a person you care about when you feel like bawling your eyes out or are going through a breakup, sad songs are what we all listen. The top 10 Chinese songs on heartbreak are.

10. Lingering

Lingering song by Eason Chan. The melody is sad and it goes perfectly with the melancholy lyrics written by Albert Leung. The song is about a lonely man’s monologue- the denial and his longing for love are evident by how he lingers on to his memories.

尤其是代我傷心的唱片 (Especially with the records that get me sad)

從來未愛你 但永遠為任何人奉獻 (I’ve never loved you, but I’ll always be a giver)

9. Unfortunately, I’m An Aquarius

Unfortunately, I’m an Aquarius is a song by Miriam Yeung. The song is about a wounded breakup and describes a heartbroken woman attempting to leave a toxic relationship. She tells the other person to stop torturing her and that they should let each other go for good.

十年後或現在失去 反正到最尾也唏噓 (It all ends badly, whether I’m losing you now or ten years later)

夠絕情 我都趕我自己出去 (Heartless enough, I’ll see myself out)

8. Shi Nian

Shi Nian is a sad song by the singer Eason Chan. The song is about a relationship that didn’t end well, so the lovers break up but still agree to become ordinary friends, just like when they met ten years ago. They still greet each other, but the gentleness which is missing, which makes them no longer have a reason to hug each other.

7. The Girl

The Girl is a song by Qiu Feng Ze. The song is about a relationship that didn’t go well. The Girl tells us about a relationship that didn't go well. The song is relatable for people who just broke up with their lovers. The music video of this song is unique as set in a blog style.

坦然有多難 (How hard is it, to be honest)

釋懷就有多簡單 (How easy it is to let go)

6. What Do You Want Me To Do

What Do you want me to do is a super sad song by Joker ache. Ni Hai Ai Wo Zen Yang tells the story of a man who just broke up with his girlfriend. He tries to move on but still can’t forget her. There could be nothing a man can do to forget someone special he had in his life.

你還要我怎樣 要怎樣 (What do you want me to do, what to do?)

你突然來的短信就夠我悲傷 (You are suddenly texting me, which is enough to make me sad)

我沒能力遺忘 你不用提醒我 (I can't forget you, please don't remind me)

5. I Won’t Let You Be Lonely

I won't let you be lonely is a sad song about heartbreak by Mayday. The song is about a man who does not want his girlfriend to be alone and doesn't want her to always be sad and crying, but in the end, he gives up his girlfriend so she can move on. He wants her to forget about him for her happiness and asks her never to turn back and to forget that he is still alone.

(What do you think? I still ask even though I know you're not there

The air does not answer on your behalf

Habits like stubborn scars which will never heal)

4. Ni Hao Bu Hao

Ni Hao bu hao is a song by the rising Taiwanese star Eric Chou. The song is about someone who regrets that he couldn’t keep his lover well, and in the end, she leaves him. He still hopes his lover will continue to smile, cry and age with him. Also, if possible, he wants to go back in time when they were together, but that cannot happen.

3. Listen To The Sea

Listen to the sea is a song by aMEI. The song tells the story of when a person she loved so much left her. It says, “Write a letter and let it be our last covenant. Tell me how you felt when you left me”. The music is perfect for making this song even sadder.

(Listen to the sound of the sea crying

This sea is somehow too sensitive

To cry until daybreak

Do write a letter to me)

2. I’m Not The One You Want

I’m not the one you want is one of the most popular classic songs by JJ Lin. It is one of the most popular classic JJ Lin songs. The song tells a story of one-sided love about a man who likes a woman, but he is not the type of man the woman wants. In the end, he accepts that the woman does not love him.

1. Say Goodbye

Say Goodbye is a song sung by Jay Chou. The song is about the memories which are filled with beauty, goodness, and the smile of her lover after parting with her. The lyrics are deep and very touching.

天涼了 雨下了 妳走了 (The sky turned chilly, the rain fell, and you left)

清楚了 我愛的 遺失了 (It's clear now, I've lost the one I love)

落葉飄在湖面上睡著了 (Fallen leaves float gently, asleep on the lake)