Article: Best Comedy Movies In Thailand

Being able to spread laughter is within itself, a great talent. To move out of the comfort of our first language and to give other languages a chance at making some fantastic jokes could prove to be interesting. Follow up on this list to get a rough image of some of the best comedy movies of Thailand.

1. Bad Genius

Lynn is a genius student. She makes money by creating elaborate schemes to help students cheat on examinations. One day she gets tasked with an opportunity that will make her strategy international. Lynn and her classmates must finish the international STIC exam in Sydney and send the answers back to her friends in Thailand. There is only one catch. Lynn must crack the exams and send the answers back before the same exam is conducted in her home country.


2. 13 Beloved

Phuchit has suddenly become jobless and receives a call asking him if he is interested in winning 100 million baht. To win the prize money, he must complete 13 tasks, taking Phuchit throughout the city as he ends up breaking one moral ground after the other. Although Phuchit cannot see the audience, he can be seen through a series of cameras. The tasks start simple but slowly advances towards some really nasty and socially destructive tasks.


3. Pee Mak

Mak and four of his buddies from the war return to Mak’s home. Mak has invited his comrades to introduce his beautiful wife and adorable son to them. But as time progresses, Mak’s war buddies slowly begin to realise that his family isn’t really alive anymore.


4. Friendzone

Palm and Gink have been friends for a very long time. Somewhere along with their friendship, Palm developed romantic feelings for his best friend, and it has been almost 10 years since. Palm had tried confessing to Gink, but she shot him down, saying that them being just friends was more than enough, sticking him into the infamous ‘friendzone’.


5. The Con-Heartist

Tower is a charming and charismatic con artist. One day while trying to con a giddy banker named Ina, he accidentally gives away his true identity. In exchange for not reporting Tower to the cops, Ina offers a new job for him. Tower is asked to con Petch, Ina’s ex-boyfriend, who scammed her and left her in a load of debt. Tower makes what he thinks is the perfect team for the job and goes on an adventure to keep his name away from the cops.


6. Hello Stranger

A young Thai man and woman met and befriended each other during a trip in South Korea. They toured the beautiful country together, visiting landmarks from famous Korean dramas. Although each one of them came to Korea for different reasons, they soon found solace in each other’s company. But for some reason, the young man and the woman have promised to keep their identities a secret.


7. Heart Attack

Yoon is one of the best freelance Photoshop retouchers and graphic designers. He is a complete workaholic with a social life that barely exists. Once Yoon had decided to work non-stop for 5 days in order to fulfil a client requirement. But a little while after this, he started to get a weird rash on his neck that quickly transferred all over his body. Reluctant at first, Yoon finally decides to go to the hospital when the rash starts bothering him beyond control. There he meets Imm, a young nurse who realises that his condition is due to his horrifying lifestyle. If Yoon wants the rash gone, he must start to eat healthily, exercise regularly, and most importantly, he must sleep adequately, as prescribed by Imm.


8. Bangkok Traffic (Love) Story

Mei Li is a 30-year-old lady who has a weird habit of getting drunk at weddings, especially in those that are of her friends. She does it simply because weddings seem to remind her of how single and lonely, she is. One night, Mei Li decides to go up to the roof to take a drink alone. But little dose she know, that this one decision was going to change her life for good. She meets a man who stirs up something alien within her, something Mei Li had never felt in all of her life.


9. Bikeman

Sakkarin is a young man who lives with his grandmother and mother, Juree, on the outskirts of Bangkok. Juree is extremely proud of her son, who she thinks works as a banker, and that he was recently promoted to an assistant bank manager. But the truth couldn’t be any further. Although Sakkarin does move out every morning dressed perfectly for his fake job, somewhere along the ride, he slips into a locker room to change into a t-shirt and arm sleeves. His real job is that of a motorcycle taxi driver in the city. Sakkarin had, in fact, applied to various banks for a job but was without luck. He schemed to tell his mom a lie in order to not disappoint her. One day he meets his long-time crush Jai while on a job. Wanting to get close to her, Sakkrin begins to contemplate whether or not Jai would accept him the way he is.


10. Power Kids

Wut, Pong, and Kat are close friends who enjoy nothing more than learning traditional Thai boxing moves. But when Wut’s younger brother requires a heart transplant, Wut, Pong, and Kat plot to venture into a terrorist-occupied hospital to steal a heart for their little buddy. They are joined by Jib, and each of them uses their knowledge in Thai boxing to fight their way into the hospital.