Article: Top Ten Weird Habits of Thai People

Different corners of the world have other traditions and cultures. Some customs are so diverse that they can baffle the rest of the world. Some might find them weird, while some might find them fascinating. But these traditions add a uniqueness to their culture and beliefs. It is a warm and relaxed country with its roots profoundly stretching into the customs and practices of the past. These collective memories are the cause of this diversity. Here are some habits one can easily adjust to but might be baffled at first.

1. Washing Feet Before Entering House

The elderly of Thailand believe that not washing your feet before entering a house can bring bad luck. Hence to avoid bad energy, one is expected to wash their feet before entering their households. Not only is it sanitizing, but it is also relaxing.

2. Avoiding Touching Heads or Pointing

Thais are inspired by Buddhist teachings and hence believe the head to be the most sacred in the body. While the feet are believed to be the least holy hence, they apologize if they have to show the underside of their feet to anyone. Pointing is taken to be aggressive, and therefore they avoid it as well.

3. Tomato Sauce And Mayonnaise on Pizza

Thais love their tomato sauce on every western food like steak, pasta, pizza, etc. The saucier it is the better. If any dish lacks spiciness and is bland, then they love to spice it up with a tomato sauce.

4. Ice On Every Drink

The Thais are add ice to every drink. They even ice their beers. They live to chew on the ice for an extra sensation. Even if when the weather is chilly or they’re having a cold, they won’t give up on their ice. The waiters often serve a glass of ice along with the beverages. The more ice, the better.

5. Everybody Has A Nickname

Parents give every child in Thailand a nickname. These names are not based on the characteristics of the baby but instead given to confuse evil spirits as these spirits know the baby’s real name. They name their kid hilarious nicknames like beer, pepsi, golf, bank, etc.

6. Giving Red Fanta As An Offering to Spirits

It is a common tradition to provide food as offerings to spirits to appease them. The Thais love to offer even red Fanta as an offering because of the red color. They offer sweet and red things to please the spirits, which is similar to blood perhaps.

7. Insect Snacks

The Thais love to munch on insects as a snack. It’s not just Thailand. There are lots of small stalls around the country which sell worms, grasshoppers, cockroaches, etc as snacks. Though this might be baffling to foreigners, the Thais enjoy these snacks with much delight.

8. Imprisoning Male Topless Drivers

If a man is watched driving topless in Thailand, they are imprisoned. They are expected to be modest and always wear something before leaving their house. It is not said about women as it is taken to be common sense

9. Double Underwear

It is common for Thai men to wear tight underwear underneath their boxers. They do so to avoid embarrassing moments in public in front of girls.

10. Repeating Back Your Words To You

It is a common practice in Thailand to repeat what the other person has said. They use paraphrasing as a kind gesture if they misunderstood what you said. Foreigners might interpret this as being weird. It is a common way to understand each other better