Article: Top Ten Best Animation Movies Made In Thailand

Moving graphics can help children make the link and understand it on a deeper level. The use of animation as a teaching approach has to improve a child's learning. When many skills are employed concurrently, learning becomes more genuine. Here are some of the best animated Thai films for kids.

1. Khan Kluay, 2006

Khan Kluay is a 2006 Thai 3D computer-animated action-adventure film about a Thai elephant that wanders away from his mother and becomes King Naresuan's military elephant. The film was distributed in India as Jumbo and in the United States as The Blue Elephant, based on Ariya Jintapanichkarn's "Chao Praya Prab Hongsawadee."


2. Khan Kluay 2, 2009

Khan Kluay 2, directed by Taweelap Srivuthivong and released in 2009, is a Thai computer-animated action/adventure family film in 3D. It is the continuation of the exploits of King Naresuan, the Great's war elephant, and is the sequel to Khan Kluay. It takes place during the Ayutthaya-Bago war.


3. Nine Satra: The Legend Of Muay Thai, 2018

With "Ott's" father's last hope of reclaiming Ramthep City from the Asura (Giant Race), the youngster was taught Muay Thai in preparation for the job of delivering 9 Satra, the sacred sword, to the Prince of Ramthep. Ott made friends with a pirate lady named Xiaolan, a friendly Red Asura, and Va-ta, the monkey prince, as he began his trek to the city of Ramthep.


4. Khun Tongdaeng: The Inspirations, 2015

Khun Thong Daeng: The Inspirations is a Thai cartoon film with segments about three dogs: Tonglor, Temple Dog, and Little Copper. The canines in the movie, like Khun Thong Daeng, are trustworthy and loyal. Tonglor, the puppy, aspires to be a great guardian like Khun Thong Daeng, so he always keeps a close eye on his owners.


5. Echo Planet (Echo Jew Gong Lok), 2012

Three young men from two of the world's metropolises, New State Trinity Capital and Karen hamlet in Northern Thailand, embark on an expedition. 


6. Yak: The Giant King, 2012

A giant robot awakens 1 million years after a great war to discover himself inextricably linked to a tiny robot, and the two go on a quest to find the creator of all robots.


7. Power Kids, 2009

A group of pals has been practicing martial arts. 


8. Feed

After winning "Best Animation" at the Short. Sweet. Film Fest 2014, in Ohio, USA, "FEED," a Thai animated short film, has been screened in festivals all worldwide.


9. The lady Of Badal

"The Lady of Badal" is a feature film trailer created to illustrate the projected quality and style of an animated feature picture property in development for the international cinema market at Anya Animation. Anya is getting ready to start work on a full-length animated feature film and is searching for co-production or co-investment opportunities.


10. Play With Me

"Play with Me" is an animated short film by Pornsawan Rittiruth, Ramita Daomenee, Kanyawee Sulaimarn, and Janthima Saengsri. Chloe shares her home with a giant teddy bear.