Article: Top 10 Thai Actors In Their 40’s Who Still Steal Our Hearts

Thai actors have ruled the viewers' hearts with their breathtaking visuals and flawless performance. The age is like a fine wine, and their looks never fail to leave someone staring. This shows the Thai power actors hold. We will be listing the top 10 Thai actors in their 40's who still steal our hearts.

1. Aum Atichart

Popularly known as Aum or Umm by his fans, this Thai actor made his acting debut with Tarn Chai Nai Sai Moug. He is aged 40 and is married to Nat Myria Benedetti. His recent dramas include Club Friday Celeb's Stories, Nueng Dao Fah View, Ngao, Plerng Naka, Bpai Hai TeungDuang Dao


2. Pakorn Lam

This 42-year old actor and singer are nicknamed 'Dome' by his fans. He has appeared in various sitcoms, films, series, and dramas. He made his screen appearance with the opera 'Rak Mai Mee Wan Tai.' He married Metal Sukkhao in 2019. Bangrak Za TanTawan Tor SaengMISS YOU 2 and Seven something is some of his well-known works.


3. Pong Nawat

One of the most popular Thai actors, whose career soar to heights with his 2008 drama Song Kram Nang Fah. His role as an antagonist left a deep impression on the viewers' minds. Wanthong, OumRak Game Luang, and Mia 2018 are notable projects. Surprisingly, he is an Economics postgraduate from Chulalongkorn University.


4. Shahkrit Yamnam

Better known as Krit, this 43-year old Thai actor and model grabbed attention with his pictures in fashion magazines like Angel, ThoeKub Chan. He made his international debut with movies like Belly of the Beast and Bangkok Dangerous. He has hosted numerous highly acclaimed shows like Iron Chef Thailand and The Team chef. He had won the Best Actor award in the 4th Nine Entertain Awards for his performance in Fai Amata.


5. Theeradej Wongpuapan

This Thai actor and model started his career as a child actor in The Six Siblings. He is one of the highest-rated Thai actors who topped the popularity charts several times and tilted as the Most popular star hall of fame for the year 2012. He married ButsakornPornwannasirivej in 2007 and is a father of two adorable kids. Some of his award-winning projects are Song Rao Nirun Dorn, SoodSanaeha, Jai Rao, Bangkok Traffic love story.


6. Poh Natthawut Skidjai

Popularly known as Poh, this Thai actor works under Channel 3. He has done a series of supporting roles in dramas like LehBunpakarn, DaaiDaeng, TawanYorSaeng. He even appeared in a guest role in the TV show 3 Zap.


7. Sornram Teppitak

A Thai actor and model had served the Royal Thai Army with private 1st class between 2000 and 2002. See Yaak Nee AyuNoy, AroonSawad, Payong, Dao Pra Sook are of his initial projects of his career. He appeared in the 2017 sitcom Kwan Jai Thailand and series like Club Friday, Pathan, THE HUSBANDS. He married KanitrinPatcharaphakdichoti in 2018 and star in the 2022 Channel 7 series PlerngKinnaree.


8. Patiparn Pataweekarn

A 48-year old Thai singer and dancer who rose to fame with popular sitcom 3 Num 3 Mum. Some of his initial projects are Kind Wai Gaun Por Sorn Wai, Sa DaewHaew, Poo Chai Hua Jai Mai Pae. He has appeared in LOTTE NO TIME Gum commercials, LAYS Potato chips, Coca- Cola, M 150 Energy Drink. He has released several albums that became immensely popular, like Mr. Mos and Ur Hur.


9. Yuranunt Pamornmontri

Popularly known as Sam, he is a Thai actor and politician who entered the film and television industry in the 1980s. Some of well known 90’s projects include Kam Pang Hua, Nang Sua Dao, Sian Sa Nae Ha, Aum Boon, Mae ying, Ma Ya Ta Wan. He married Marisa Pamornmontri and a father of Yurakarn, Yurarisa. Plerng Nang, Game Pratana, Karat Ruk, Club Friday: the series are some of his recent projects.


10. Saharat Sangkapreecha

A Thai actor and singer were working under the label of GMM Grammy and popularly known as Kong Nuvo. He has been one judge in The Voice Thailand and appeared in several series. MalaiSarm Chai, LikitSanae Ha, Office Pichit Jai, Under the nose are some of his dramas. He was then cast in the movies like Ladda Land, Together, Suddenly Twenty.