Article: Top 10 Korean Dramas With Hospital Scenes

Hospitals are often symbolic of death and sadness but aren't they also places of birth and new beginnings? Medical dramas are always a favourite for drama lovers as they always showcase a reality we are aware of but often lose track of and forget - Carpe Diem. A have made a list of 10 Korean dramas,  I hope we can all live everyday to the fullest.

1. Ghost Doctor

The story revolves around two doctors. One of them is a gifted surgeon while the other has recently joined the same hospital as an intern. Also, the latter is incredibly clumsy and squeamish. Due to a sudden turn of events the surgeon soon lands himself in a comatose state and the only person whom his spirit (which has already left his body) can interact with is the previously mentioned clumsy intern whom this man detests. What follows is a rollercoaster of events - some funny, some heartwarming and some that might make you cry.


2. Dr. Romantic

The story is centered around a poor kid who lost his father  because the hospital decided to save a wealthy and powerful person instead. The boy creates a scene and destroys a lot of equipment to vent his anger for his father's delayed treatment and finally faints due to excitement. Years later he comes to the same hospital as an intern and gradually succeeds in becoming skillful enough to be taken into account by the hospital authorities. But, misfortune strikes him and he soon comes to another hospital where things seem to be very different but intriguing.


3. Dr. Romantic 2

The story revolves around a doctor condemned for whistleblowing against his senior and another who falls asleep in ORs because she has to take anxiety pills. The two struggle to adapt in a big hospital and are soon sent to a seemingly run down, peaceful yet mysterious hospital in the countryside where they slowly learn to accept themselves and resolve their problems.


4. Doctors

A highschool delinquent who meets a highschool teacher who inspires her to be better so that she could take care of her grandmother. Many incidents take place and the duo get separated. They met many years later when the teacher has now become a Professor of Neurosurgery and the student is a skillful fellow of the same department. They redefine their relationship and face many obstacles that come their way time and time again.


5. Doctor Stranger

A South Korean genius doctor and his son are deported to North Korea under a conspiracy. There the child grows up to be a genius doctor and surpasses his father in no time. He also falls in love but loses her in a tragedy. Fate brings him back to South Korea where he stuns everyone with his skills. Soon his past catches up to him and he again finds himself in the midst of conspiracies.


6. Doctor John

The movie revolves around a very conflicting topic - ' euthansia '. The female lead is a resident anesthesiologist and faces a grave choice one day - to let her father go or increase his pain by prolonged treatment on the condition that he would've been in vegetative state. Her choice is condemned and she ultimately drops out and goes to a prison as an attending doctor. There she meets a very peculiar man, whose medical skill amazes her. The movie revolves around this man who tries to reduce the pain of his patient while his medical condition doesn't let him feel it.


7. Hospital Playlist

A group of five friends who met in medical school and have been friends ever since. They are all Professors of their department now and their skillset is not to be trifled with. Their friendship is still the same and they make an interesting bunch. In a place filled with sadness this group brings happiness and laughter. A very heartwarming and moving story.


8. Hospital Playlist 2

The first part leaves you hanging from the cliff. The second part resolves a lot of issues, some expected things happen while some things are again left unsaid. But all this aside, this series still remains as refreshing as its previous part and the friends remind us of our friends.


9. Emergency Couple

A story about a couple who are unable to handle going against their parents for long and soon their marriage is in shambles. They decide to go to medical school albeit separately and unbeknownst to the other party. When they meet years later, they are both interns in the emergency department of the same hospital.


10. Blood

A vampire is known to take lives but what if he becomes a doctor? This story is about a vampire who becomes a doctor and starts saving lives instead of taking them. His vampiric abilities actually make him a better doctor than his peers. But what's a series without a climax and therefore bad things? What is sure is that it is a great series to binge watch.